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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 33 Recap

Sang Sang has been busy, either busy washing clothes or cold corn. Wei Guangming just sat and watched, and occasionally extended his hand to help. It seemed that asking Sang Sang was busy all the time wasn’t it boring. Sang Sang was still busy with his own affairs. Wei Guangming told Sang Sang that it was an opportunity to meet someone. He had seen a dark shadow fall into the city with his own eyes several decades ago. Seeing is meeting each other, although I don’t know exactly where he is. A few months later he actually found out that this person was still alive, and he was the only person in the world who could sense that he was still alive, but only knew that it was too late to miss his chance.

I didn’t see him again until recently, so I wanted to come and find him again. Sang Sang asked what to do after he was found, and Wei Guangming seemed to be talking about a very casual thing, talking about killing him lightly, which made Sang Sang’s heart bewildered. Continue to ask why Wei Guangming didn’t kill him at the time. Wei Guangming claimed that both killing and saving people needed opportunities, and Haotian’s arrangement was not mortal. He came here to understand this opportunity. Sang Sang was impatient. He asked Wei Guangming exactly what he wanted to say. Wei Guangming claimed that he wanted to accept Sang Sang as an apprentice. Sang Sang stated that she would consider it carefully. Li slowly looked up and couldn’t see a horse thief in the distance. He began to worry about the young teacher Ning Que. The master didn’t care to greet Li slowly to sit down and eat meat, and claimed that the killing of the horse thief should be Ning Que, here is his hometown should not be too embarrassing, Li slowly claimed that Ning was lacking,

He didn’t know, but now Ning Que is his younger brother, and he can no longer see Ning Que. Mo Shanshan came to see the horse thief not far away to observe the movement of the other side. Ning Que came behind Mo Shanshan and both found that these people were not like horse thieves, but rather trained soldiers. Ning Que plans to take the initiative. Moshanshan’s escorted grain and grass soldiers only wanted to escort grain and grass, and were unwilling to cooperate with Ning Que to sneak attack. Ning Que believes that while these people are not stable, they start sneak attacks, otherwise they will follow behind like wolves, so that they will fall into each other’s mouth sooner or later.

Mo Shanshan expressed his willingness to support Ning Que, and everyone stopped saying anything. What I didn’t expect was that when Ning Que and Mo Shanshan took people to sneak attack on the barracks, they found that it was only an empty battalion. As far as they knew, Ning Que took Mo Shanshan back to the camp, but found that it was one step late, and all the food and grass. Robbed by a horse thief. Some of the soldiers took the lead in wanting to escape, neither wanted to follow Mo Shanshan for his life, nor wanted to be executed because he had lost the grain and grass. Ning Que decisively killed the leader, and the rest were deterred. Mo Shanshan smiled comfortably and followed Ning Que behind him.

Sang Sang used Wei Guangming to sew up his clothes and made him hurry up, and his mouth was still lingering. Wei Guangming was an old man, and besides eating and sleeping, it was good for him to be active. Wei Guangming kept silent behind and followed Sang Sang. Sang Sang had no choice but to ask him what he could learn by following him. Wei Guangming claimed to be a divine skill, Sang Sang told Wei Guangming clearly that he didn’t want to learn now, but he could ask for his opinion after the young master returned. Wei Guangming asked where the young master had gone. Sang Sang truthfully said that it was a wasteland. Wei Guangming just sighed that the wasteland was a dangerous place. Then he went to help Sang Sang Ti to take the initiative, but took Sang Sang to wash the dishes. I took it back again, and Sang Sang couldn’t help but grumble. Wei Guangming looked at Sang Sang’s back and smiled.

The masked Lin Ling commanded the people to Ning Que and Ning Que defeated many people with a rune, and then directed the people to fight Lin Ling. The two men and women fought together, but killed a group of people, and Lin Ling commanded another group to rush over. Mo Shanshan used his mind to urge the spell to kill many people of Lin Ling. Lin Ling planned to exhaust Mo Shanshan’s After Nianli’s attack, Ning Que asked Mo Shanshan to send a soldier to rescue soldiers. Luo Kedi received a distress letter, and there was also a cavalry of more than a hundred people nearby, so he asked Qu Ni’s opinion.

However, Qu Ni destroyed the distress letter to prevent the rescue of Luo Kedi. Luo Ke claimed that these people came after the order of Xiling. After all, how could he see the dead and then go straight to the big account? Then came in. Qu Ni took out Tian Qing Zhi Bao and gave it to Rock Enemy. Rock Enemy didn’t really want to rescue him, and he would stop when he achieved his goal. It was up to Qu Ni to handle it. At this time, Cheng Lixue came to the big account, and specially conveyed the instruction of teaching. This time, he wanted to reconcile with the barren. When Qu Ni heard this, he wanted to take back his treasure.

Luo Kedi could see Qu Ni’s eyes, but got it. How could his meat be returned to him, Qu Ni regretted it. Mo Shanshan found that the cavalry of Xiling was not far away, but he saw that they were fighting with the “horse thief” and did not help. Lin Ling knew that the people in Xiling were only watching the lively and preparing to launch the last round of attack. However, Mo Shanshan was furious. He did not expect that he would come to his death after receiving the order from Xiling. Ning Que comforted Mo Shanshan at this time, and he could only rely on himself. Then he encouraged everyone to be brave and fight against himself for the last fight. Everyone also regarded death as home, and planned to follow Ning Que’s final battle. Ning Que took Mo Shanshan and others to face the horse thief. His blood splashed all over his face. Ning Que took off Lin Ling’s veil.

Lin Zero punched and flew Ning Que. Ning Que looked up at Lin Ling in anger. He followed Xiahou to destroy General Lin’s door. Ning Que gritted his teeth and stared angrily, anxiously. The person in front. Lin Ling was also fierce. This time, Ning Que must die in his own hands. Both of them tried their best in the final battle. Ning Que vowed to avenge his family. He had already set aside life and death. However, Ning Que couldn’t win Lin Ling at all. Until this time, Lin Ling was found to be a great teacher. Lin Zero was about to slash Ning Que with one stroke, and the rabbit rushed to stop Ning Que from being killed by Lin Zero and Mo Shanshan also rushed over to stop Lin Ling killing Ning Que, hitting Ning Que’s body with his last thoughts, and Ning Que bounced to Lin Lin Zhenfei, who wanted to kill Lin Ling how Nai Lin had fled on horseback. Mo Shanshan watched the grief of the dead rabbit, leaving tears to send the body of the rabbit back to Mochi Garden, and led the people to salute the rabbit, Ning Que also bowed deeply, Mo Shanshan secretly vowed to die for these Grievances are justified.

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