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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 32 Recap

The people in Mochi Garden all came to accept the order of Xiling, and Wang Shusheng was also Hakka Qing of Xiling, so this action must be obedient to Xiling. There was no movement in the Xiling area, and Mo Shanshan and his party could only wait. Zhi Zhihua knew that Lu Chenjia was also here, so he asked if Mo Shanshan would meet, but Mo Shanshan was not too anxious to see Lu Chenjia, but I plan to continue the hot spring here.

At this time, he heard the noise outside, and Ji Zhihua went out to take a look later, only to find that Qu Ni’s apprentice was clamoring to exchange camps. Ji Zhihua was very angry, claiming that when the camp was first allocated, Qu Ni of the Moon Round Country abandoned the place where it was cold and wet, and occupied the place where there was the sun. Now she finds that there is a hot spring here to occupy again. Qu Ni ’s disciples simply do not make sense. When they came up, Ji Zhihua and others were not his opponents. As soon as Mo Shanshan was about to use a spell, Ning Que suddenly killed him. He defeated his opponent three or two times. The other party was not convinced that Ning Que thought he was a sneak attack. Ning Que proposed that he could compete here.

The opponent is still not an opponent. This time, he willingly admitted that he had lost and asked Ning Que’s name. Ning Que knew that the other party might find revenge in the future, but he said that he could not be Zhong Dajun Speaking of his real name, he still reported Zhong Dajun’s name. Unexpectedly, the other party immediately respected and added, when he knew that Zhong Dajun was a college student, and his family was prominent. Mo Shanshan’s subordinates couldn’t help but be grateful to Ning Que. Mo Shanshan heard that Zhong Dajun was a distant person, and began to speculate whether this person would know Ning Que. Wei Guangming always followed Sang Sang and slept on the steps outside Sang Sang. Sang Sang couldn’t bear it and took him a quilt.

As soon as Sang Sang entered the room, Li Qingshan came here with a lantern, and Wei Guangming stood up tightly. Wei Guangming professes to be the embodiment of light. To purify the world for Haotian, he also knows that the son of Pluto is still alive and the shadow is getting bigger and bigger. Li Qingshan took a lot of people to prepare to shoot Wei Guangming, and accused Wei Guangming of not being, and also thought that if he really wanted to purify, it was also a matter of Haotian, and had nothing to do with Wei Guangming. Wei Guangming just waved his hands, and there was a strong wind. After a strong light, all the people behind Li Qingshan had died. Sang Sang heard that the wind opened the goalkeeper Wei Guangming into the room. He did not notice that there was just one In the battle, Li Qingshan knew that he was not Wei Guangming’s opponent and left sadly. Sang Sang was worried that Wei Guangming could not stand outside, so he made a temporary bed in the hall for Wei Guangming to lie down to sleep.

Wei Guangming looked at the paintings and paintings in the room, and started to admire everywhere, but accidentally kicked things. Sang Sang’s voice came to remind Wei Guangming not to move. Later, Wei Guangming lay down to sleep, and heard the sound of Sansang upstairs The sound came, and it seemed that he was chatting with the young master, telling the young master that she saved a tramp, hoping that the good man had a good report, and reported this good report to Ning Que.

Wei Guangming listened to it and fell asleep unconsciously. I came to the Tang Dynasty in the summer to blame Tang for not sending troops to deal with the deserted people. Tang also accused the deserted people of not keeping the contract. He was just worried that the barren would cross the Laoshan and attack Tang. Summer claimed that he was also a barren, and the purpose was also to give the barbarians a place to live. The night was approaching, and barbarians could not survive until they moved south. King Tang said that he was also very difficult.

After all, he was the king of a country. Hope Summer can think from his point of view, summer left angry. Wei Guangming watched Sang Sang fetch water alone, and hurried over to help carry a bucket of water. At the same time, it was also informed that the Sangsang people are sometimes more beasts than animals, so people can eat them. Sang Sang said with a smile that Wei Guangming and Ning Que were the same person. Ning Que had said similar things before. Wei Guangming believed that Ning Que must be a second person. Later, Wei Guangming also told Sansang that the biggest difference between beasts and beasts is inheritance. Beasts are only for inheriting offspring. People have the spirit of inheritance in addition to descendants. Sansang is displeased. He suspects that Wei Guangming is looking for her to let her live Child, Wei Guangming hurriedly explained that he just wanted Sang Sang to be his apprentice and spread his mantle. Sang Sang thinks that his bones are unclear and has no characteristics. Besides, Wei Guangming doesn’t look like an extravagant person. He really can’t see that he wants to find her as an apprentice.

Wei Guangming is picking leeks while Said that he was looking for Sang Sang in order to have her baby, Sang Sang was frightened, and Wei Guangming hurriedly explained that he had been taken in by Sang Sang. He was looking for Sang Sang as an apprentice. Sang Sang believes that Wei Guangming can’t even afford a bowl of noodles. If he really receives the apprentice, he will starve to death with the apprentice. He believes that what Wei Guangming said is crazy, and that Wei Guangming explained that he is not a lunatic. Sang Sang claimed The lunatic never said he was a lunatic, and then he started preparing dumplings without talking about Wei Guangming. A maid found the three elders and claimed that she was sent by the queen to ask what the elders needed to eat. The three elders called the maid in and smelled the smell on her body and claimed that the maid was not the queen’s side, but looked like a spy.

The maid shivered in shock, and the three elders pinched the maid to death. Sang Sang talks with Ning Que every day before going to bed. He learns what Ning Que says and talks to himself, always sleeping in his own conversation. Wei Guangming also fell asleep with her conversation every day. Before leaving, Mo Shanshan talked to Ning Que separately, suspecting that Ning Que came here for another purpose. First of all, Ning Que was familiar with the terrain of Laoshan, but he used their identity to cover him. Ning Que did not explain his purpose, but Claiming that he is a Tang, Tang and Dahe nation Repaired, there is no reason to harm Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan smiled and said that he believed in Ning Que and was willing to set out on the road with him. Summer and Xu Chongshan came to see the three elders and saw a woman’s body here.

Summer was very angry and rebuked the three elders for not killing people in the palace. The three elders thought that the summer had come to Tang Dynasty for too long, and there was no blood in the wild. Xu Chongshan and Xia Xia looked at the body and found that it was an unfamiliar face, so it was suspected that Li Yu had arranged it, but Xia Xia warned the elders that they could not re-create the sins. The elders threatened that if Xia could not do anything, they would not have another murder.

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