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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 31 Recap

Li slowly also kept preparing gifts for Ning Que. The master could not help asking what he planned to give Ning Que. Li slowly spoiled his eyes and revealed his mind, claiming that what he had prepared must be what Ning Que wanted most. The Master stopped asking. Sang Sang sent farewell to Ning Que. The tears kept flowing. Ning Que “commanded” Sang Sang not to cry, otherwise he would provoke his tears to cause jokes. Sang Sang nodded desperately to endure tears. Ning Que told Sang Sang The housekeeper was ready to turn around and leave, Sang Sang embraced Ning Que from behind, tears slipped again, Ning Que held Sang Sang tightly, her nose was sour, urged Sang Sang to leave quickly, Sang Sang pushed Ning Que away and ran away.

Ning Que looked at the back of Sang Sang crying, remembered all the things that she and Sang Sang had with each other, and even ate a bowl of noodles, thinking of what Sang Sang said, so that Ning Que would take her next time when she went out, waiting at home alone Ning Que’s taste was uncomfortable, and Ning Que thought silently of Sang Sang, hoping that Sang Sang would wait for him at home safely. Li slowly and the master also knew that Wei Guangming had already entered the capital. Li slowly realized that Yan Se was not Wei Guangming’s opponent at all, and asked the master to turn around with him. The master thinks that the butcher and the drunkard have not been found. Both of them are people who have experienced the night, and only they know what happened that year. Therefore, they must find a second talent.

Wei Guangming is not a concern to him. The Master also knew that Wei Guangming must now find the son of Pluto, and the King of Tang also knew that Wei Guangming was here. He ordered people to look for Wei Guangming, and Wei Guangming looked for the son of Pluto everywhere. Li Qingshan wanted to find Wei Guangming through a magical look into the heavens. In his opinion, the arrival of Wei Guangming would lead to the chaos of Tang Dynasty.

As the master of Tang Dynasty, he must guard Tang Dynasty, but in the end, he could not detect the location of Wei Guangming. Li Qingshan Sweat dripping from his forehead. The famine knows that if Tang Guo enters the war, they will lose. The Tang army is brave, and it is also the famine who did not keep the contract with the Emperor. The three elders took the initiative to persuade Tang to persuade King Tang not to send troops. The rest were worried, worried that he would not see King Tang, and he was worried about his life. The three elders thought that the darkness was now and that after death, they had no way out. . The crowd could only watch the three elders leave. Sang Sang ate alone, but always talked to the opposite side, thinking that Ning Que hadn’t gone away, and he would hear Ning Que laughing at him in the mirror.

However, when no one turned around, Sang Sang was sitting on the bed with her knees in tears, her thoughts on Ning Que eroded her heart. Ning Que had a furry grass in his mouth, which seemed to be leisurely. In fact, his mind was not idle. Thinking of Sang Sang feeding himself, he couldn’t help raising his mouth. Chu Youxian came over to slap and awakened Ning Que and asked him What beautiful things are you thinking of? Ning Que also made no secret of telling him that he wanted Sangsang truthfully. It’s been a month since he came out, and Laoshan was where he and Sangsang grew up. After a month of searching, Li Qingshan found Wei Guangming’s trace, but he didn’t know why he stayed here for a month. Li Qingshan re-enables the chess pieces and finds that Wei Guangming seems to have a vague intention to leave, and then orders He Mingchi to stare.

The wasteland was extremely cold, covered with snow and ice everywhere. Ning Que suddenly saw the back of Mo Shanshan appearing on the top of the mountain, followed quietly, and actually saw Mo Shanshan shed his shirt. Ning Que widened his eyes excitedly and looked around. No one was found and continued to peep. At this moment, Mo Shanshan suddenly discovered that Ning Que drew a rune to hit Ning Que, and Ning Que rolled down. He was ridiculed by Mo Shanshan’s subordinate rabbits and Jiuhua for sword boldness. Thief. When I heard that Ning Que was a Tang man, Mo Shanshan let the two release Ning Que.

When I heard that Mo Shanshan and his party were from Dahe Country, Ning Que heard from the words that the woman in front of him was Mo Shanshan hurriedly apologizing and explained that he was not What I was interested in snooping on was just surprised by a beautiful scenery. Mo Shanshan couldn’t help laughing, and believed Ning Que’s words. He asked Ning Que’s name. Ning Que had a clever lie and said he was Zhong Dajun. Wei Guangming “runs” the streets, and he receives a bowl of porridge for porridge, but unexpectedly, he is hit by a passerby. Wei Guangming sits there preoccupied, Sansang hands Wei Weiming a bowl of porridge, and smiles to leave. Wei Guangming looked at Sang Sang’s back, and seemed to see her whole body glowing. Sang Sang also looked back and smiled. Wei Guangming couldn’t help showing a smile and covered the porridge that Sang Sang had handed over.

After that, Wei Guangming was always behind Sang Sang, seeing that Sang Sang entered a cloth house, was planning to follow it, but found the person who tracked himself, then turned around and went to the alley, and the person who followed Wei Guangming also followed He entered the alley and was quickly resolved by Wei Guangming. The three elders were the righteous fathers of the summer. They found the summer through Xu Chongshan, and blamed the summer for enjoying the glory and wealth but not killing Tang. Xia Xia acknowledged her love for King Tang and thought that Lian Sheng was just a lunatic, and she would not kill King Tang. The three elders steel revealed that they wanted to kill the king of Tang. In the summer, they warned the three elders that as long as the king was good, she would not be afraid of anything.

If the freak dared to hurt the king, she would protect the king even if she was broken. The three elders promised not to kill King Tang, but asked summer to persuade King Tang not to deal with the deserted people, otherwise he would go to King Tang himself. In summer, he rebuked the three elders’ capital as a place where he could not stay, and the palace was not a place where he could walk around freely. In summer, he was worried about the desolate, and promised to give him a satisfaction. The answer was just hoping that the three elders would leave the capital quickly, but the three elders claimed that they had not tasted Tang’s wine for a long time. In the summer, they saw that he was outrageous and ordered Xu Chongshan to take good care of the three elders and not allow him to move around. go away. This scene was seen by He Mingchi, showing a treacherous expression.

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