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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 28 Recap

On the boating lake, Yan Se and Ning Que, it was natural that Yan Se peeled the peanuts and handed them to Ning Que. Ning Que had a sore nose and felt that Yan Se was like his father. When he was a kid, his father also peeled peanuts. Ning Que also thought of Chen Pippi’s words, knowing that Yan Se had paid a lot for himself, but Yan Se said nothing, and Ning defect went into contemplation and looked at Yan Se silently. Ning Que and Chen Pippi quarreled because of the Demon Sect.

According to Chen Pippi, Demon Sect was a wicked door to forcibly absorb the heaven and earth’s vitality into the body, but Ning Que believed that they had never met the person of the Demon, let alone everyone just practiced Different, why did you have to classify the demon as evil gates, Chen Pippi argued but Ning Que, his fingers tied Ning Que to the air motionless, but immediately thought that his God of the River Stream was aimed at the enemy, he let it go. Ning Que. Ning Que lamented that Chen Pippi was indeed a genius, and then he pestered Chen Pippi to pass the finger of this world god to him, and Chen Pippi’s angry claim passed to Ning Chuang, and Ning Qiao grabbed Chen Pippi and passed around. Bad fight. Ning Que stood alone in the courtyard, looking at the courtyard, it seemed that everything had become so beautiful. Sang Sang once thought that Ning Que was learning to draw and learn to be stupid.

Ning Qiao suddenly waved his finger to draw a rune in the courtyard, and Ning Que shouted Sang Sang’s name excitedly. Sang Sang shouted excitedly. This was the first sign of life drawn by Ning Que. Ning Que also excitedly carried Sang Sang on his shoulders, and the two shouted with joy. The gentlemen in the academy also knew that Ning Que drew the first amulet, and while he was happy for him, they praised him for all his help to make Ning Que awaken. Even Jun Mo claimed that it was because of him. It was Ning Que’s encouragement that led Ning Que to draw the first rune. Yan Se knew that the laughter couldn’t shut up, and the Master sincerely praised Yan Se as worthy of being a master of Taoism. After the people in Xiling knew about Ning Que, they thought that he should be removed and that he could not be a major problem.

Ye Hongyu raised the matter in front of the teacher in public and asked Long Qing to do it. It was ironic that Ning Que was a nameless soldier and he boarded it first. After two floors, Long Qing took the matter arrogantly, and did not want Ye Hongyu to be nosy. Long Qing thought Ye Hongyu came down for this little thing, and it was a humiliation to him. Ye Hongyu told Long Qing that all this is not a trivial matter. A person in an unbelievable realm can overcome Long Qing, and in such a short time, It was all a trivial matter when I boarded the books, and then I walked away. The great priest ordered his subordinates to disseminate the news, so that everyone in the world would know about Ning Que’s ascension on the books of the sky. In addition to the small tree, there was Ning Que in the Chunfeng Pavilion. He wanted to use these things to arouse Liu Bai’s hate, using Liu Bai’s hand to get rid of Ning Que.

The King University scholar came to the banquet of the Golden Offering Wine and flaunted his Chicken soup posts, also claimed that the emperor did not want him. Jin Ji Jiu was furious and claimed that a chicken soup post was nothing. Today he wants to let everyone know the owner of the chicken soup post, and then ordered people to go to the academy to invite the lady back. This banquet was eaten from early to late. When they thought that Ning Que would not come, Jin Caicai and Situ Yilan brought Ning Que back, immediately sensationally surrounded the scene and surrounded Ning Que. Li Yu asked Sang Sang about Ning Que’s whereabouts and learned that Ning Que had been pulled by Jin Wucao to win the banquet. Li Yu told Sang Sang that Ning Que was about to make a fortune, and Sang Sang was surprised.

At this time, at the banquet of the Golden Sacrifice Wine, Ning Que was invited to write a large print on the spot at the invitation of the Golden Sacrifice Wine. The king’s college entreat the Golden Sacrifice Wine to give him this, and the Golden Sacrifice wine agreed. The king’s university scholar jumped and bounced with excitement while holding the golden offering wine. Suddenly he couldn’t move his eyes, and he was so scared that Ning Kuo took Situ Yilan away quickly, for fear of being related to himself. On the dark ground, the Master stood tall, and the night was approaching, and the barren began to move south. The wasteland is covered with snow and ice, and there is killing everywhere. The deserted man was transformed into the Pluto sect because he trusted the faction of the Demon Sect. Xiling, the bright Hao angel, would never allow the remaining evils of the Demon Sect to step into Haotian’s territory.

As long as the deserted people wished to cross the territory, they were transformed into soot by Xiling. Disappeared between heaven and earth. Tang, the leader of the Barbarians, led the tribe back again after many years, and his subordinates reminded Tang that if he stepped into that territory, he would be attacked by the king of the golden tents, but Tang insisted that he would return even in the first battle. Barbarians All support Tang. When the people in Xiling got the news, they gathered all of them to fight against the deserted people. The deserted people and Xiling fought for the first time. The deserted people succeeded, their teachings were irresistible, and the deserted people rejoiced.

This great move of the barbarians to the south also broke into the golden account king’s court. When Xiahou received the letter, he was shocked to say that the barbarians moved southward, and was shocked into the golden account king’s court. At this moment in front of the Golden Account, the court was killing a piece of flesh, and flesh and blood flew, and the deserted man returned to this land with his team. From the perspective of the deserted man, this is their place and their hometown. Haotian South Gate announced that they were back. The prince of the heavenly concubine consumed Shouyuan to look into the heavenly machine, and found that the scroll of Tianshuming was opened in the wasteland.

Cheng Lixue was shocked. He did not expect that the rumors were true, and Wei Guangming was really right. The prince of the God of Heaven closed his eyes tightly, claiming that neither right nor wrong should be an excuse for murder. Ning Que practiced axe and wanted to turn the silver into two but unexpectedly it was gone or turned into a copper plate. Sang Sang was distressed when he saw that his silver was gone and thought that General Ma said that Ning Que should go out of trouble Woe to the world outside, shouldn’t woe her money at home. Ning Que left his home with a pout, and claimed that his brothers and sisters must support his cultivation. Sang Sang kept his eyes on the copper plate and distressed his silver.

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