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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 26 Recap

Li Qingshan was playing chess with King Tang, and Li Yu suddenly came. King Tang was very pleased to let Li Yu see who could win with the teacher. Li Yu made no secret of saying that despite the precise layout of the King of Tang, the state teacher would definitely be able to succeed later, and defeated and won. Although Tang Wang lamented that he had lost, he was actually comforted by Li Yu ’s cleverness. Li Yu took the opportunity to talk about Li Yuanyuan’s current situation at home, hoping to find him a good companion.

Li Qingshan recommended He Mingchi, and Tang Wang immediately agreed, but Li Yu had a lot of heart. Long Qing came to Fan Cang to find Wei Guangming, hoping that he could point out why he was not protected by Haotian and why he lost to an unknown soldier. Wei Guangming told Long Qing that he didn’t lose to Ning Que, but to his fear of Yong Ye. Yong Ye is coming, and Wei Guang Ming must walk out of the cage. Long Qing was taken aback, claiming that no one could escape from Fan Cang. This was set by Zhang Jiao personally.

As soon as the voice fell, Wei Guangming released a dazzling light and walked towards the prison door. He placed his palm on the prison door gently. Immediately turned into fragments, Wei Guangming walked out of Fan cage like a group of lights. When Wei Guangming walked out of Fan cage, the palm teacher suddenly felt a headache, took off the mask on his head and spit blood, and there was a cloud in the sky. Li slowly saw the scene in the sky and immediately knew that Wei Guangming had come out.

Although Zhang Guang knew that Wei Guangming was out of trouble, he didn’t care at all and didn’t let anyone arrest him. He knew that Wei Guangming was a trouble, and he took this opportunity to throw this trouble to Tang Guo. It seems to him that Wei Guangming Is bound to die in the Tang Dynasty. Ning Que came to look for Pipipi who was fishing. His listless feeling was boring in the academy. The brothers played piano and flute except for chess, and he still did n’t understand what he learned. He was almost desperate. Hearing these Pipipi He stopped fishing and took Ning Que to meet someone. Li Qingshan also came to Yan Se for Wei Guangming’s affairs, and felt that Wei Guangming had made the capital fiercely fiercely fifteen years ago. Now they must take the shot to arrest Wei Guangming.

However, Yan Se told Li Qingshan to teach him that he had deliberately put Wei Guangming here to borrow and kill someone. Otherwise, instead of losing his internal force, he was more powerful after being detained for so many years. Therefore, he suggested that Li Qingshan see Wei Guangming and walk around. Yan Se thinks that Wei Guangming is so powerful that he may not be able to beat him, and Li Qingshan is startled, not knowing what to do. Chen Pippi mysteriously took Ning Que to a cave in Houshan. When he saw an old man reading here, there were books everywhere. Chen Pippi told Ning Que that the master met the old man more than ten years ago and invited him. The old man practiced together, but the old man thought that the most important thing in the world was to read. Master, Ning Que was shocked. I didn’t expect that there would be people who would refuse such good things. It was just stupid to read and read.

It is ironic that Ning Que’s recent study of Fudao was almost the same as the old man. The old man told Chen Pippi and Ning Que the difference between reading and reading books. He used to think that he would never read those books in his life. For this reason, he did not eat or drink, was anxious in heart, and was more uncomfortable than death. But then one day he suddenly wanted to understand that he likes reading. It is not the same as having to finish reading. He likes to read. Even if he closes his eyes today, it is enough to read. There is no need to finish reading the world. Then the old man.

They drove them away, claiming that they would not be affected by their studies, and they had to leave. After leaving the cave, Ning Que and Chen Pippi once again encountered the virtuosos who played the piano and flute, and he let him listen to the music. Ning Que finally said his heart, claiming that he did not like to play the piano and did not like flute. I don’t like to listen to them playing bombs. Yan Bi turned around and left two brothers dumbfounded. Chen Pippi caught up with Ning Que and blamed him for not saying so directly. Even if he didn’t like it, it was gentle. At this time Jun Mo came behind the two and praised Ning Que. Right, if you do n’t like it, you should tell them. Then, you also noticed the other teachers, sisters, and sisters that no one should interfere with Ning Que ’s practice, and then took Ning Que. Li Yu came to Ning Que and invited Ning Que to choose a day to go to Fuzhong. Ning Que naturally knew that Li Yu was trying to solicit himself, so he told Li Yu that his price today is no longer the previous price. Li Yu confidently told Ning Que that she could open One reason that Ning Que couldn’t refuse.

Ning Que looked at Li Yu calmly and said “you are beautiful”, while Li Yu was in a panic, Ning Que again said “Don’t think too beautiful”, and then he went away without forgetting to say a word loser. Yan Se wants to put the brain he has learned in his life into Ning Que’s body. As long as Ning Que’s body can bear it, it will be used by him. Li Qingshan was a little annoyed. I do n’t know why Yanser was so anxious.

After all, Ning Que was also Mr. Thirteen in the academy. Yanser claimed that Ning Que was anxious, and he was also anxious. After all, the night is coming, and the time left Running out. Li Qingshan looked at Yan Se with anxiety, and told him not to run away lately, so he stayed with him at the South Gate, but Yan Se said with a smile that Li Qingshan was not a woman and would not stay with him, but also told Li Qingshan He will give an explanation to Li Qingshan sooner or later. Knowing that Ning Que wanted to practice Haoran Sword, Jun Mo told Hao Ranjian’s mind to Ning Que. I also plan to teach it to him personally. After hearing this, a few of my brothers talked about it thousands of miles, and thought that Ning Que was less likely to learn Hao Ran.

It would be better to follow them. Muyu suggested that everyone go and see how Ning Que was doing. Everyone agrees. Jun Mo put a wooden sword on the palm and used his mind to drive the flight at will, and then gave it to Ning Que to let him try. After Ning Qiu concentrated his thoughts, the wooden sword flew out of the palm. When it fell in the water, Ning Que felt embarrassed, the surrounding brothers and sisters also screamed and didn’t laugh, Ning Que concentrated on his mind again, and the wooden sword just trembled in the water.

After Ning Que tried many times, the wooden sword finally flew back to his hands. Ning Que was proud to ask Jun Mo himself to be terrific. Unexpectedly, Jun Mo claimed that if he used flying to describe this sword, he would feel ashamed, and then They turned around in disappointment and left, and everyone left one after another. Ning Que sighed and spoke to the sword, hoping to try to make the sword fly, and never let the brothers and sisters see the joke.

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