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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 25 Recap

Sang Sang and Shui Zhuer sold 70,000 yuan of silver for Ning Que’s chicken soup paste. Shui Sang wanted to get five or five points with Sang Sang, but Sang Sang wanted six for himself and Shui Zhuer got three. Using the red sleeves to do business in the place gave Jane everyone a fee. Shui Zhuer knew that all the money was made by the private seal from Sang Sao. She could only agree. Sang Sang proudly told Shui Zhuer that all his family had.

She made the money for the young master. Shuizhuer took out the chicken soup post left by Ning Que at that time. Sangsang asked Shuizhuer to read the words on the copybook. Shuizhuer read the words on the sangsang truthfully. Master, I ’m drunk today, maybe Not coming back to bed, you remember drinking chicken soup. Shui Zhuer read it again, Sang Sang let her continue to slow down and read it twice, Shui Sang said to Sang Sang word by word. Sang Sang Mei looked at the words affixed, her eyes flashed with happiness, and her copybook was tightly held in her arms.

Ning Que followed Yan Se to learn how to draw, and Yan Se told Ning Que to draw the world, not to look at it with the naked eye, but to draw the perceived world, but to draw the first rune, everything depends on himself. With luck and comprehension, some can be drawn in ten days and a half months, while others take ten or eight years. Ning Que is faceless and sighs for too long. When Ning Que had to go back to study with books, Yan Selin copied his chicken soup posts and was seen by Ning Que. The thief with a smile asked Ning Que whether he helped Shuizhuer Lintong to do business. When Yan Se saw his copybook apprentice’s copybook, he was spotted on the spot. He was so ashamed and angry that he chased Ning Que. “Blaming” Ning Que should not have questioned him this way, claiming that he was helping to earn extra money. He also claimed that he found Ning Que also made money with chicken soup posts, and it was because Ning Que had a rookie writing more money than his words and was not convinced. Ning Que ran away with a smile.

At the same time, Lin Ling did not leave. Instead, he asked Yin Shangguan Yin Yu, the capital of the capital, to investigate Ning Que secretly. Shang Guan Yang Yu told Lin Ling that Ning Que was noble, and even Sang Sang could not easily move her, and the emperor ordered him. When investigating the assassination of Mr. Thirteen, Lin Ling was advised not to stay in the capital again. Lin Ling asked Shangguan Yang Yu to keep secret about his investigation, and signaled that Shangguan Yang Yu had never appeared in Beijing and then left. The reason why Shangguan Yang Yu quietly released Lin Ling was precisely because of the will of the emperor. In fact, Tang Wang never believed that Lin Guangyuan was treasonous through his enemies, but he also had no evidence to clear Lin Guangyuan’s grievances. If he found evidence one day, he would clear up the grievances and bring the truth to life. But the only worry is that this incident involves Xiahou, and to make it difficult for the summer.

The self-blame in the summer is that she embarrassed the Tang king. The Tang king clasped the hand of the summer, claiming that since she appeared next to her, she had Not Sorry, I just hope to stay with my life forever. Although I am touched by summer, I can only see destiny. Chongming returned to the state of Yan, and King Yan had a lot of opinions on Chongming about the annihilation of the entire congressional army, knowing that he had failed for Li Yu and let all his efforts go to waste. When Tang Wang saw the personal guard brought back by Chongming, he suspected that the spy sent by Li Yu had let Chongming kill him. The guard claimed that he was a person from the kingdom of Yan, but he had flown from an early age. The king did not trust but ordered Chongming. The guard must be killed, or he will be degraded to a tartar and will never return to the palace.

The guard asked for mercy, but when Chongming pulled out his sword, he stabbed his sword at King Yan and was killed by Chongming. King Yan told Chongming that this was Li Yu’s design. I hope Chongming can remember this lesson and never use it by Li Yu again. Later, King Yan asked Chongming to write to Li Yu, claiming that he would be the successor of King Yan in the future. Chongming was shocked. He thought that this person would be Long Qing. King Yan told Chongming Long Qing that he had lost the opportunity to climb the second floor, and Chongming It will be more suitable to be the king of swallows. At the same time, it also reminds Chongming to stabilize Li Yu, and it will be useful in the future. Long Qing returned to Xiling, where he taught him to take over the post of the adjudicator, and taught Long Qing himself.

Long Qing expressed his gratitude to the teacher. Lu Chenjia came to see Long Qing, but Long Qing treated it coldly, claiming that he was not a master’s disciple, and he did not face Lu Chenjia without going up the second floor. The thing that made Long Qing tangled and dissatisfied most was that she lost, and she lost to a rogue, a person who was far inferior to herself. Lu Chenjia persuaded Long Qing not to pursue things that did not belong to him, not to mention that his efforts were seen by all people in the world. This failure was only the choice of the master. Long Qing asked in angrily that Lu Chenjia must be right . I was also very disappointed that Lu Chenjia looked at it the same way.

Lu Chenjia saw Long Qing so affectionately told Long Qing that she would always wait for Long Qing to come back, waiting for the Long Qing that belonged to her, and Long Qing left without returning. Ning Que didn’t sleep all night, but still couldn’t draw a charm. Ning Que’s unhappy look made Sang Sang very worried. Ning Que asked to send food to the fifth and eighth brothers who were playing chess, but was stopped halfway by Muyu with flying needles. Ning Que had to ask Muyu to eat first. Ask hard. Li Yu called Sang Sang to the house, specially dressed her, and promised to be a sister in the future, Sang Sang called Sister Li Yu happily. Ning Que sent the only dumpling left to the two brothers who played chess. I was embarrassed and I did n’t know how to explain it.

However, the two loved the dumpling skin and the dumpling stuffing. I think that the good thing is that the essence is not more than one. One is enough. Ning Qiu was stunned when he heard the words, and hurried away. . Ning Que hurriedly took the food container to leave. Halfway through the other brothers, they all adjusted for Ning Que. Ning Qiao secretly grieved, and she missed the chance.

After Li Huiyuan went back, he saw Sang Sang and marveled at the beauty of Sang Sang. Li Yu explained that this was the former Sang Sang. Li Zongyuan saw that the two Sang Sang could not believe his eyes and Li Yu drove away Li Suanyuan. Go to the study room and take good care of it, but Li Yuanyuan keeps his eyes on Sang Sang. Ning Que likes to learn with Yan Se, and the relationship between the two is also deepening. Ning Que often carries Yan Se around to enjoy the scenery of the capital. Yan Se is naturally quite satisfied with this apprentice and taught carefully.

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