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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 24 Recap

Chen Pipi trot all the way to Ning Que, telling Ning Que that the three-way men and horses who chased him yesterday were relatively large, and Ning Que had some dissatisfaction. He blamed Chen Pippi because he felt he was killed but did not come to rescue him. He didn’t take him as his own person, Chen Pippi murmured that if it wasn’t for Jun Mo’s shot, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to return. Ning Kuan secretly claimed that he knew the people in the academy would not leave him alone. Chen Pippi then took Ning Que to meet with a few older brothers and sisters. He first met Mr. Qi’s Wood Pomelo. Wood Pomelo is good at clouds and fog. He often uses embroidery needles as weapons.

Wood Pomelo first saw Ning Que lacking flying needles. Xiang Ning lacked his forehead, but Ning Que remained motionless. Muyu appreciates Ning Que’s determination. Chen Pi belted Ning Que to see the 9th brother Bei Gongwei who played the flute and Fu Qin to be the 10th brother Simon. It was not confusing that Chen Pipi told Ning Que that they both came from the South China Sea and practiced the rhythm freely, but what they studied was I don’t know, Ning Que and Chen Pippi twisted along with the rhythm involuntarily, without any control of their own. Chen Pippi hurriedly begged for mercy, and let the two brothers let them go until Chen Pippi misidentified the two.

Bei Gong Weiyang came over and asked Chen Pippi why they said they didn’t even know what they were practicing, and then played two tunes casually to let Chen Pippi raise his hands and hit his mouth. Chen Pippi had to beg for mercy. Chen Pi took Ning Que to see eleven elder brother Fan Yue. This time, Chen Pipi never dared to talk anymore. When she saw Fan Yue swinging on her knees and worshipped, Fan Yue practiced flicker, and Zhangkou was going to argue with Ning Que about flicker. Chen Pippi hurriedly made excuses to meet other brothers and pulled Ning Que to leave. Chen Pi took Ning Que to see Sixth Brother and Fourth Brother, both of whom are masters of weapons and armor. Ning Que knew that Xiahou’s Mingguang armor was made by them.

They wanted to ask about the flaws of Mingguang armor, but the fourth brother was studying The new armor was unwilling to deal with Ning Que, who had to leave Chen Pippi. Chen Pippi told Ning Que that five and eighth brothers had both gone downhill to play chess. The two had previously been opponents of chess, and they argued every year. Although they came to Houshan together to be a husband, they still kept on fighting, holding each time they had time. Playing chess in a chess box, it takes more than ten days. Brother Li slowly traveled with the master.

The second brother could be seen, but the words against the second brother were just like the other brothers and sisters. Ning Que and Chen Pippi came to see Jun Mo. Jun Mo was concerned about how Ning Que was in the academy. Ning Que talked very well in the academy. In particular, he praised Jun Mo for his various powers, and thanked Jun Mo for his life-saving grace, and constantly boasted how martial arts swordsmanship of Jun Mo was so amazing. Jun Mo used a spell to seal Ning Que’s mouth, “disgusting” Ning Que is too weak. If you do n’t practice well, He lost all of his academy’s face, and Chen Pippi watched Ning Que being proudly trained. Jun Mo opened Ning Que’s mouth, and Ning Que immediately asked Jun Mo for advice.

Jun Mo told Ning Que Academy that the second floor of Houshan is the master ’s disciple, and if he has a bad heart, he will become an abandoner of the college. It is he who is responsible for proclaiming the world. Later, Jun Mo gave Ning Que a personal name card created by the Master. The world saw the name card as if he saw the Master. From today on, he will not only accept the blind worship of the world, but also use his life to protect the Academy and Tang Kingdom. Father-in-law Lin came to Ning Que and informed his Majesty that he missed him again. King Tang talked with Ning Que about Chao Xiaoshu.

To Tang Wang, many people wanted to make friends with the emperor, but Chao Xiaoshu turned away. This made Ning Que realize that the emperor regarded him as a vacancy made up by the loss of Chao Xiaoshu. Later, Tang Wang praised Ning Que constantly for his beautiful writing, and told Ning Que that he had a treasure that was very suitable for him to use, but he needed to wait for him to enter the road before giving it to Ning Que. Later, Tang Wang asked Ning Que Can you see who is killing him that day? Ning Que already knew from Chen Pippi that it was Xiahou, Xiling, and Li Peiyan, but in the face of Tang Wang’s inquiries, Ning Que lied that he didn’t see clearly, but at the same time praised Tang Tang for eternity. Mingjun, even if the dark clouds are dark, he can’t cover his eyes. I believe that one day Tang Wang will be able to see all the truth clearly.

Tang Wang laughed and said that the eternal Mingjun is the eternal fart, and then he walked down the stairs with Ning Que. After Ning Que returned, she told Sang Sang today ’s conversation. I really felt that my words were very valuable. I regret that I should n’t throw so many words at first. Unexpectedly, Sang Sang took out many words that Ning Qun had thrown away before. Unwilling to throw away any of Ning Que’s things, they were stolen away. Ning Que was overjoyed, lamenting that he didn’t know how to live without Sang Sang.

The King’s University Scholar came to Yan Se early in the morning, claiming that he and the Jin Jiu Jiu always quarreled because of a word. The Jin Ji Jiu held the Emperor’s gift of Lintong to cheer him up, and he knew that there was Ning Qiu who had fallen here. In the chicken soup poster in the red sleeve, I hope Yan Se can take him back to hang on the wall to kill the golden offering wine. Yan Se “painfully cut love” sold 15,000 copies of copybooks, and Wang University scholars happily took it home. Yan Se was overjoyed, and when Wang Shi left, he was ecstatic and took out a chicken soup post with his own copy. The King University scholar was overjoyed, and when he was out, he ordered his subordinates to prepare a feast.

They had to hang chicken soup posters for display, and it was necessary for Jin Jiji to be present. Early in the morning, Yan Se called and left Ning Que. When Ning Que left, Sang Sang was eating and the door of the study was smashed by the guests, desperately calling everyone’s name. Sang Sang used the table. Zi blocked the door, hid all Ning Que’s words under the bed, and hid Ning Que’s seal next to him, sneaking away from the back door. Sang Sang ran to Red Sleeve to look for the chicken soup posts that Ning Que had left here, but Shui Zhuer claimed that she no longer knew where to go. The big brothers also came to Shui Zhuer to ask for the chicken soup placard.

Shui Zhuer was quoted at 32,000, and the other party was willing to buy it. Sang Sang suddenly came to stop the sale, and only promised to sell the top copy, and also took out the private seal Ning Que. Everyone looked at each other to buy, Sang Sang offered 522, and the other party immediately set 60 pieces. Sang Sang and water Pearl is overjoyed.

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