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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 22 Recap

When Huang He saw this, he had to soften, and asked Yan Se to talk about the conditions to discuss everything. Only then did Yan Se show that he wanted to accept Ning Que as an apprentice, and Ning Que was also the most qualified candidate to become a Taoist teacher. Unexpectedly, Huang He laughed and said that since the Academy knew about this, he would not let Ning Que leave, Yan Se was dumbfounded, “Angering” Huang He said nothing but faith, and said that he had to negotiate but was rogue, Huang He claimed that he Both learned from Yan Se. Yan Se didn’t want to face himself in order to stay out.

Instead, he argued with Huang He, blaming Huang He for not robbing him. He also claimed that he had been looking for such talents for many years. Only he is worthy to be the master of Ning Que in the world. Huang He was not happy when he heard this, and the two of you just quarreled and argued. Long Qing was dissatisfied with why the master would abandon him and choose Ning Que, and he did not believe that Ning Que could be better than him to overcome fear. He also believed that Ning Que was a person without faith. Jun Mo heard Long Qing ’s uncle, telling Long Qing that he had overcome only the small fear in his heart, and it was unbearable to treat such a big fear as Yong Ye.

It is better to have conditions than Long Qing since he was a child. Famous teachers give instructions, and Ning Que’s faith is his own heart. At the same time, Jun Mo also told Long Qing that becoming a master ’s self-discipline disciple is just a stigma, and that he can learn to be a disciple of the master everywhere, and he urged Long Qing to go downhill easily, so he took it for himself, and then disappeared. Long Qing did not know who was talking to him. Li Peiyan saw that they could not argue, and made suggestions from it, so that Ning Que, a disciple of Yanse, also retained the identity of the academy, and Long Qing entered the second floor, so that he could get two birds with one stone. Yan Se said on the spot that he and Li Qingshan would definitely share the effort of the South Gate of Haotian Road. Li Peiyan was very supportive. Huang He knew that he couldn’t stop this, so he asked Jun Mo to come out.

Yan Se’s fighting method can’t trap Jun Mo. When Jun Mo conveys the master’s words, he can learn runes with Yan Se after Ning Que has been on the second floor, so that Yan Se can succeed in someone else. However, neither side can decide for Ning Que. The most important thing is to respect Ning Que’s own choice. When hearing these words, Yan Se lamented that the Master was the Master, and he was ashamed. It was already the second day that Ning Que woke up. Suddenly I remembered that I was happy to climb the second floor. When I saw Sang Sang coming in, I was shaken by Sang Sang. Sang Sang told Ning Que that he had successfully reached the top of the mountain. Successfully entered the second floor, happy for Ning Que. At the same time, he also told Ning Que that the front yard was sky-high, and asked him to take a look.

Ning Que came to the front yard to meet Li Peiyan. Li Peiyan told Ning Que that Yanse wanted to accept him as an apprentice, as long as he was willing to follow Yanse to learn, and promised that he would be the next state teacher in the future. Ning Que was thinking about Yan Suqing before his death Having said that everything was caused by the Prince to kill General Lin, Ning Que hated Li Peiyan very much, but also knew that it was not the time to kill him. Ning Que directly rejected Li Peiyan’s “good intentions” and left. . Chen Pippi asked Ning Que whether he wanted to be a disciple of Master or the first disciple of Master Yan Se. Ning Que was also worried about this. He felt that a woman was not a husband. Chen Pippi thought that Ning Que was not necessary.

After all, It is not a woman, so it is recommended to let Ning Que be both a master’s disciple and Master Yanse’s first apprentice. Ning Que thought that Chen Pippi had deliberately wanted him to make such a bad move. He went forward and squeaked Chen Pippi, scolding and screaming at the fat man to hurt him. Chen Pippi pushed Ning Qiao to the side as soon as he was ass, and at the same time The “warning” Ning Que is also a true disciple. He is now a second-floor disciple. If he is no longer big or small, call him Pippi or die fat, then use the rules of the college to eliminate him. Ning Que holds a punch and says, Twelve brothers, Chen Pipi smiled as he ate. The people in the academy congratulated Ning Que on boarding the second floor. Wang Ying pushed him to apologize for not knowing Ning Que’s character before. Xie Chengyun also took the initiative to apologize to Ning Que. Chu Zhongtian did not sincerely apologize.

It was only because Ning Que boarded the second floor and was worried about revenge in the future. He claimed that Ning Qiu accepted their apology regardless of whether he accepted this apology, but he humiliated them with facts. Ning Qiu told everyone that he did not accept the apology. His goal was On the second floor, even Long Qing was not his goal, and as a result he humiliated them and made himself happy. At the same time, Ning Que also told everyone that pride is the best essence of the Tang people, and I hope everyone can continue to maintain it. Yan Se and Huang He came here to hear Ning Que’s words. Yan Se was very applauded. Ning Que respectfully called Yan Se as the master. Yan Se was very happy. However, Ning Que was worried that he would disappoint Yan Se. Yan Se immediately said that Ning Que could not disappoint anyone by going to the second floor. He told Ning Que to enter the South Gate to study tomorrow, and Ning Que agreed.

At this moment, the father-in-law ran to ask Ning Que what the previous sentence of the other side was, and Ning Que answered Yu Yue at this time. Gonggong Lin deeply saluted Ning Que, saying that Ning Qiu was the Ning people and asked him to rush into the palace to meet King Tang. Ning Que realized that he was getting rich, and he asked Father Gong Lin to send Sang Sang back first, and he took all the words from the wall and gave them to Sang Sang for safekeeping. Sang Sang immediately said that he wanted to see him in Ning Que by this time. I had the opportunity to tell Tang Wang Lin Guangyuan’s injustice at the time, but I did n’t know what to say, and I was worried that Tang Wang would be asked about his identity. Gonggong Lin knew Ning Que’s mind and took the initiative to teach him how to tell Tang Wang Bingzou’s method. King Tang loved Ning Que and even called him the 13th brother.

Tang King told Ning Que that he always wanted to be a disciple of the Master, but the Master He was made King of Tang. In his heart, the disciple of the Master of the Academy was his brother and foot, so he did not need to salute. Tang Wang was calling Ning Que to sit down and drink tea, Li Yu came here, seeing this situation, Tang Tang really liked Ning Que. Both Tang King and Li Yu praised Ning Que, especially the words left by Ning Que before him. Although Tang Wang rebuked someone to enter the study without permission, leaving a rough handwriting, it was actually to find this as soon as possible. people.

Ning Que’s character is very beautiful, and the other side of the flower blooms the realm of Tang Wang’s longing. Li Yu took the opportunity to propose that Li Yuanyuan had been in the same class as Ning Que before. He also hoped that Li Yuanyuan could personally train Li Yuanyuan. Tang Wang was so happy that he solemnly thanked Toning for his lack of training. Ning Que had a smile on his mouth, but scolded him in his heart.

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