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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 8 Recap

King Tang told the crowd that he was the real boss of the Dragon Club, so don’t think about the idea of ​​the Dragon Club in the future. At the same time, he expressed his disappointment with everyone, and his stupidity, he couldn’t even see through. Who in the world dare to use the word fish and dragon to help him, originally he only wanted to use a dark chess to collect information, but he was abandoned by his own. Chai’s subordinates forced Zhao Xiaoshu to the bright surface.

The most stupid of these ministers is to carry the wind and rain in the back of the ground under the banner of the queen and the princess. They know that the two are familiar with the relationship between the fish dragon gang and the king of Tang, and everyone is more aware of their stupidity and kneels To plead guilty. Xu Chongshan told Ning Que that he has been a dark guard since today, collecting intelligence for the court, and can’t show up in officialdom. The dark guard’s clothes he wears can no longer be worn, and then he is sent to leave.

After this incident, Li Peiyan not only did not realize his mistake, but believed that his struggle with King Tang had just begun. Look at the fish in the small tree and step into the fate. Li Yu just saw the spectacle of the mysterious broken mirror of Chao Xiaoshu Cave and was amazed. He stepped forward to congratulate Chao Xiaoshu. Li Yu remembered that he had gone to see Chao Xiaoshu with King Tang before, and Chao Xiaoshu also hugged her, so Li Yu always called the uncle Chao politely. Li Yu inquired about Ning Que privately, Chao Xiaoshu told Li Yu Ning Que might enter the academy or join the army. Li Yu claimed that Ning Que was brought back by her, her people, and Chao Xiaoshu owed her to those who used her. Li Yu hopes that Chao Xiaoshu can also make his own choice, and she has to do some things as a mother. Chao Xiaoshu naturally knows that Li Yu means to intentionally draw together, so he gently tells Li Yu if he has to choose He would rather die and stay out of the way.

The rivers and lakes seemed menacing, but he had the freedom to choose, and then he left Li Yu to go to Xiaoshu to see the Tang Dynasty. The Tang King praised the Xiaofeng Chunfeng Pavilion for the first battle and asked his brother to ask him for his plans after asking him to leave. Chaoyang angered the Tang Dynasty, and the Tang king angered the Chaoyang The tree left, but when Tang Wang looked at the back of Zhao Xiaoshu’s back full of perseverance, he suddenly realized that Zhao Xiaoshu might be right. Ning Que returned home and handed the dark guard waistband to Sang Sang to put it away. Sang Sang told Ning Que excitedly that Qi Siye had personally sent him two thousand two pieces of silver today. Both were very excited. Chao Xiaoshu came outside the palace.

The four brothers of the Yulong Gang had long waited there. Chao Xiaoshu told a few people that the Yulong Gang had lost one of the masters since then, but after the battle of Chunfeng Pavilion, he saw his fish break through the mirror. Everyone was overjoyed when they entered fate. But I also feel that if King Tang let go early and let him go to the academy, he might have entered the fate ten years in advance and smiled at Xiaoshu, claiming that it would be late to come late The benefits of this have always been free. Ning Que buried Drow and promised him that no one would die in vain. People in the Lin government, the people in the village, and Drow’s family would not die in vain. Recalling that when they were young, it was already too late to meet each other before they met, and Ning Que tied both leather strings to the tombstone and cried. Chao Xiaoshu’s three brothers came to Ning Que and said goodbye to them.

At the same time, they also told Ning Que to go to Qi Si if they needed it. Qi Si is now the leader of the Yulong Gang. At the same time, Chao Xiaoshu also knew that Ning Que was doing a dangerous thing, but then thought that Ning Que dared to accompany him to Chunfeng Pavilion, and there was nothing to be afraid of. Xiao Shu’s departure was full of perseverance in his eyes, remembering that fighting alongside him was full of nostalgia. King Tang reluctantly turned to the small tree and cared about his whereabouts. Yan Se believed that since the small tree had entered the fate, he would definitely seek a master to discuss, and Liu Bai of Jinnan Jiange was the most suitable. King Tang was worried that Chao Xiaoshu was seeking his own way of death and could not help scolding him. A word of waste wood. He Mingchi passed the news to the adversary, Locke, and asked him to use the opportunity to challenge Liu Bai to use the sword to kill. Long Qing Zema returned to Taoling Mountain in Xiling and was immediately informed that Zi Mo had lost the map of Mozong’s gate on his way back. He wanted to take Long Qing to blame.

Unexpectedly, Long Qing had prepared the map of Mozong’s gate by his unforgettable ability. It was given to Locke, and Locke had no choice but to release Zi Mo and Long Qing. Li Yu hoped to send Li Yuanyuan to the academy too. Tang Wang remembered that tomorrow was the admission test of the academy. Li Yu and Li Yuanyuan went together, and Li Yu was overjoyed. He Mingchi has always been a spy in Xiling who was planted in the Tang Dynasty, and has been used by Chongming. He Mingchi persuaded Chongming to suspend his actions, but Chongming insisted on his own way. Instead, he thought that He Mingchi was staying with his master every day and even forgot his own mission. In the same way, Tang Guo is a shame for him to destroy the country. He Mingchi’s prisoner, Chongming, knew he had no enmity with this country. It was precisely because he hated this country that he wanted to perish more and needed to find good opportunities. Chongming told He Mingchi that tomorrow when King Tang went to the academy, it was an excellent opportunity to assassinate. Tomorrow is the best time for him to assassinate King Tang.

He Mingchi reminded Chong Ming that tomorrow is at the master ’s site. It ’s impossible to do it. Chongming is confident. He Mingchi wanted to make the impossible possible, and He Mingchi angered Chongming and would regret it. Li Yu helped Li Yuanyuan to pack up, and told him to coax his father and let his father agree with him to enter the academy. As long as he entered the academy, the Minister of Central and Central China would admire him, and Li Yuanyuan agreed to win the sixth prince. . King Tang was going to go to the academy. The sixth prince suddenly fell ill. Tang Wang ordered Li Yu to supervise the examination. Chongming smeared poison on each arrow, leading the dead to swear an oath of revenge.

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