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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 6 Recap

Xiao Cao strolled with Ning Que, the dancing girl Shuizhuer from the red sleeve could not help being curious, claiming that this was the first time that everyone let Xiao Cao hang out with an outsider, and this epidemic was really handsome, Xiao Cao anxiously told the water Don’t think of Ning Que, Zhuer. He wants to be admitted to the academy. Shui Zhu’er heard this, but he was more curious. Xiao Cao had to let her quickly prepare for the difficult guests. Ning Que saluted to Shui Zhuer, and Shui Zhuer picked Ning Que’s chin and praised him for being very kind.

The people at Chaoshu took back Drow’s sword. It was suspected that the people in the military department had discovered Drow’s dual spy status and killed him. Chao Xiaoshu was grieved and blamed himself for killing Drow, but also Swear to revenge. Ning Que stepped on it a bit, and was ready to kill Zhang Yiqi by hand tomorrow, but he was unwilling to let the other person die. He had to think of a name to make the other person understand why he died. The next day, Ning Que ambushed in the red sleeves and came to Zhang Yiqi’s room in advance. He wanted to kill Zhang Yiqi, and Zhang Yiqi was so scared that he was tried by Ning Que to confess to the killing of General ’s Mansion 15 years ago.

It was General Chen Zixian who killed General Lin in the face of treason against General Lin. Now Chen Zixian is still alive but only reduced to a smithy and iron. Another is that Yan Suqing cut off General Lin ’s finger and pressed a handprint on the forged letter. . Ning Que asked who was instructed behind the scenes. Zhang Yiqi pretended to faint and fainted. Ning Que wanted to wake him up with water. Zhang Yiqi took the opportunity to slip away. Ning Que then chased. The two came to the garden one after the other. This scene was just upstairs. Arrived to see the small tree. Zhang Yiqi ran out of the red sleeve all the way, tripped over the threshold and actually fell to the ground. Ning Que, who was chased afterwards, untied his tied hands and quickly fled the scene. He followed the tree secretly. Li Peiyan was furious and thought that he had tried his best to pull Zhang Yiqi into the army, but he died suddenly. Li Peiyan did not believe this was an accident. Cui Delu solicited that someone saw the red sleeve move towards Xiaoshu, so he thought this one It was absolutely no accident. Li Peiyan approached Chao Xiaoshu. The reputed Yulong Gang didn’t put the army in the eyes. It used to be that the well water did not violate the river water, but now it is different.

Now that Li Yu is back, it involves Queen Cui ’s orphan and Xia. The queen’s orphan is fighting for the throne, so Li Peiyan must choose which dog to make. Li Peiyan claims that he is only his own owner, and Chao Xiaoshu is different. He must be a dog. Chao Xiaoshu responded arrogantly to Li Peiyan. What he knew was that Tang Guo wasn’t. Tang Guo said it was only one person, so he would not obey anyone’s arrangements, nor would he be a dog for anyone. Then he was arrogant. go away. At the same time as the empire was surrounded, Yulong helped the fifth to summon everyone Sacrifice the flag and return to the ichthyosaur to rescue the little tree. The rainy night did not stop anyone’s actions. He braved heavy rain towards Xiaoshu and came to the door of Ning Que’s house. Ning Que was accompanying Sang Sang for dinner. Chao Xiaoshu avoided Ning Que’s rent for three months, but Ning Que didn’t express any gratitude. He didn’t even want to invite him to eat a bowl of noodles.

Chao Xiaoshu told Ning Que that a good brother had been killed, and this man was Drow. Chao Xiaoshu told Ning Que that something big happened tonight. All his brothers have other things to do, and he needs Ning Que’s help because Ning Que’s skill is fast enough to stop anything from falling on him. Ning Que asked for 502 silver, and if those people really killed the drow, he would desperately complete the task, but just need to give the money to Sang Sang before he died. Ning Que shook hands with Chao Xiaoshu to reach an agreement. Going to the small tree to eat the bowl of noodles, Ning Que appeared fully armed, and the two disappeared into the rain with a large umbrella.

As soon as they appeared at Chunfeng Pavilion, they were chased by two groups of men and women. Master Meng from Nancheng came from the back, and Uncle Cat from the west came from the front. weak. Both Lao Meng and Uncle Mao accused Chao Xiaoshu of taking over the business and asked Chao Xiaoshu to give an account. Chao Xiaoshu was not humble or overbearing. Domineering recovery. He can dominate the business for many years to prove that he is eligible to occupy, but the other party is not eligible, even throw They dare not reach out to do business for them. At the same time, Chao Xiaoshu also told everyone that no one of his subordinates would appear in Chunfeng Pavilion tonight, because the people of Yulong helped smash uncle Mao and Lao Meng. Unexpectedly, Lao Meng told Chao Xiaoshu Road that it was one foot high and one foot tall. Wang Jinglue personally dealt with Chao Xiaochang, who was planted in the Qingyun Department by Chao Xiaoshu, and Liu Wu and Fei Liu of the Xiaoqi camp estimated that Cui Delu was also at this time. Take someone down. Lao Meng told Chao Xiaoshu that no one would come to save him today. He was also destined to die.

Chao Xiaoshu was not shocked. Instead, he claimed that he hated fighting at the door of his house, making his father restless. Lao Meng ordered him to rush forward, rising towards the corner of Xiaoshu’s mouth, rushing forward like a fly, quickly rushing into the enemy’s camp, Ning Que always guarded by his side, deterring Uncle Cat. Ning Que just looked dumbfounded, it was just a moment of effort, Chao Xiaoshu knocked down many people, Chao Xiaoshu sincerely praised Chao Xiaoshu for his greatness, and remembered in his mind that if he really tried to let him go, let him withdraw . Uncle Cat ordered people to throw weapons. Ning Weiwei blocked all the weapons towards Xiaoshu, and quickly attacked the uncle Cat. The blood flowed into the river for a while, and the old man frightened and fled.

Zhao Xiaoshu flew up his sword to wear a few people behind Ning Ning. He flew to the uncle Cat, and he was astonished. Then he recognized that Chao Xiaoshu was a big swordsman. Stirring the water waves like a sword attacking the opponent, the uncle cat’s people died all of a sudden, Chao Xiaoshu left with Ning Que dashing. Chao Xiaoshu took Ning Que to continue walking forward, and came to the gate of Chaofu. At this time, the archers were ambush upstairs and downstairs, and handed Ning Que a veil to Xiaoshu, let him cover his face, Never be recognized. The two entered the palace side by side, and the commander stood upstairs. It was the one who killed the drow, who came from Jinnan Sword Pavilion, and showed a fierce light toward Xiaoshu, telling the other party sharply that he had killed his brother. So no doubt tonight. With an order, tens of thousands of arrows were fired at Chao Xiaoshu. Chao Xiaoshu transformed his sabre into countless swords, guarding the two in the middle like a copper wall and iron wall. The arrows also fell to the ground, and all the people upstairs flew. Then they attacked the two.

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