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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 5 Recap

Wang Tang apologized to Li Yu, and blamed Li Yu for having suffered so much in recent years because of his fault. In the future, he only hoped that he could take good care of Li Yu and hope that Li Yu would be happy. Li Yu was moved to tears, and then asked King Tang to put Xia Hou back. Did Tang Wang really ask Li Yu not to hate Xiahou at all? Li Yu was worried that Xiahou held heavy soldiers and was in charge of the Northern Wei Army. If he was left in the capital, let the people of Jinzhao Wang Ting and Yan Guo know that the soldiers would be sent to the ground. Instead of letting the enemy army take over the benefits of the fisherman, let him go. Tang Wang expressed his comfort to Li Yu’s generosity.

In order to make up for the cost of living, Sang Sang suggested that Ning Que should rely on selling hygienic characters. Ning Que had no choice but to agree, but required a facade. Sang Sang thinks that Ning Que is justified. Words as good as his must be Only sell in stores. So I went to help find the shop early in the morning. Although the shop was very old, it was barely packed and still usable. Beauty is a woman’s nature. Sang Sang likes cosmetics on the street, but she can’t bear the money. On the one hand, Ning Que doesn’t hesitate to buy it for Sang Sang, and Sang Sang is very happy. Li Yu came to see Chongming, the Crown Prince of the State of Yan.

Chongming was having fun drinking and banqueting in the place of fireworks. Li Yu remembered Chongming’s ambition when he first came to be a proton, but now he is so decadent. As everyone knows, everything is just a plot of Chongming’s appearance to paralyze the Tang king. Chongming’s pretending to be a playboy was drunk and he took a wine glass to Li Yu, and Li Yu immediately dumped it, claiming that the prince who had aspiring to be a generation of Mingjun was gone, Chongming smiled bitterly, and laughed at his inability to stop the beloved woman from marrying The golden account of Wang Ting, what’s the matter of ambition? Li Yu persuaded Chong Ming to have power if he really wanted to protect her, and went back to the kingdom of Yan to regain his own royal power. Chong Ming seemed to have no such ambition, which disappointed Li Yu. Long Qing came to the depths of the extreme northern wasteland, and saw people here holding fire torches to pray for Hades to save them, and Long Qing’s heart was long-lived.

The next day, Long Qing killed the Wizard of the Wasteland by himself, and let Zi Mo see it with his own eyes. Zi Mo thought that it had been done. The next secret task was to kill Long Qing, but the witch suddenly woke up and sucked out some of the ink ink He then died, and Long Qing easily defeated Zi Mo. Zi Mo begged to die, but Long Qing bypassed Zi Mo, and thanked him for it. From the back of the wizard, Zi Mo found the map of Mozong Mountain Gate, and Long Qing asked Zi Mo to take the map to intervene with Locke, to avoid Zi Mo being convicted without killing him. Long Qing intends to look at the real Yongye. Zi Mo kneels on the ground and pleads Long Qing not to return to Xiling. Locke’s enemies are against him. Behind Locke’s enemies is the entire adjudication division. Long Qing was not afraid, and a contemptuous smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, telling Zi Mo Xiling goodbye, Zi Mo sincerely praised Long Qing for not Ashamed is the son of light.

Ning Que came to hang around on the street. At this time, Yan Se, the magical master of the South Gate of Haotian Road, was using the street to exchange sugar gourds. Yan Se also saw Ning Que calling for him to try. Ning Que quickly wrote a husband’s word on the sand table, and before Yan Se had reacted, he had taken away the sugar gourd and left Sang Sang. Yan Se was surprised at the beauty of Ning Que’s words, and determined that this was the heir to find, but looking back, Ning Que had long since disappeared. Drow encountered a siege from the army, and after losing his body, lost his way and fled to find Ning Que, but no one answered how to shoot the door. The chaser had arrived, and Drow had to escape. However, a master had blocked Drow’s road before him. Drow was lost to his opponent and his body was dragged away.

Ning Que returned to his residence and found the blood on the door. He was surprised to see a group of soldiers passing by the drow’s body. Ning Que pressed the urge and grief in his heart and told Sang Sang to go home. Back in the room, Sang Sang found the leather string and a paper bag left by Zall in the pile of vegetables. Ning Que rushed out with the paper bag and walked along the blood to the place where Zall was killed. Ning Que couldn’t guess for a moment who killed Drow, whether it was the Yulong Gang or the military, or the person on the list of notes he left. The note was collected by Drow, and Zhang Yiqi framed the general. The governor of the government, no matter who it was, Ning Que vowed to kill them in revenge for Drow. Zhang Yiqi went out of the house, and his wife complained that Zhang Yiqi knew to go out one day. It is best to die outside and not to return. Zhang Yiqi smiled and said that she was busy every day, and his wife turned back to the house with a grunt.

Zhang Yiqi entered a place with red sleeves, and Ning Que followed it all along the trail left by Zall. This is where Zhang Yiqi often haunts. Ning Que wandered outside the door and met a young man who claimed to be Chu Youxian. The teenager watched Zhang Yiqi wandering and speculated that he was the first person to come here to look for flowers and ask Liu, so he took Ning Que into it. On the surface, Ning Kui accompanied Chu Youxian to drink, and actually looked around to find Zhang Yiqi. At this time, everyone in the red sleeves of the meeting came upstairs and saw Ning Kui downstairs. He felt that he was like a person and ordered him to call him up. Chu Youxian informed Ning Quejian that everyone is a well-known person. In the capital, the princes and aristocrats had to be courteous by three points, so they urged Ning Que to hurry.

Everyone simply asked Ning Que what to do in Kyoto, and Ning Que frankly wanted to study in the academy. Jane told Ning Que to study well. There is no need to be like everyone else, that scholars must be in red sleeves. Recruiting. At the same time, everyone also told Ning Que that the person he had brought with him was the only son of Master Donggui Qigui Chu, and there was always money in the purse. Ning Que is shy in his pockets. The fees and book fees are also very expensive. Everyone asked what Ning Qiu had prepared for going to the academy and read a few more questions. A speech made Ning Que dumb, and he had to claim that he came in because of curiosity. Everyone told Ning Que that he was like so much because he was like an old man of his own, so he said so much. Later, the maid Xiaocao brought Ning Que Take a look around and leave.

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