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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 3 Recap

Xiaoman also came to thank Ning Que. Ning Que saw Xiaoman suddenly remembered when he was a child and liked Xiaoman very much. However, he did not like Li Yu’s arrogance very much. Li Yu thanked Ning Que for his life-saving grace, and hoped that Ning Que would follow her after returning, and promised to give Li Yu a good future, but Ning Que refused. Ning Que told Li Yu that his purpose of coming to the capital was to go to the academy. Li Yu recalled that his father and Wang also hoped to go to the academy to study with the Master. I do n’t know why so many people want to follow the Master.

Li Yu told Ning Que that his mother had died fifteen years ago. Before dying, he told Li Yu that he must tune up his brother. He will learn from his father and become a good emperor, but one day, the father and his wife married in the summer to make her the queen. . Li Yu accidentally bumped into Xia Xia’s father’s spell. When Xia found that voyeur Li Yu turned around, Li Yu was surprised that Xia Xia’s eyes were blood red, and he ran away scared. At the campfire, Li Yu told Ning Que that night is a legend, but it can ruin a person’s life. Someone had previously predicted that the heroine would dominate the world and bring disaster to the court. This person was Li Yu.

After Li Yu asked Ning Que to call her name directly, Ning Que immediately knew that Li Yu ’s name came from “satisfied with a fish, with a smile and a soothing eyebrow,” praising Li Yu ’s name. Li Yu then gave Ning Que a story, and Ning Que suddenly fell asleep on Li Yu’s shoulders. Li Yu tried to push him away, but Ning Que crooked on her shoulder again. Li Yu saw this show a smile and laughed at herself A boring person. Early the next morning, when Li Yu was sitting and asleep with Ning Que’s shoulder, Gushan County Captain Hua Shanyue came here to ask Li Yu for help and was late. Li Yu was so happy that he could not leave Hua Shanyue for a while. See you again in the year.

When Li Yu was about to leave with Hua Shanyue, he was stopped by Ning Que, claiming that since he first met, he had always wanted to tell Li Yu that Li Yu had a bit of perseverance, but then told Ning Que to return after he returned to the capital. Hua Shanyue’s eyes were full of hostility towards Ning Que. Outside Tang Guocheng, the guard commander Xu Chongshan led someone to intercept Xia Hou who was about to leave on horseback and ordered Xia Hou to be taken to his cell. King Tang came to see Xia Hou, and after everyone withdrew, he beat Xia Hou himself, accusing Xia Hou of sending a sword master and a teacher to kill Li Yu. Xiahou justified that he was only to defend the most important person of the Tang Dynasty, and he was loyal to the Tang Dynasty.

Tang Wang was smitten and kicked against Xiahou. He was informed that Xiahou Li Yu was also his most important person. Li Yuyuan was the victim of his marriage, but he Also kill Li Yu. At this time in summer, he came to kneel on the ground and begged King Tang to release Xia Hou. At the same time, she also expressed her love for Li Yu and promised that if anyone dared to touch their finger, she would be her enemy. Tang Wang coldly warned Xia Hou if Li Yu Can’t come back safely, He is going to die in the cell. After King Tang left, Xia Xia knelt on the ground and pleaded with Xia Hou not to take risks for her. If he could leave today, he would never return. Xia Hou promised the summer, and at the same time he did not know how the Tang King would attack him.

Xiahou hugged Xiahou Yiyi reluctantly, leaving tears. Xiahou remembered that Wei Guangming had broken into his army camp before, and it was clear that a man and a girl from Mozong escaped 20 years ago. Later, he hid the breath of Mozong to survive, and Xiahou and Xiahou were these two people. Their fate was also It’s going to be flying away. Wei Guangming asked him to remove the son of Pluto and keep it secret for him. Ning Que and his party took a break. Lu Qingchen took the initiative to see Ning Que and see if he was suitable for practice. However, he found that Ning Queqi and Hai Xueshan could not practice for life. Ning Que remembered that he had wanted to worship a practitioner as a teacher when he was a child, but was rejected by the other party.

Like the current Lu Qingchen, he thought that Ning Que had been in a bad mood. At night, Ning Que lay in a carriage to sleep, and had a dream, dreaming that a butcher and a drunkard told Ning Que that it was going to be dark, and Ning Que woke up scared. Sang Sang saw the scared Ning Que holding him in his arms. Ning Que didn’t know why he was the two of them in his dreams from childhood to age, saying the same thing. Long Qing took people out of the woods of the far north wilderness, so that everyone else was waiting outside and ran into the woods alone. In the woods, Long Qing saw a child dressed in furs laying stones there. Long Qing was also curiously squatting there to help with the stones, and suddenly many people came out of the woods to surround Long Qing.

At this time, Zi Mo led people to follow Long Qing’s words, and then, without asking why, he killed the people who surrounded Long Qing. When forced to ask Mozong Shanmen to fail, Zi Mo did not let the children go, Long Qing was angry, Ordered Zi Mo must release the child. Zi Mo saw the harshness in Long Qing’s eyes and forced him to release the child. Long Qing tried to comfort the child but was spit by the other side. Long Qing remembered that when he was a kid, his brother turned around in order to cover his killing. Left here.

Although Ning Que knew that he could not practice, he was curious about the world of practice, so he went to Lu Qingchen for advice. When Lu Qingchen saw the situation, he told Ning Que that he thought of Nian as the sword, and the sword was defeated by the sword; the sword was killed by the force of the mind; the one who killed the invisible was the teacher; Everyone in Fudao can call the wind and rain to be called a magic rune. The practice has initial realms, perceptions, no doubts, caves, and fate, and fate is the highest level, which means knowing fate. In the same realm, the master is more powerful than the sword master, and to defeat the master is to interrupt his thinking.

Later, Ning Que told Lu Qingchen that he always dreamed and dreamed of a sea. Lu Qingchen told Ning Que that even the most qualified people had only a river in the beginning, so they thought that Ning Que was an exaggeration, and laughed that Ning Que must be a frequent wetting bed. Ning Que murmured that what he saw was the sea. Suddenly, the Minister of the Qingyun Transportation Department was killed at night during the Tang Dynasty. The King of Tang was furious and made the Prince Li Peiyan thoroughly investigate the matter. Li Peiyan suggested that the immediate priority is to send appropriate officials to succeed the Qingyun Division, and then recommended Yu Shi Zhang Yiqi to assume this post.

Li Peiyan claimed that Zhang Yiqi had been idle for fifteen years, and that the court could not support idlers, let alone buried talents. Tang agreed to Li Peiyan’s invitation. At night, Zhang Yiqi brought a box to meet Li Peiyan to thank him for his recommendation. Li Peiyan ordered butler Cui Delu to serve tea. Zhang Yiqi told the ministers headed by Zeng Jing that they were optimistic about the six princes born by the queen, and that the princess would definitely support her brother-in-law, the third prince, when he returned to the throne. Zhang Yiqi flattered Li Peiyan, claiming that he had established rules since ancient times. This statement is disrespectful.

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