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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 21 Recap

Li Qingshan and Yan Se came to Ning Que’s bookstore and found the typeface hanging on the wall. They were overjoyed and thought that this man was a genius scholar of Fu Dao. Yan Se thought that just reading the characters had 80% hope and certainty. You can have a certain degree of confidence, but suddenly remembered that the handwriting was very familiar. The two hurried to the palace to see the flowers in the emperor’s study, and Yan Se and Li Qingshan were overjoyed, and they were already sure of themselves.

Looking forward to the successor for 80 years, Li Qingshan promised that as long as Yan Se finds this person, he will be allowed to take him back to practice the Tao, where Yan Se leaves happily. Yu Lian deliberately tossed Ning Que, and wrote the word “gentleman not on the stone wall” on the stone wall in front of the door, but erased the word “tool” on Chaimen, and at the same time erased Ning Que’s memory of the word Even if Ning Que came back and forth several times, but still couldn’t remember the last word, Ning Que kept scolding himself to waste wood, but still couldn’t remember the last word.

Suddenly, Ning Que had an idea, printed the last word with the palm of his hand, came to Chaimen, and wrote the last word with his own blood. When the Chaimen opened, all the gentlemen in the academy also saw this scene. Some admire and some think that it is speculation, and Yu Li thinks that gentlemen are not good at breaking rules, which is what the master meant. Ning Que continued to move forward, every step he saw his past, was once chased and killed by Xiahou Manmen. Gentlemen can also see Ning Que’s past, lamenting his fate, only Sang Sang can’t see anything, what he hears in his ears is the conversation and emotion between Chen Pippi and Jun Mo. Worried about the situation.

Although Confucius and Li slowly traveled in the distance, they were as familiar with the examination situation as they were at the moment, and they were sweating for Ning Que, hoping that he could stand up again. Yu Lian came to the two of Ning Que and Long Qing and informed the two who would reach the top and get the second half of the second scoop of water to become the master’s thirteenth disciple. Then they gave each of them a token to let them continue to climb up. Ning Que and Long Qing suddenly felt a mist in front of them. No one could see anyone. Long Qing suddenly came to a hall and pushed in the door.

The voice came and asked Long Qing so many people died, would he still think it was bright. Long Qing arrogantly claimed that he was the son of light, which represented the light and never regretted it. In the dark night, Ning Que finally climbed to the top of the mountain and saw the master standing on the top of the mountain. The master informed Ning Que that the night was coming and whether he would choose darkness or light. Ning Que asked why the master asked him to make a choice every time, and why he could not make a choice. The master did not answer Ning Que but asked him how he had chosen it before. Ning Que stood up, his cloak fluttered in the wind, and The voice answered Master, he was in darkness and his heart was toward light.

The Master heard these laughs and claimed that she had seen the wild grass swaying on the wall again after many years. Ning Que knew that the Master was sarcastic, and she was also angry that the Master was tossing herself, not satisfied with the choice, and not satisfied with the choice. The master asks Ning Que again what to do if the sky collapses. Ning Que is justified, claiming that the sky collapses and naturally there is a tall man standing on it. For example, a person like a master, the master is not angry and continues to ask what happens if the tall man cannot stand do. Ning Que answered and fled without thinking, and the Master continued to ask where Ning Quetian could collapse and escape. Ning Que didn’t know how to choose, and played a rogue, claiming that the master said if, if it is, it is not true. Seeing this, the master directly brought Ning Que back to his original choice. There was a flash of light.

Ning Que came to a house and watched a person strangle a child. He also said vocally that someone must die if someone lives. Ning Que Painful, and I already made a choice. Suddenly Ning Que reappeared on the top of the dark mountain, angrily told the Master that his umbrella was black, and Sang Sang’s face was also black. His friend was called Xiao Heizi, and he chose this from an early age. Regardless of what the master thought, he smiled at the corner of his mouth. It was just a blink of an eye. Ning Que was already at the top of the mountain. When he saw this bright world, he suddenly felt very beautiful. Sang Sang came to the front with an umbrella. Ning Que looked at Sang Sang happily, thinking that the world was fair. He finally reached the top of the mountain.

Sang Sang wore a beautiful dress and suddenly offered to play a game with Ning Que and made him make another choice. Ning Que saw that the woman in front of him was not Sang Sang. In Ning Que’s view, Sang Sang would not let him make any choice, because Sang Sang would think that Ning Que was all right, and Sang Sang talked to him. He was never so polite. He was never so kind when he was called Master. Feminine pulled out the knife, Ning Que claimed that Sang Sang never waved at him, and he would never wave at Sang Sang. Ning Que rushed to the woman to ask who she was, but the woman suddenly disappeared. Ye Hongyu suddenly appeared in the hall, and asked Long Qing if she thought she could defeat her by entering the second floor.

Long Qing respectfully saluted and said that she did not dare to think so. At this time, Lu Chenjia suddenly appeared in front of Long Qing, and Long Qing pulled out his sword Pointing at Lu Chenjia, Lu Chenjia went forward step by step, and the sword penetrated Lu Chenjia’s heart. Ye Hongyu asked Long Qing why he wanted to kill his loved one. Long Qing stepped over Lu Chenjia’s body, claiming to be upholding the right path, and said that a sword flew over to kill Ye Hongyu, and claimed to lead Haotian’s expulsion. Darkness and light, his worst enemy is dead, never again What can be scared.

The Master’s voice came, telling Long Qing that the absolute light was absolute darkness, and the night was about to come, and the world had become black, and Wei Guangming and Yan Wang’s faces appeared in the darkness. When Long Qing woke up, he saw Ning Que flying to the top of the mountain. Long Qing was about to catch up. Yu curtain appeared behind Long Qing and told Long Qing Ning Que to be behind him, but he got out of the illusion before him. select. Long Qing was extremely frustrated and could not understand why the master did not choose himself. Ning Que picked up half a scoop of water, turned around and saw that Sang Sang and Jun Mo Chen Pippi came behind. Ning Que hugged Sang Sang in excitement.

A group of gentlemen all said hi to Ning Que, the young teacher. Ning Que couldn’t believe it was true, and passed out due to excessive fatigue. Master Confucius and Li slowly became very happy that Ning Que could become a thirteen disciple, and they also felt that Ning Que finally came to his own.

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