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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 20 Recap

Long Qing and Chongming broke away in tears. Chongming took a carriage and left reluctantly. Long Qing stood at the bridge head and stared for a long time. On the second floor of the exam, Ning Que took Sang Sang to walk in the sea of ​​flowers. Yu Liang came here to see that Ning Que had a lot of thoughts and knew that he was very concerned about the exam. Yu Liang told Ning Que that if he did not take the exam this time, he introduced him to a master who was not weaker than Liu Bai, but Ning Que insisted on trying, even if he failed.

Then Ning Que respectfully asked Yu Liang to give him pointers, and Yu Liang told Ning Que to dare to do it. No one who belonged to him could take it, but then couldn’t help but mutter a pity. Say goodbye to the academy. The second floor opened, and Li Yu and Li Peiyan were present at the scene. Only one person can enter the second floor in this exam. Although everyone thinks that the winner this time must be Long Qing, they also want to try it. Duyu entered. Cao Jiaoxi personally went to Longqing, a private association in the mountains, to express his loyalty to Longqing, and also believed that Longqing would definitely be able to enter the second floor. Ning Que watched everyone enter, he also hesitated after climbing for a while, and wanted to go to the second floor. Cao Jiaoxi stopped and asked why Ning Qiu wanted to climb the mountain.

Going up the mountain, also told Ning Que that he could withdraw at any time if he didn’t want to climb on the way. Ning Que came to the mountain, his footsteps getting heavier and heavier, it seemed like he was pounding. Mr. Fan Yue, the fourth gentleman of the academy, put down the sharp stones on the mountain. Everyone felt painful when he went up, but Long Qing walked up with his head upright. Ning Que came to the junction of Houshan and Qianshan, and found that he had seen a pavilion when he came last time, but he was gone at this time. Chen Pippi satirized while he was eating. If he could n’t get up, do n’t climb. He and Long Qing are a cat and a dog. Ning Que asked Chen Pippi whether there really was no back door to open, and Chen Pi hurriedly threw the peel over, warning Ning Qun that since he had chosen this path, no matter how difficult it was, he had to go alone.

Chen Pippi also told Ning Que that the road under his feet was commonly known as foot pain, which made him feel good about himself, and then Chen Pippi disappeared. Sang Sang was worried about Ning Que, and then set foot on the road, but he did not see Ning Que, and there were wild mountains and wild mountains everywhere. Ning Que stepping on the sharp stones, pain came from the heart, he used strong willpower to support himself step by step forward. Mr. Wu and Mr. Ba laid a lot of organs between them. After a short time, flying sand and stones, the disciples of the academy were hit, many people were out, and Ning Que saved Xie Chengyun and moved on. Li Qingshan and Yan Se were astonished to hear that Ning Que had also climbed the mountain. They did not expect that he was so angry that the mountains and the mountains would not be accessible, but they could still have the courage to go there.

Ning Que faltering with a broken branch as a crutch, the mist is getting heavier and stronger, so several gentlemen In doubt, Ning Que repeatedly walked back and forth around a tree, but still walked around this tree, Xie Chengyun also blurred around it repeatedly. Xie Chengyun persuaded Ning Que to give up, believing that both men were in a state of no confusion and could not reach the summit. Ning Que knew that going on like this was just a dead end, but he just wasn’t reconciled. Seeing the scarred Xie Chengyun still refused to admit defeat, Ning Que replaced him with a smoke bomb and withdrew from the bureau. Xie Chengyun persisted in persuading Ning Que to leave together, but Ning Que believed that the college was the place to create miracles.

He Be sure to climb to the top. Sang Sang finally managed to catch up with Ning Que and was about to pass by, but Jun Mo covered his mouth to prevent Sang Sang from passing by. Yan Se and Li Qingshan asked He Mingchi why he knew that Ning Que did not report when he climbed the mountain. He Mingchi nervously replied that he suspected that Ning Que was his Majesty’s Dark Chess, so they did not dare to act rashly. Li Qingshan promised Yan Se that as long as Ning lacks qualifications, whether he is an emperor’s dark chess or a princess’s hidden move, he will surely snatch it to become his apprentice, Yan Se is overjoyed. Long Qing deciphered Chaimen’s secret entry.

Oncoming scenes were chased and killed by Tang people when he was a child. Every step after Chaimen is his experience from childhood to age, and the demon will grow hundreds of times. Chen Pippi ran in the mist on the mountain, and almost bumped into Jun Mo, saw Jun Mo hurriedly saluting, and accidentally saw Sang Sang with Jun Mo, scaring Chen Pippi to urge Sang Sang to salute.

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