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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 12 Recap

Ye Hongyu pretends to be the elder of Linfeng in the hall, and Luo Kedi’s subordinates are locked out of the hall and blocked by Long Qing. Luo Kedi notices an abnormality and Ye Hongyu strikes out. Chen Zixian defeated Ning Que, but also recognized that Ning Que was the young master of General Lin’s family, and hurried back. It never occurred to Chen Zixian that he was still alive, and planned to avenge hundreds of people. Ning Que asked what was the truth that year, and Chen Zixian gritted his teeth and told Ning Que that he would never know this life, and that family should be damned. Chen Zixian claimed that his family was dead and he was reduced to a blacksmith, so it was considered retribution. Ning lacked reproaches that Chen Zixian was not worthy to see General Lin even if he was in hell.

Master Haotian did not want his life, but took away his courage. He had long loved the general who was not prestigious, but only a puppet. There is no courage to tell the truth. Chen Zixian yelled suddenly and burst into tears. He took out all the silver tickets and told Ning Que that those people had bribed him, and he has not used a penny so far. Chen Zixian madly called himself sorry for General Lin, because he framed General Lin. Subsequently, Chen Zixian waved his sword to pretend to chop Ning Que and was stabbed by Ning Que. Chen Zixian threw away the knife in his hand and firmly held Ning Que’s hand to pierce the sword deeply into his heart. Before his death, Chen Zixian’s mind The scene where Xia Hou killed General Lin appeared.

Chen Ningxian only said a few words to the son of Pluto under Ning Que’s questioning. In order to prevent the adjudicator’s people from entering the hall, Long Qing has been seriously injured and can no longer fight. When his life is at stake, a red smoke flew out to kill the adjudicators. And the clock sounded, Ye Hongyu was about to kill Luo Kedi but suddenly ran away. Washing in the water, it happened that Kosugi came here. Ning Que asked Kosugi to find a widower’s clothes to put on, and caught the red carp as a gift for the princess, wishing her happy birthday. However, because Ning Que was dressed in a strange manner and was reprimanded by Li Yiyuan, it was impolite that Ning Que took the opportunity to leave the Princess House and went to the lake to take his clothes and leave.

Lu Chenjia replanted the withered blood lotus, resurrected it with the power of mind, and talked so heartily at first, but did not want to become a fetter of Long Qing. Lu Chenjia rescued Long Qing and saw that he was seriously hurt. He blamed Long Qing for being too stupid. Long Qing claimed that he had done everything for the sake of light. He also showed Lu Chenjia that he liked Lu Chenjia, and Lu Chenjia was also affectionate. Tell Long Qing that she likes him too, but she never confessed before. Long Qing suddenly fainted. Lu Chenjia burst into tears, tears dripped on Long Qing’s forehead, the peach blossom bloomed in front of him, Lu Chen Jia took petals and put them into Long Qing’s body, and Long Qing awoke . Lu Chenjia turned from sorrow to joy.

Congratulations to Long Qing for breaking the mirror to the peak of the cave, and Long Qing happily hugged Lu Chenjia. Cheng Lixue made a ruling on the assassination of Elder Feng by the enemy of Rock, Both Long Qing and Ye Hongyu were promoted, and only a slight penalty was imposed on Roch. This made Ye Hongyu see that the real command behind the scenes was Cheng Lixue, and he left Xiling. Ning Que came to the bookhouse again and saw the reply left by Chen Pippi. Suddenly, he shouldn’t just cling to the literal meaning. With Chen Pippi’s reminder, Ning Que finally understood the meaning between the lines. Ning Que and Chen Pippi just like you secretly communicate with me, which also makes Ning Que understand more and more. But because his Qihaixueshan has been blocked, he cannot feel it.

Li Yanyuan has always been jealous of Ning Que, and intends to take advantage of the same classmates to let everyone go ugly when they go to the red sleeves. Li Yuanyuan knew that Ning Que had no money, and deliberately called all the red sleeve recruit girls to inform everyone that Ning Que was a guest today. When Ning Que came, all of them treated Ning Que with great enthusiasm. But what they couldn’t think of was that everyone suddenly spoke. All the drinks were free today. In order to congratulate Ning Que for being admitted to the academy, Red Sleeve invited guests. Everyone was surrounded by Ning Que without a song and dance. Sang Sang waited and waited for Ning Que to come back, but at this time, Ning Que had been drunk and was carried back to the room to sleep.

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