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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 10 Recap

Xu Chongshan caught a lot of spies from the Yan Kingdom, and retrieved tokens from them. At this time, Chongming was a bit frustrated after drinking, telling everyone that maybe here will be destroyed, the spies outside were caught one by one, they have no way back, he can not leave evidence for the people in Tang Kingdom, so It was poisoned in the wine and everyone died in this underground palace. When Xu Chongshan brought people to the underground palace, they were all dead bodies. On the throne, he saw the mask left by Chongming.

Chongming pleaded guilty to the Tang king, claiming that he had no control over the people of the Yan Kingdom before letting them stab Li Yu. He said that he must repair the book and go back to the State of Yan to inquire about it. One day, if he can go back, he will definitely cure this evil spirit. King Tang looked at Chongming up and down, and told Chongming that he could not do other people’s guns without knowing it. Chongming immediately said he would keep in mind. Later Tang ordered to retreat. Luo Kedi knew that Chongming had destroyed the Yan Guofu parliament, which he had planned to build, and thought that Chongming was a waste, and planned to give up his choice of Longqing. He was also worried that Long Qing only wanted to go to the Guangming Hall, so he planned to remove all the people from the Guangming Hall.

The King of Yan was very angry after knowing Chongming’s affairs, and scolded him for not accomplishing more than defeat. Xiling Zhang taught Mo Li to let King Yan give him an account. There are still many people in Xiling in the Restoration Congress. The King of Yan accused Mo Li of the battle of the Yan and Tang dynasties, the Yan State was ordered by Xiling, and where the people of Xiling were when Yan Guo was defeated. At the same time, King Yan also believed that a small restoration parliament could not be the enemy of Tang Kingdom at all, and Mo Li saw no more talk. Long Qing returned to Taoling Mountain, Xiling, and brought the frozen snow lotus back to Lu Chenjia. Lu Chenjia knew that it would take a lot of mentality to sacrifice Long Qing to freeze the snow lotus. He “blame” Long Qing for not doing this. Like, Lu Chenjia did not accept Xuelian, but advised Longqing not to do so in the future.

Longqing felt sad, and instantly frozen and thawed into water droplets. Xuelian also withered and fell to the ground. Lu Chenjia gave Long Qing a medicine to let him drink to refresh his mind. He also told Long Qing that she was an idiot and was willing to protect the beautiful flowers in the world. However, Long Qing should not do these things. Ning Que felt that he would not be able to pass the exam. He planned to go back to Weicheng with General Sang Sang to find General Ma. Sang Sang persuaded Ning Que that there was a lot of things to do in addition to the academy. Unexpectedly, Zhang Bang’s lack of the unexpected three divisions this day has shocked everyone, also shocked Ning Que, and began to be proud and complacent. Chu Youxian proudly showed everyone that Ning Que was his good brother, and it was envied by everyone.

The Grand Priest of the Guangming Temple was suddenly poisoned, and the Xuanyi Priest stubbornly drank the wine that he thought was poisonous. Long Qing ran to stop, but Xuanyi insisted on drinking. At the same time, it also told Longqing that the Xiling Mausoleum couldn’t fit the Guangming Hall, and those people could not wait any longer. Then Xuanyi let Longqing go to the unknown place of Xiling to keep watch. Xuan Yi told Longqing that the real center of Xiling was an unknowable place, and asked Longqing to go there with a letter, hoping to help Longqing by that time. Long Qing suddenly saw someone eavesdropping and chased out, but he disappeared. When they came back, they met Ye Hongyu of Zhishouguan. The two did not know each other and met with each other, and Ye Hongyu was masked. At this moment, the people of the ruling department came to the door, accusing Long Qing of killing Xuan Yiyu and taking Long Qing away.

Ye Hongyu, a wonderful woman famous in the world, a idiot of the three idiots in the world, is a proud woman who possesses the unparalleled beauty of the world, cultivates herself, and does not depend on others. Long Qing rose up and rebelled. He was seriously injured and fled all the way to Taoshan for Lu Chenjia’s help. Lu Chenjia was trying to drive away the crowd, but was found to have blood stains on the flowers. The people in the adjudication department had to forcibly search for the conflict between Taoshan and Lu Chenjia, and Long Qing appeared together with Lu Chenjia to deal with the adjudication department.

However, after all, it was not the adjudicator’s opponent. At the critical moment, Ye Hongyu appeared to kill the adjudicator, and Zi Mo hurriedly led people to retreat. Long Qing didn’t know Ye Hongyu’s identity at this time, so she took the initiative to help willing to deal with Roker together, but Ye Hongyu thought that Long Qing’s repair would only drag her down. Luo Kedi claims that the cultivation of nature is inferior to Ye Hongyu, but he has a way to get Luo Kedi’s next plan, and Ye Hongyu is willing to unite with Long Qing. When Li slowly came down with the master, he met Sang Sang and Ning Que at the gate of the academy. Li slowly saw that Ning Que’s umbrella was very willing to exchange with an umbrella, but Ning Que was unwilling to replace it. Li slowly replied to the master. The master said it was him who didn’t change, and it wasn’t him who changed, so don’t bother to keep on. Huang He asked Cao Zhifeng to teach the new disciples to study. After the roll call, the students talked privately.

Chu Youxian told Ning Que that he was not here to study, and that he was here to find his wife. Then he introduced the classmates to Ning Que one by one. Among them are two girls, one is Situ Yilan. Her father was General Yun Zhe, who had already died in battle in the early years. She also had her own army of women. She had run across Suzaku Avenue since she was eight years old. Never offend. The other is Jin Wucai, whose father is the granddaughter of Tang Guoguo Jian Jin Jijiu. He is grumpy but beautiful. Xie Sangong’s name is Xie Chengyun and so on. Cao Zhifeng attended the class to teach everyone to learn the rules, but Dajun claimed that he didn’t need to observe the rules. Just like Tang Guo hit the Yan Kingdom, fist hard is the last word. Li Yiyuan and other aunts also commended Dajun for saying something.

The truth is that Cao Zhifeng suddenly punched Dajun in succession, and Da Junyuan was beaten repeatedly for mercy. Ning Que questioned Cao Zhifeng’s behavior and the hard words in Da Jun’s mouth. The reason is the same. Cao Zhifeng’s domineering told everyone that if he wants to break the rules of the academy, he must be stronger than him. Now he is the rules. At the same time, he was introduced to everyone that he was a Yan national. Subsequently, Cao Zhifeng kicked out a few people who had been coaxing out of the classroom, including Li Xuanyuan, and continued the class afterwards, which was considered to be a disappointment for everyone, where the imperial nobility needed to abide by the rules. The next day, Yu Li took the scholars to the collection hall of the academy and informed them that various books were collected here, called the Old Books Building.

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