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Chapter 5 The Family Fights Ghosts

“Zhou Guanshi, why are you keeping your eyes closed.” Zhou Zheng walked over to see Zhou Guanshi with his eyes closed, looking as if he was dying.

“I’m old and I can’t run anymore. Master is dead. I don’t want to live anymore. If you want to suck blood, you can suck it.” Zhou Guanshi replied without opening his eyes.

“I’m not dead yet. Am I not alive now? I am your young master Zhou Zheng.” Zhou Zhenggang finished speaking and heard a woman’s voice shouting loudly: “Look, see if you die or not.”

Zhou Zhengyi looked at it, it was Ma Xiaohong, but he didn’t know how to understand it, so Xiaohong took a basin and covered his face and poured a pot of chicken blood.

Zhou Zheng immediately understood that these people really regarded him as a ghost. Chicken blood was something that could ward off evil in these feudal superstition activities. When his head was crooked, he was happy, and he just pretended to be a ghost to scare them, and then opened up. The mouth, combined with the effect of chicken blood, immediately became a zombie. He jumped up and down to chase Xiaohong, and Xiaohong was immediately scared to death, and while running, he cried out loudly: “Master help me.”

Zhou Tianwang had already sensed that something was happening in the front courtyard Lingtang at this moment, and began to think that Long Kui was getting some moths. He didn’t take it seriously, until Xiaohong shouted like this, and some people told him that Zhou Zheng crawled out of the coffin It was only when he felt that this matter was a bit evil.

“A wicked son is dead and does not make people feel safe. Is this the case of my Zhou family?” Zhou Tianwang hurried to the bedroom to wake up his wife and whispered: “The hall is haunted, Zhou Zheng’s wicked corpse has scammed.” , The Zhou family is coming to an end.”

When Zhou Tianwang said this, his wife began to doubt, and wept: “Master, when your son is alive, although you don’t think he is good, you are thinking about him for a day. I’m afraid that something is wrong with him. Now that no one is gone, you are sure It’s a slap in the eye. Maybe these days I think my son is confused.”

“I am not confused, and now the Zhou family has jumped and jumped. Let’s hurry up and worship our ancestors, hoping to get the protection of our ancestors and avoid this difficulty.” Zhou Tianwangzi helped his wife out of bed.

“Oh, my lord, I said, you don’t believe in ghosts now, but now you have to be evil.” The lady muttered while wearing shoes.

When Zhou Tianwang took his wife out of the bedroom, she saw a group of family members holding a torch and ran over with Xiaohong, followed by a jumping zombie. The zombie was Zhou Zheng.

“Master help, master help, this ghost is not afraid of chicken blood.”

Although Zhou Tianwang didn’t believe in evil, it was a pity that he was facing his son. In addition to the scene he saw at this time, it was not true. He was planning to use his majesty as his father to restrain him. Long Kui appeared in time. He carried a basket of glutinous rice balls in his hand, which was intended for funerals.

“Master, don’t be careless, this ghost is rejuvenated by the corpse, not the young master, look at me.” Long Kuihu was in front of Zhou Tianwang, copying two glutinous rice balls in his hand, and smashed towards Zhou Zheng.

The two glutinous rice balls whispered with wind, and their hand strength was not small. Zhou Zheng’s stiff hands grabbed the two glutinous rice balls in his hand and threw them back. One of the glutinous rice balls hit a family member and the glutinous rice ball He was thrown into Long Kui’s mouth, and his teeth were aching, and he fell into his stomach.

“This, ghost, also, some, some great, sample, look at your grandpa Long Kui.” Long Kui was choked by glutinous rice dumplings, did not speak clearly, but took a ruler from the waist of the pants. Xu Chang’s Taomu sword, this kid listened to the book a lot. He usually cut a Taomu sword when he was fine. At this time, it was all used on Zhou Zheng.

Looking at Zhou Zheng again, I don’t know how to jump, and in a blink of an eye, I have arrived, and Zhou Tianwang and his wife have been taken out by Jia Ding a few meters away.

“You’re going to die.” Long Kui knew he couldn’t escape, he tried hard, closed his eyes, and thrust the Taomu Sword out hard, only to hear Zhou Zheng shouting “ah”, Long Kui’s face was amused, and opened. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the Taomu sword had been broken, and it was broken with the sound of “ah”. He saw a bloody face, yelled, shoved his hands, and jumped aside. Even more terrified.

Zhou Tianwang was originally unbelieving, and he couldn’t hide anymore, and he was so panicked. As the head of the family, he also got out. He first shouted: “You devil, pretending to be a dog, pretending to be a ghost, and bringing our Zhou family The chickens and dogs who are engaged are restless, hurry and tell the truth.” After speaking, the two steel balls in his hand smashed towards Zhou Zheng.

Zhou Zheng took a copy, two steel balls had been caught in his hand, and then played a trick, pretending to eat the steel balls into his mouth, and then swallowed his mouth remarkably, actually transferred to the sleeve.

Seeing this “ghost” devouring two stainless steel beads, Zhou Tianwang and other families were stunned, their faces full of terror, but at this time, they heard Zhou Zheng talking.

“Oh, father, I’m your son Zhou Zheng. Do you want your son to die? Hurry up and let me change into clean clothes. Mother, I haven’t eaten in three days, and I don’t have a grain in my stomach. The food is hungry, and my back is on the front of my chest. I have a big meal and enjoy it.”

Zhou Zheng often said such things.

“Ah, isn’t my son really not dead, but I can see the bullet really, it was worn in, there was no breathing at that time, three days.” Zhou Tianwang could not believe his eyes, he rubbed Eyes, a little overwhelmed, feeling so complicated that it almost collapsed.

After waiting a few more minutes, seeing that this “ghost” didn’t mean to hurt them, the old lady took a few steps cautiously, touched Zhou Zheng’s head and said, “Oh, lord, this is really our son, come over and see , Okay, and his head is intact, where is there any gunshot, is it a dream a few days ago.”

“What’s the matter with this bullet?” Zhou Guanshi stood not far behind Zhou Zheng, holding a bullet in his hand. He raised it in his hand and walked up step by step.

“Who am I, do you know me?” Xiaomao Xiaoma stepped forward and stood opposite Zhou Zheng.

Zhou Zheng suddenly shot, pinched Xiaohong’s two faces, and said with a smile: “Hehe, aren’t you Xiaohong?”

“Master, it’s true, every time I see me, I pinch me like this.” Xiao Hong was sure.

“Master, do you remember the last time, did you pretend to have deceived hundreds of oceans from the satin village?” Zhou Guanshi asked in disbelief.

Zhou Zheng and then another one, five and ten, and told the details of the day in detail

“Master, it’s true, but what’s going on?” Nobody present could explain.

Zhou Tianwang rubbed his eyes with one hand. I couldn’t believe it. The muzzle on his son’s head was real.

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