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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 2 Recap

General Ma told Ning Que that the person escorted on the car was another practitioner Lu Qingchen who was a photogenic Dong Xuan. When he heard this, Ning Que promised to go together. Unexpectedly, Princess Li Yu heard their conversation and rushed in, telling Ning Que that he wanted to go and she had to agree, General Ma hurriedly sent Ning Que. Tang Guotian was lighting candles in the hall in the summer. General Tang Guo Xiahou came here suddenly. In the summer, he was also sad to see the white hair on his head. I did not expect that a practitioner like him would have white hair. Xia Hou smiled and claimed that summer was for no reason at all, so why should he gray his hair for summer? Later, Xiahou told Xia Li Yu to escape and was rushing back.

After returning, he would naturally be bad for summer. But Xiahou didn’t worry about it, but thought that the emperor would protect her. Xiahou sneered, thinking that the emperor would not be able to protect himself. Protect the summer. Li Yuben didn’t want to take Ning Que away, thinking that Ning Que was just a person who wanted to practice spiritually, and was not suitable to follow her back. General Ma persuaded Li Yu Ning Que to have a rare talent, and then he would get a receipt from the academy. Lu Qingchen also asked Li Yu to rest assured that as long as he was there, he would be fine, and Li Yu would no longer object. Tang Guoguo Li Qingshan calculated a hexagram, the princess may encounter unexpected accidents on the road, so he came to report to Tang Wang Xi, begging Tang Wang to send people to respond.

King Tang told Li Qingshan that the person he had dispatched to Beishan Road had already arrived, and who would dare stop the princess from returning to kill him. Drow followed Xiahou quietly all the way, and found that another person also followed Xiahou, and then shot a dart to kill the other party, but also exposed his whereabouts, was thrown by Xiahou Yijian, injured his back, and was rescued by another man in black. Sang Sang knew that he would follow Ning Que to the capital, and began to have various concerns. There were too many people there, and the cost of living was too high. He couldn’t help but start thinking about Ning Que’s ears.

Ning Que let Sang Sang guess the capital. What do the damsels eat? Sang Sang seriously conjectures that the Donggong woman eats meatloaf, and the Nangong woman eats green onions are delicious on the earth. Ning Que smiled and praised Sang Sang for being smart. Sang Sang and Ning were sleeping together, but there was only a table in the middle. Sang Sang was a young girl Ning Que had saved before, and she had a cold and had been taken care of by Ning Que. Seeing Sang Sanghan’s outbreak, although drinking alcohol can be useless, Ning Que called Sang Sang to her own quilt, and put her feet against her chest to warm Sang Sang, and Sang Sang fell asleep happily. The next day, Ning Que held the lizard in his hand and thought of his good brother, Drow, who knew that the lizard also liked the wide sky here, so he left it here.

Sang Sang was reluctant to leave, especially when she saw her height on the door frame, her tears couldn’t stop flowing, and every time she raised her height, she would nick a scratch on the door frame. Ning Que saw so Sang Sang suddenly found that she was tall again After a lot of times, he immediately engraved the mark again and left Sangsang. Xiling Taoshan is full of peach blossoms. Long Qing came to find Lu Chenjia. Lu Chenjia is a princess and the “flower idiot” among the three idiots in the world. She is a flower-loving person and also looks like a flower. The same beauty is the beloved of Prince Longqing. Lu Chenjia persuaded Long Qing not to go to the wasteland, and Locke was jealous of him. The reason why he wanted him to go to the three divisions this time was to want his life. Long Qing easily told Lu Chenjia that he had heard of the original snowdrop lotus. Very beautiful, he must pick it up for her, and then left, Lu Chenjia knew that she could not stop and stopped talking. General Ma quickly rushed to catch up with Ning Que, his eyes were full of resentment, although he said that if Ning Que failed to pass the college, he would not be allowed to come back, but his heart was full of perseverance. Ning Que left the lizard to General Ma, and “commanded” General Ma not to be old.

He must wait for him to take the champion back to honor him. General Ma turned his head so that Ning Que could not see the tears in his eyes. Long Qing was about to leave on horseback. Zi Mo brought someone to claim to accompany Long Qing to the wasteland. Lu Chenga watched Long Qing with hesitation. Li Yuxing had to camp halfway to rest, and Ning Que noticed something unusual and told Li Yu that he must leave immediately and change to Hualong Road. Li Yu arrogantly requested that he must listen to her. Ning Que was only a little guide, and Ning Que cursed Li Yu is waste wood. Li Qingshan stopped Xia Hou, who was about to leave the city, and asked Xia Hou to follow him to his own home in the South Gate. Ning Que told Sang Sang that there must be a horse thief here, and the princess refused to listen to him, so she had to run away. Sang Sang was worried that he would be held accountable by the military.

Ning Que persuaded Sang Sang that their lives were hard to come by and could not be easily lost. They would have to live anyway. Sang Sang decided to flee with Ning Que but was stopped by Li Yu. Questioning Ning Que escaped. At this moment, the horse thief suddenly shot a feather arrow, and Ning Que hurriedly protected the princess and Sang Sang under him. When Li Qingshan and Xiahou played against each other, there was already a sword and sword on the grassland. Li Yu’s son, Xiaoman, stuck his head out of the carriage and called Li Yu. Li Yu couldn’t care much and ran through the crowd to the carriage. Ning Que had to protect Li Yu all the time. Sang Sang worried that Ning Que also rushed over and was almost chopped. In order to save Sang Sang, Ning Que was knocked down with a big stone by hercules and was unconscious on the spot.

At a critical moment, Lu Qingchen defeated the Hercules with leaves on the ground turning into weapons. Li Qingshan played with Xia Hou, but he talked about the grassland melee. Xia Hou knew that Lu Qingchen escorted the princess, so he sent a college abandoner, and then fell into the turn of the demon. This man forcibly absorbed the strength of heaven and earth to defeat Lu Qingchen. In the darkness on the grassland, Lu Qingchen knew that he could not scream and let the princess leave. At this moment, Ning Que woke up and shot an arrow. To the abandoner, the abandoner died. Because Li Qingshan injected ideas into his expectations, the chess game was broken at this time, and Li Qingshankou spit blood, and felt that someone had cracked the game. And this person is really not simple, but because he is not a practitioner, Li Qingshan can’t perceive accurately, Xiahou left.

Li Qingshan told Hao Tiandao’s great disciple, He Mingchi, to obey the king ’s will no matter what impact the princess would have. Although the south gate belongs to the branch of the Xiling, it also belongs to the Tang dynasty. thing. Li Qingshan speculates that although Ning Que’s identity is unknown, his arrival will surely bring wind and rain to the capital. The horse thieves had just been sucked away by the abandoners of the academy to death. Thanks to Ning Que’s rescue, he thanked him and asked where Ning Que had learned from. Ning Que proudly told the horse thief that he was a soldier of the frontier who shot the horse thief, and they called it chopping wood.

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