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Devil President Fall In Love (Manga)

Devil President Fall In Love (Manga)
Other Name: BÁ ĐẠO TỔNG TÀI YÊU TÔI / 霸道总裁爱上我 / Romance With My Boss, Love Me As I Do

Genres: manga, Comedy, Drama, Manhua, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
KaiYuan Comic
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She was forced to accept the sky-high price transaction, and thought that the money and goods were clear, and I did not expect to meet again in five years. He said that he was disgusted, but his body was very honest. The secret that she desperately guarded was suddenly exposed, and he vowed to trap her beside her to sleep! Shameless! Don’t think that you are handsome and good-looking! …She was threatened to accept the unreasonable deal. Though she thought the deal was over, she met him again after five years. It seems he hated her, but he only had special feeling towards her both physically and mentally. The secret she kept was found. She thought she would never surrender just because he was handsome and strong.

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