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The Eternal Love Season 2 双世宠妃2 Episode 27 Recap

As soon as the eighth lord and Mo Liancheng returned to their homes, they received the news that the emperor had died and passed word to Mo Yihuai. The eighth prince was shocked, and quickly asked if the emperor of the city of Merlin was the same, and the city of melian was so shocked that he could not support the day after the emperor of the last world was born. The thought was astonished and ashamed.

The eighth lord and the fourteen hurried into the palace. Fourteen upon seeing Mo Yihuai asked if he wanted to usurp power. The three were confronting each other, and the queen mother suddenly appeared. The queen mother ordered Mo Yihuai to remove the soldiers who were guarding the temple. Mo Yihuai agreed or disappointed. The queen mother immediately let the eighth lord and fourteen go down first, and questioned the truth about the sudden death of Emperor Mo Yihuai. The emperor died suddenly because he was too tired to handle state affairs. At this time, the Gong Xue beside the emperor suddenly appeared kneeling in front of the queen mother and wept, and took the opportunity to stuff the edict written by the emperor’s death into the hands of the queen mother.

Although the death of the emperor was strange, Mo Yihuai ascended the throne as he wished. The first thing he did when he ascended the throne, he ordered to capture the Eighth Lord, and Liu Rong wanted to kill them, but at this time they and Qu Taner had fled the Eighth Palace early. Mo Yihuai was angry and sent people to search the whole city for a few arrests. people. On the other side, when the eight kings were fleeing, Shizuo and Jingxin were arrested accidentally, but Qu Xiaotan tried to save Jingxin but was stopped by Moliancheng. Seeing as the 14th prince, Mo Yihuai should not hurt He, as for the rescue, can only be discussed from a long-term perspective.

In the middle of the night, Mo Yihuai learned that Yu Linjun caught Shihe and Jingxin. He seduced Jingxin to say Qu Xiaotan’s whereabouts. Jingxin refused to say that Mo Yihuai turned his face and sent someone to torture Jingxin. 14 saw Jing Heart tortured and unwilling to live, he begged Mo Yihuai to let go of Jing Xin, but Mo Yi Huai ignored the brotherly affection and let Mo Jingkang release the news. If Qu Xiaotan and the Eight Queens do not return, Queen Mother, Fourteen, Jing Xin and others Will not survive.

The eighth prince and his team fled to the suburbs, and more and more chasing troops were searched nearby. The eighth lord offered to go away from them. Morian City hurriedly stopped him. The two of them are now Mo Yihuai’s main target. Finally, Yu Hao took the initiative Please walk away to chase the soldiers. Morian City asked him to inquire about the news of the fourteenth, and then to meet in a secret place.

In the jail, Fourteen looked at the scaly wounds lying on the straw mat and was very uncomfortable, but Jing Xin comforted him that he was here to accompany him, instead of leaving him alone to suffer here. Shishi didn’t expect that at this point, Jing Xin was still thinking about himself. He was excited to say that he had buried his mind for a long time. In fact, he first liked Jing Xin when he first saw Jing Xin in Bawang Palace. Jing Xin heard him without feeling overjoyed. She was only a small slave in the Eight Princes’ Palace, and the 14th is the prince. Naturally, she should match a good family lady with a good family look. This kind of love.

Yu Hao rushed to the secret meeting to confess the news. The queen mother is now under house arrest, and the fourteen and Jing Xin are being held in a dungeon. The palace is very heavily guarded. Morian City had to say that since Mo Yihuai held them in prison, they should not hurt their lives. The eighth lord asked Mo Liancheng, since he is from the future, he should know the end of himself and the fourteenth class after this calamity. Mo Liancheng said that he was not a person of this time and space, because his arrival caused many things to change. Just as Tan’er should have become the eight kings’ palace at this time, the father emperor would not have crashed so early. Now, he can only do his best to listen to his fate.

The queen queen sent someone to the dungeon to rescue Fourteen. Fourteen was very happy to hear the news. He proposed to leave with the mirror heart, but the man said that the current palace is guarded severely, and he may not escape with the injured mirror heart. Seeing At the door of the prison, a guard discovered that something was wrong. The man immediately let the fourteen go quickly and stopped the guard with his body. But after the fourteen left, the man who had fallen to the ground stood up again. At this time, the nine kings came from the dungeon. Come out, it turns out that all this is just their scheme. Mo Liancheng avoided Qu Xiaotan and talked to the eight kings. His senses are now rapidly degrading, and I am afraid that the day of disappearance is before him. Therefore, he solemnly asks the eight kings to take good care of the Qu Xiaotan in the future and wait for the eighth king to retake Emperor, don’t set Mo Yihuai to death, because he is also a poor man.

Fourteen disguised himself wanted to get out of the city gate, and the gatekeepers were about to check him. General Wei suddenly appeared to make a guarantee for Fourteen, and then Fourteen went out of the city smoothly. All this was seen by Yun Ying, who was behind fourteen. Mo Jingkang was very worried that Wei Zhengwei was also involved in the incident, but Mo Yihuai said that there was no need to worry about it. As long as he sent someone to follow the fourteenth, all he had to do was to introduce them into the palace and then wipe them out.

The fourteen one escaped to the secret place. The eighth prince was very surprised to see him. Fourteen explained that General Wei saved himself. Merian City was worried about the trap, asking how Fourteen escaped from the dungeon. Fourteen was busy. The Queen Mother sent someone to save her life, but all this happened too smoothly. Both Merian City and the Eight Lords thought that there was fraud. Eight Lord Wang wondered if Mo Yihuai had released the tiger to return to the mountain, why has n’t he seen the chase, Mo Liancheng thought for a moment and guessed that Mo Yihuai was worried that they would act separately, so he released fourteen to let them know the situation in the palace, and then came I’m catching you.

General Wei was very panic when he heard this, but the city of Merian did not have to worry. Tomorrow, General Wei could lead his troops to attack the city gate from the front to attract the main force of Mo Yihuai. Then they led a team of elite soldiers to attack the palace directly to capture the thief Capture the king first. During the siege, Merian entrusted Qu Xiaotan to Liu Qian.

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