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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 24 End Recap

Jie Ling was very happy to see Yuyan soaring, he felt that all this was in his plan. The world spirit told everyone that he trapped Zhu Yao in a place where they couldn’t go, and he was the child abandoned by the most trusted person. The world spirit tells everyone that people have experienced countless choices in their lives, but everyone has not experienced as many of their own. Jie Ling told Yuyan that he had been targeting him because Yuyan used his own body.

Jie Ling said that he had saved a girl, and he took the girl to defeat Tiance Jiao, and also took the girl to ascend successfully. But in the end the girl abandoned him, leaving only one sorry for herself.

Jie Ling told everyone that he could not forgive the girl, so he tried his best to get her into the game again. Jie Ling said that as long as he takes his body back from the language, he can control the entire online world, hide in other games, and Zao Ge and others cannot delete himself. Xiao Yi persuaded the language to cooperate with him. He felt that the world spirit was so confident because Zhu Yao was nearby. Xiao Yi stopped Jie Ling and bought time for Yuyan to enter the virtual world. Yuyan successfully entered the virtual space to see Zhu Yao, but Xiao Yi was killed by the world spirit, and at the same time, Jiu Xiao and Asun were also dead.

Xiao Yi’s death made Yuyan and Zhu Yao very angry. Yuyan was anxious and broke the barrier with an ordinary sword, leading Zhu Yao out of the virtual world. Zhu Yao understood the causes and consequences, she finally knew that the root of all this was herself, and the world spirit was just an adjunct to her own code editing. Jie Ling asked Zhu Yao to think clearly that if she wanted to delete herself, the channel between the game world and the real world would be closed, and Yuyan and Zhu Yao would never meet.

Zhu Yao knew that this happened because of herself. She killed herself with an ordinary sword and got the opportunity to go back and delete the code. Before Zhu Yao separated from Yuyan, he said that if he could open the game channel, he would definitely come back to find Yuyan.

Before Zhu Yao traveled through space and returned to the real world, she remembered what happened before her hypnosis. In order to successfully develop artificial intelligence technology, she let the computer completely simulate the way of thinking of human beings. She chose to use Internet technology to allow tens of thousands of computers to simultaneously Operation, created the artificial intelligence of World Spirit.

When Zhu Yao saw the paper crane in her hand, she suddenly understood the past. She once wrote the code on the paper crane. Zhu Yao yelled with Zao Ge, the bug code is on the paper crane. According to Zhu Yao’s instructions, Zao Ge and others successfully deleted World Spirit.

Yuyan, who remained in the game world, saw Zhu Yao leave, and used all his strength with the help of Zaoge and others to successfully get rid of the world spirit. After a while, Shenwu Fengyun fixed all the bugs and finally went online successfully. Zao Ge and others were very happy. Zhu Yao gave a speech in public as the chief designer. She felt that she had learned a lot of life experiences in the game.

At the same time, because the game bugs were fixed, everyone was able to live again, and everyone lived a happy life. Wang Xuzhi was making trouble to go up the mountain to cultivate immortals, and Ah Xun happened to pass by to replace Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi to marry, but in fact neither of them lost their memories. The red silk gave the refined new medicine to Jiu Xiao, and Xiao Yi accepted the two brothers from Tiance for cultivation.

After the death of the world spirit, all the dust settled, and Zhu Yao resumed her previous life. Zhu Yao knew that the channel to return to the game world had been closed, and felt very sad. At the same time, she encouraged herself to find another channel to go back. Unexpectedly, at this time, Xiao Yi and Yuyan actually appeared in front of Zhu Yao, and the three smiled at each other.

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