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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 23 Recap

Wang Xuzhi fell into Ah Xun’s arms and died when he said that he liked Ah Xun. Both Zhu Yao and Yuyan were very sad, but Yuyan found that the magic power could not be used. He and Zhu Yao realized that the world spirit had changed the game code. Ah Xun buried Wang Xuzhi, and everyone held a ceremony for Wang Xuzhi. Ah Xun cried very sad, regretting that he did not cherish the time with Wang Xuzhi. Xiao Yi came back with Zhu Yao and others, but lost contact with Zhu Yao and others and went to Tiance Education alone.

Axun overhears Zhu Yao’s conversation with Yuyan, and decides to seek revenge from the world spirit alone. Xiao Yi, like Yuyan and the others, lost his skills, but was mistaken by Ah Xun for seeking revenge from the world spirit. Xiao Yi had no martial arts and was seriously injured by A Xun. Fortunately, Zhu Yao and Yuyan found that A Xun was wrong and rushed to rescue Xiao Yi in time. Zhu Yao was not uncomfortable seeing Xiao Yi like this. She knew that everything Xiao Yi did was for herself, so she took in Xiao Yi and treated him with care. Ah Xun felt sad because of Wang Xuzhi’s death, and went to the tavern to get drunk.

Zhu Yao discussed with Yuyan about dealing with the world spirit, and the two agreed that no matter what the outcome was, they would not regret it. Zhu Yao told Yuyan that the world spirit is powerful for absorbing human obsessions. When the world spirit was possessed by Xiao Yi, he knew he had obsession. In order to Zhu Yao, Xiao Yi decided to join forces with Yuyan and others to deal with the world spirit.

The conversations of Zhu Yao and others are monitored by the world spirit, so he knows all the actions of Zhu Yao and others, and is happy to see such results. Xiao Yi asked Zhu Yao if she would be willing to be with herself if she defeated the world spirit. Zhu Yao couldn’t answer, all her thoughts were now dealing with the world spirit.

Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi analyzed Jie Ling’s affairs, and Xiao Yi guessed that Jie Ling had some connection with Yu Yan. Zhu Yao told Xiao Yi that even if she was willing to survive forever in the game world, she would have one day to admit her fate so that Xiao Yi would not waste time on herself. Zhu Yao visited Ah Xun, but Ah Xun felt that Zhu Yao just wanted to know if she had seen the world spirit again. She said that she had not seen it and asked Zhu Yao to leave. Zhu Yao saw that Ah Xun was hostile to herself, so she asked Xiao Yi and Yuyan to solve Ah Xun. Brother Zao searched for clues to the world spirit, but he could not find the trace of the world spirit.

Zhu Yao was tired from thinking about overwork, but still asked Xiao Yi and Yuyan to visit Ah Xun. Xiao Yi talked to Zhu Yao, and the two of them had become comrades-in-arms from their previous enemies. This feeling was really amazing. Xiao Yi told Yuyan that whether in the game or in modern times, he only admired Yuyan, so that Yuyan could fight himself after eradicating the world spirit. While Jiu Xiao was taking care of Ah Xun, the world spirit suddenly attacked the two and captured them. Yuyan and Xiao Yi took a step late, and could only watch Jie Ling take away Jiu Xiao and Ah Xun.

Jie Ling took Zhu Yao away while Yuyan and others were away. Brother Zao found that there was a problem with the computer, and was very strange, so he asked someone to check it. Jie Ling brought Zhu Yao to the illusory world between the game and the modern world. He admitted that he would shut Zhu Yao here, and neither the game world nor the real world could find it here. Zhu Yao wondered why people in the modern world couldn’t see him, while Jie Ling said triumphantly that he had invaded Zao Ge’s company in the opposite direction. All this was harmed by Zhu Yao. The world spirit arrogantly made Zhu Yao stay in the illusory world, waiting for a good show.

Zao Ge discovered that the company’s computer was down, so Tiantian was quick to delete the game bug. He guessed that the computer down was a conspiracy of the world spirits, all to prevent them from contacting the game world. Yuyan and Xiao Yi rushed to rescue Ah Xun and Jiu Xiao, but the world spirit was not worried about the two who lost their magic power. Yuyan told everyone that in the time he spent with Zhu Yao in modern times, he had already penetrated Zhu Yao’s Heart Sutra of Thunder Element. This may be the Heart Sutra of Thunder Element that Master said.

Yuyan used the spell of the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, and the world changed color for a while, and Yuyan was so successful. Jie Ling was very happy to see Yuyan soaring, he felt that all this was in his plan. The world spirit told everyone that he trapped Zhu Yao in a place where they couldn’t go, and he was the child abandoned by the most trusted person.

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