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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 22 Recap

After Yuyan left, Jie Ling blamed Xiao Yi for betraying himself, and Xiao Yi was loyal to Jie Ling. He was willing to exchange his body for the opportunity to go to the modern age, so that Jie Ling would not have to rely on others. Jie Ling felt that Xiao Yi’s proposal was good, and sent Xiao Yi to modern times, while he occupied Xiao Yi’s body. Xiao Yi was very happy when he came to modern times. He didn’t want to stay in the game and let others decide his fate. Ah Xun secretly watched my Master Li, the demon-dressed world spirit appeared as Xiao Yi, snatched the fan that A Xun had stolen, and knocked Ah Xun to the ground.

When Xiao Yi was drinking coffee in the restaurant, he overheard everyone discussing the anger of Shenwu Fengyun Games’ executives wanting to sell their shares. Everyone talked a lot and felt that Shenwu Fengyun could not go online. Xiao Yi was very anxious after hearing this, so he immediately ran to the lottery ticket station to buy the lottery ticket.

Tian Tian discussed with Zhu Yao about repairing the game while driving. She happened to pass by the lottery station and found that someone had won more than 100 million. The two felt that the person who won the lottery was really good, but they didn’t know that the person who won the lottery was Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi used the winning money to buy Zhu Yao’s company. He promised to give everyone a salary increase, focusing on user experience in the future, and at the same time said that he would delete Shenwu Fengyun. Zhu Yao didn’t expect Xiao Yi to destroy the game. She felt that Xiao Yi was crazy, and deleting the game Xiao Yi would disappear by herself. But Xiao Yi expressed that he was willing, as long as he could stay in Zhu Yao’s heart forever.

Jie Ling summoned Yuyan with a white fan on rainy days, and wanted to print him out and solve it. Yuyan found that the world spirit was in control of Xiao Yi’s body, and he was very cold, and the two started their hands. Yuyan suddenly disappeared and went to the modern age, making the world spirit angry. When Ah Xun returned to Wang’s house, Wang Xuzhi was very happy to see her, but he was very angry when he learned that Ah Xun handed over the rainy day blank fan to World Spirit, which made Ah Xun very sad and regretful. Zhu Yao persuaded Xiao Yi not to stop the game. Yuyan suddenly appeared and persuaded Xiao Yi to find the bug code where Jie Ling was located. Just delete Jie Ling and he didn’t need to destroy the entire program. Xiao Yi was moved by Yuyan’s words, and he decided to keep Shenwu Fengyun.

Ah Xun was very sad because Wang Xuzhi blamed herself. She found the world spirit and wanted to get back the rainy day white fan, but the world spirit didn’t agree at all and arrested Ah Xun. Xiao Yi discussed the game with Yuyan, and Yuyan hoped that Xiao Yi would consider Zhu Yao and not easily ruin the game. Xiao Yi told Yuyan that he had to destroy the world spirit, even if he sacrificed for it, it didn’t matter. Yuyan felt that Xiao Yi’s ideas were too extreme, and he told Xiao Yi not to act rashly.

Wang Xuzhi was worried about Ah Xun’s whereabouts. He and Jiu Xiao met unexpectedly in Tiance Education. Both wanted to find Ah Xun. Xiao Yi kept thinking about Zhu Yao and Yuyan’s words, awake all night. Zhu Yao saw Xiao Yi drinking in the office with the lights off, which was very strange. Xiao Yi was disappointed and told Zhu Yao that he had lived in the dark since childhood. Zhu Yao gave him hope, so he didn’t want anyone to take Zhu Yao away.

Brother Zao told everyone that the game has generated new codes, and everyone understands that the situation is critical and that the world spirit has taken control of the entire game world. Zhu Yao discovered that the new code was the code that entered the game world for the first time, but she later accepted hypnosis and forgot. Zhu Yao decides to return to the game world to defeat the world spirit, Yuyan and Xiao Yi decide to stay with him.

Ah Xun ran away to the Wang’s house and was tracked by the world spirit. In order to protect Ah Xun, Wang Xuzhi’s father was killed by Jie Ling on the spot. Wang Xuzhi hurried over, only to see the scene of his father’s death. Wang Xuzhi worked hard with the world spirit, but he was not the opponent of the world spirit at all, and was seriously injured by the world spirit. Ah Xun was holding Wang Xuzhi sad, although Zhu Yao and Yuyan came, but they failed to save Wang Xuzhi’s life.

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