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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 21 Recap

Zhu Yao enters the game again and meets Yuyan again. The two are very happy to embrace each other. Zhu Yao told Yuyan that the characters in the game will have unlimited rebirths, but after each rebirth, they will forget everything before. After Yuyan heard it, she realized that her memory loss was because she had died once before. Zhu Yao and Yuyan discovered that the red silk and Lord Li who had died before were resurrected, thinking that Ah Xun would be surprised to see them.

Zhu Yao wondered about Yuyan’s previous amnesia, guessing that he had died once before, and the complaint simply told the world spirit about letting himself take pills. Yuyan told Zhu Yao that he wanted to die with the world spirit and help Zhu Yao eliminate bugs, which made Zhu Yao feel distressed.

Ah Xun saw Master Li’s figure on the mountain, which surprised her. Zhu Yao comforted Ah Xun, waiting for the settlement of the Tiance teaching affairs, some time to reunite with Master Li and his daughter. Yuyan talks to Red Silk. Red Silk has lost all his previous memories, and has recovered to become the little sister who had secretly loved Yuyan at the beginning, without remembering the scene of her crazy love. Yuyan was very happy to see that the red silk had returned to the appearance of a pure junior sister. Zhu Yao was jealous when she saw Yuyan stealing red silk in the middle of the night. But Yuyan said that after he recovered his memory, he had learned the gameplay and would not let the red silk hinder himself and Zhu Yao.

Xiao Yiji hated Zhu Yao’s choice of Yuyan, and summoned all the Tiance cultists to attack the Qiu Gu faction, to fight Yuyan to the death. Yuyan and Xiao Yi didn’t agree with each other, and the two became a group. Zhu Yao appeared to block the sword for Yuyan, but fortunately Xiao Yi took his hand in time. Seeing Zhu Yao helping Yuyan deal with him, Xiao Yi was very angry, frankly admitting that he could not get Zhu Yao, so he wanted everyone to bury Zhu Yao. Xiao Yi knew the rules of the game. He asked Zhu Yao if he was willing to start again with himself, but Zhu Yao said that he would never be with Xiao Yi anyway.

Xiao Yi couldn’t control his anger. He was possessed by the world spirit and used powerful spells to seriously injure Zhu Yao. When Xiao Yi woke up, he found that Zhu Yao was badly hurt and regretted it very much. Xiao Yi himself was seriously injured, he kept asking Yuyan, Zhu Yao would not die, right. Yuyan looked very speechless, and he told Xiao Yi that Zhu Yao would not die on a person like him. Ziyao and the two brothers of Tiance Education helped Zhu Yao return to the palace for training, but were attacked by the spirits on the way. The world spirit forged the power of the thunder attribute, killed Zi Yao and others, and sent Zhu Yao to the modern era.

When Ah Xun was alone, the world spirit suddenly appeared, bewitching Ah Xun by helping Ah Xun rebuild her new home and resurrecting Master Li, and controlled her when Ah Xun was distracted. After Ah Xun was possessed by the world spirit, his temperament changed drastically. He said a lot of Zhu Yao’s bad things in front of Yuyan, and insisted that Zi Yao and others were killed by Zhu Yao. Everyone didn’t believe Ah Xun’s words, and left Ah Xun angry. A Xun left a note and left without saying goodbye. Wang Xuzhi was anxious, and Yuyan had to promise to help Wang Xuzhi find A Xun.

Xiao Yi was secretly hurt in Tiance. He played with the Naihe Sword, and it was very sentimental to learn that the Naihe Sword can make people rebirth after death. Yuyan rushed to the Heavenly Cultivator and asked whether Ah Xun was captured by Xiao Yi, because someone saw Ah Xun being taken away by a cloud of black energy. After Xiao Yi heard this, he said that Ah Xun had been captured by the world spirit, and asked Yuyan to find the world spirit.

After Yuyan left, Jie Ling blamed Xiao Yi for betraying himself, and Xiao Yi was loyal to Jie Ling. He was willing to exchange his body for the opportunity to go to the modern age, so that Jie Ling would not have to rely on others. Jie Ling felt that Xiao Yi’s proposal was good, and sent Xiao Yi to modern times, while he occupied Xiao Yi’s body.

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