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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 20 Recap

Xiao Yi met Yuyan and gave him pills that could heal his injuries. Yuyan felt that it was impossible for Xiao Yi to care about his skill and let him tell his true purpose. Xiao Yi admitted frankly that he knew that Yuyan had been to that world, which surprised Yuyan because the real Xiao Yi didn’t know that the person hiding in Zhu Yao’s body was himself. Seeing that Yuyan found that something was wrong, Xiao Yi simply admitted that he was the world spirit, and said that he and Yuyan were originally one, but that he was stripped of the world. Jie Ling asked Yuyan to take the pill so that he could occupy his body. In exchange, Jie Ling could send Yuyan to the modern day to be with Zhu Yao.

Yuyan guessed that the world spirit is the bug that cannot be found in the game, because the world spirit has no entity, so everyone can’t find the existence of the world spirit. Yuyan took the pills without hesitation. He planned to seal the world spirit with his body, which was the last thing he did for Zhu Yao before he died. Yuyan used his skill to seal the world spirit in his body, but the world spirit said that Yuyan could not hold him down. Zi Yao urged Zhu Yao to visit Yuyan, and everyone found that Yuyan had lost her memory. They didn’t recognize Zhu Yao at all, and asked them to drive Zhu Yao away.

Seeing Jie Ling leaving, Xiao Yi was afraid that he would not be able to go to the modern age without the help of Jie Ling, so he decided to find a way to dismantle Zhu Yao and Yuyan. He asked a few congregants who were similar to Zhu Yao to come. Zhu Yao was sad because Yuyan did not recognize her. She felt very sad when she recalled the past that she had known and cherished Yuyan since entering the game world.

Zhu Yao felt that Yuyan had forgotten everything in the past, and planned to start again with Yuyan, pestering him to keep herself by his side. After Yuyan lost his memory, every time he saw Zhu Yao, he would be emotionally restless, but he did not remember the past with Zhu Yao. Xiao Yi shot again, letting the cultists who dressed similar to Zhu Yao attack everywhere, and the people who didn’t know the truth really regarded Zhu Yao as a demon girl.

Zhu Yao was framed by the people for harming living beings, but Yuyan actually believed the people’s words and drew his sword at Zhu Yao. Seeing that the goal was achieved, Xiao Yi immediately tried to find a way to take Zhu Yao away. Although Zhu Yao thanked Xiao Yi for his help, she still missed Yuyan. She let Xiao Yi recognize the reality that he would never love him, and then left. . Xiao Yi saw that even though Zhu Yao was wronged by Yuyan, he still loved Yuyan, and even more hated Yuyan, and vowed to defeat Yuyan.

The Jiuxiao investigation discovered that someone used magic to control the people, and at the same time caught Xiao Yi sent a person pretending to be Zhu Yao, and everyone took evidence to find Yuyan. Yuyan saw the evidence gathered by everyone, but still didn’t believe Zhu Yao, and felt that everyone joined Zhu Yao to forge the evidence. Zhu Yao is angry, but let Yuyan wait for herself in front of the Lingshi tomorrow afternoon, if she can’t prove her innocence, let Yuyan handle it. Zhu Yao intends to use similar scenes instead of archiving to restore Yuyan’s memory.

Zhu Yao told Yuyan a lot about the past, including Yugang stealing the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, but Yuyan still didn’t believe her. Zhu Yao had no choice but to commit suicide with an ordinary sword, using her own death to stimulate Yuyan to restore her memory. Zhu Yao stabbed the ordinary sword into the body little by little, Yuyan was hit, and she really remembered everything.

Because Zhu Yao died again, she quit the game and came to modern times. Brother Zao asked his classmates to check whether Shenwu Fengyun was still saved. Tiantian told Zhu Yao about the incident and said that if all the bugs could not be eliminated, Shenwu Fengyun would go offline forever. Zhu Yao was shocked when she heard that, she hurried to discuss with Brother Zao. Brother Zao told Zhu Yao about the world spirit, Zhu Yao guessed that the world spirit was the real bug in the game, and promised Brother Zao he would find the world spirit.

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