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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 19 Recap

Yuyan told Zao Ge that even if he was just a game character, he had to protect Zhu Yao. Even if he smashed the chaos, he would not let Zhu Yao go. Brother Zao was moved by Yuyan’s words. He finally understood that the characters in the game were also alive, and he was very moved. Yuyan wanted to learn game programming and helped Zhu Yao come out as soon as possible. Seeing that he could not persuade Yuyan, Zaoge simply joined Yuyan’s team. Ah Xun was injured by the vampire woman and fell into a coma. Wang Xuzhi was very anxious, but Jiu Xiao said he didn’t need to worry, because Ah Xun had a powerful force in his body to repair her true energy.

Xiao Yi thought about how to return to the game world. He remembered the Tiantian he had saved, and took the initiative to help Tiantian and gained her favor. Yuyan worked overtime in the company all day long, trying to fix the bugs in Shenwu Fengyun as soon as possible, but everyone still did not find the cause of the bug. Jiu Xiao visits Zhu Yao, she tells Zhu Yao about Ah Xun’s coma, guessing that there is a powerful magic weapon in A Xun’s body to protect her. After Zhu Yao heard this, she guessed that Ah Xun had blood diamonds in her body.

Yuyan was watching the scenery on the rooftop in the middle of the night, and Zaoge was very worried when he saw it. He was afraid that Yuyan would accidentally fall, and the two were chatting and laughing. Brother Zao invited Yuyan to eat delicious food, and Yuyan suggested going to Zhu Yao’s house to eat. The two had a very pleasant chat. Xiao Yi was close to Tiantian before in order to steal the company’s key card from her. Now that the goal is successful, he sneaks into the game design headquarters of Shenwu Fengyun. Yuyan used the cooking skills she learned in the game world and cooked many delicious dishes, which surprised Brother Zao.

After Xiao Yi entered the headquarters, he turned on the computer that designed the game. He was very excited. He felt that he could use the computer to control all the people in the game. He finally became a modern person like Zhu Yao. Xiao Yi prepared to control the computer to make Yuyan better than death, and at the same time save Zhu Yao’s heart. At this time, he didn’t know that Yuyan in the game was Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao talked to Wang Xuzhi about her future life plan. Wang Xuzhi said frankly that he would work hard to study and ascend as soon as possible. As for marriage, he has a psychological shadow. These words happened to be heard by Ah Xun, who taught Wang Xuzhi on the spot. A plague broke out in Wangjia Town, and Wang Xuzhi and others were very anxious.

Zhu Yao found that this plague was very strange and irreversible, so please ask Jiu Xiao to find a way to detoxify everyone. Xiao Yi manipulated the computer to control all the poisoned villagers in Wangjia Town, and at the same time returned to the game. Xiao Yi called on all Tiance teachers to take the opportunity to challenge Qiu Gu.

Xiao Yi uses poisoned villagers to attack the Qiugu faction, and the scene is very chaotic. Because the Qiu Gu Sect cannot kill the poisoned villagers, otherwise it will not be able to ascend, so the situation is very bad, everyone is defeated by the people led by Xiao Yi. Zhu Yao suddenly entered the virtual space and found that she had exchanged it with Yuyan.

Yuyan told Zhu Yao to return to her own world. She was just a game character. She had a different path from Zhu Yao, so she shouldn’t stay in the game world. Yuyan used the magic technique to send Zhu Yao away, and at the same time he returned to the game of Shenwu Fengyun.

Yuyan forcefully used the magic technique, and the world suddenly changed. Yuyan angrily let Xiao Yi take the people away, and he would protect the Qiugu Sect to the death, and at the same time forcefully kill. Xiao Yi was very arrogant when he saw his purpose. He said that Yuyan would not be able to ascend if he killed him, and would lose a lot of mana, so he didn’t do anything. Xiao Yi told Yuyan that he regarded him as an opponent, so he would not let Yuyan die easily.

He was willing to help Yuyan recover his mana, and at the same time ensure that his men did not commit any offence against Qiu Gu Paiqiu, and then left with a smile. Zhu Yao woke up in the palace, found that she had not left the game, and quickly struggled to find Yuyan.

Yuyan’s backlash was severe because of his forceful killing skills. In order to prevent everyone from being sad, Yuyan could only pretend to be cruel and let Zhu Yao leave her. Seeing Yuyan’s indifferent attitude towards him, Zhu Yao felt very sad, and returned the fan that Yuyan had given him on the spot, indicating that the two of them will be cleaned up. Yuyan was also sad to see Zhu Yao sad, but his skill was at the end of his strength, and the soul would soon dissipate, so he could only push Zhu Yao away.

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