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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 18 Recap

After Zhu Yao woke up, she found herself turned into Yuyan, and she was very depressed. A coquettish woman suddenly appeared. It turned out that she was a vampire demon active in the wedding scene. The woman wanted to inhale Zhu Yao’s spirit, but fortunately, Zhu Yao used Yuyan’s body to exert powerful mana and defeated the woman. After Yuyan and Xiao Yi came to modern times, both of them were very puzzled.

At this time, Xiao Yi did not know about the exchange of souls between Yuyan and Zhu Yao. Yuyan is prepared for modern times because of Zhu Yao’s words to herself. Xiao Yi spoke to Yuyan calmly, and he confessed to Zhu Yao again, but Yuyan said that there was no right or wrong in love, and Zhu Yao didn’t want much.

Yuyan and Xiao Yi left Zhu Yao’s house separately, and Xiao Yi was criticized by everyone because of the game’s costume. Everyone saw that Xiao Yi was wearing the costume of Xiao Yi in Shenwu Fengyun, and felt that Xiao Yi was playing role-playing, and they also told him that Shenwu Fengyun might go offline. Xiao Yi took out Zhu Yao’s photo for everyone to recognize, and everyone told him that Zhu Yao was a designer of the Shenwu Fengyun game and a rookie in the game design competition, so Xiao Yi understood that he and Yuyan belonged to Zhu Yao’s game. character.

Xiao Yi was welcomed by everyone. Everyone saw that he didn’t know anything and took the initiative to teach Xiao Yi to play games. Everyone told Xiao Yi that the player would not die in the game, only the NPC would die. After Xiao Yi heard this, he felt that as long as he lived in the modern age, he could control his own destiny and become like Zhu Yao. According to the photos in Zhu Yao’s room, Yuyan wanted to find the coffee shop Zhu Yao often went to. There were many conflicts on the road because he could not ride a shared bicycle. Fortunately, passers-by helped him find the location.

Tian Tian saw the jade words using Zhu Yao’s body, and quickly pulled him to talk about the game. Tiantian explained to Yuyan that Shenwu Fengyun might be offline due to a game bug. Yuyan knew that Zhu Yao had put in a lot of effort to keep the game, and he was very happy. Wang Xuzhi and Ah Xun were very happy to see Yuyan and Zhu Yao getting married, and they talked about their future marriage.

Ah Xun felt very embarrassed, so he left first. Unexpectedly, after the vampire woman hit a wall at Zhu Yao, she unexpectedly attacked Wang Xuzhi alone. Wang Xuzhi was not the opponent of the vampire woman, and he was about to encounter danger. Zhu Yao felt Wang Xuzhi’s situation, and he used spells to drive away the woman.

Xiao Yi lived in the modern age, he didn’t know what to do. It happened that a woman was robbed, and Xiao Yilu rescued her when he saw injustice. Unexpectedly, the woman who was robbed was Tiantian. Tiantian felt that Xiao Yi looked very much like the male protagonist in Shenwu Fengyun and gave him his business card. Therefore, the vampire woman attacked Wang Xuzhi and others again. She used spells to divert Zhu Yao away, and at the same time sneaked assault on Wang Xuzhi and Axun.

Yuyan quickly adapted to modern life because of her sweet care in modern times. Yuyan couldn’t stay at home, so she went to the company to find Tiantian, and when she saw this, Tiantian told Brother Zaoyan about Yuyan.

Because Yuyan has a completely different character from Zhu Yao, he believes in Yuyan’s things. Zao Ge introduced to Yuyan that he was another designer of the game, but Yuyan only cared about the offline game. Yuyan discovers that Zhu Yao in the game is attacked by a vampire woman and is in a critical situation, so that brother Zao helps Zhu Yao defeat the vampire woman. Brother Zao thinks that the unknown challenge is the most important, so he only added treasure chest herbs to Zhu Yao. Zao Ge’s attitude made Yu Yan very angry. He said that Zhu Yao was someone he must protect, and he quarreled with Zao Ge.

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