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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 17 Recap

Yuyan thought twice and went to see Zhu Yao, but after waiting for a long time, Zhu Yao fell asleep tired. Upon seeing this, Yuyan hugged Zhu Yao in her arms and asked her to explain to herself when Zhu Yao woke up. Upon seeing this, Zhu Yao took Yuyan to the cave and told him the truth. Zhu Yao told Yuyan that everything he experienced was fake because it was just a game world, but Yuyan didn’t believe Zhu Yao’s words at all. He pinched Zhu Yao and felt that the pain was real. Zhu Yao took the instant noodles in the cave and explained to Yuyan that everything he experienced was set and fate, and he could not choose his fate.

Yuyan didn’t understand Zhu Yao’s words, he only paid attention to why Zhu Yao disappeared in Wangjiazhen, and knew about the death of Red Silk. Zhu Yao said a lot, but Yuyan still couldn’t understand it. In order to prove the truth of what she said, Zhu Yao shouted out fried chicken beer, and petals rained down in the cave. Zhu Yao wanted to prove that she was the setter of the game, but Yuyan felt that this was just a basic spell. It was very unpleasant to have trouble with Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao and Yuyan returned to the palace with great thoughts, but found that Wang Xuzhi and others had prepared a surprise party in order to reconcile them, but naturally they did not receive the desired effect. Zhu Yao went back to the room sullenly and remembered what happened to her in the game setting. She was very reluctant to let everyone be together. After so long together, she has a deep affection for everyone. Yuyan remembered Zhu Yao’s words, Zhu Yao said that everyone here is made of code, and if it goes against the creator’s wishes, they may be deleted like Miao Jiang. Yuyan was upset, he couldn’t believe Zhu Yao’s words, but he didn’t believe it at all.

Zhu Yao wanted to pack up and leave, Yuyan took the initiative to stop her, expressing willingness to believe her, she was just too afraid of losing her. Seeing that Yuyan was willing to believe in herself, Zhu Yao embraced him happily. Tiantian saw Zhu Yao and Yuyan together on the computer, and felt that Zhu Yao had digitized herself and entered the game. She told Zao Ge about it, but Zao Ge did not believe it. Zao Ge told Tiantian not to talk nonsense, so as not to annoy investors.

He also put a lot of effort into this game, but digitalization is impossible with current technology. Brother Zao lets Tiantian hurry up and find the game bug, otherwise Shenwu Fengyun will be offline forever.

After Zhu Yao and Yuyan reconciled as before, everyone was very happy and was busy helping Yuyan and Zhu Yao hold a wedding. Everyone posted all the wedding invitations without telling them. Xiao Yi was angry when he saw it. Yuyan and Zhu Yao were very surprised when they learned that they did not want to get married too early. Upon seeing Wang Xuzhi, he explained that there is now a vampire demon active in the wedding in Wangjiazhen, so Yuyan and Zhu Yao took advantage of it.

The vampire demon was caught by getting married. Yuyan agreed after hearing it, and Zhu Yao could only agree. Yuyan gave Zhu Yao the carefully prepared wedding dress. Since Zhu Yao said her wish for marriage, Yuyan kept her words in mind.

Yuyan held a wedding with Zhu Yao, everyone was very happy, Zhu Yao even more carefully dressed herself, ready to be a beautiful bride. The Qiugu faction held a happy event and invited many guests and friends. Under the witness of everyone, I wish Yao and Yuyan a successful marriage ceremony. Zhu Yao felt that although it was a fake wedding, she still felt very happy.

At this moment, Xiao Yi flashed past the door, making Zhu Yao very guilty. Zhu Yao told Yuyan the truth. She admitted that she was the most favorite person in the world. Before she met him, she devoted a lot of effort to him, because Yuyan was based on the most perfect man in her heart. definition.

Xiao Yi suddenly appeared and wanted to take Zhu Yao away. Yuyan stopped Xiao Yi. The two fought and refused to let Zhu Yao be with the other person. Just when Zhu Yao was scrambled by Xiao Yi and Yuyan, a bug appeared again in the game. Xiao Yi and Yuyan were actually attracted to modern times, and the two appeared together at Zhu Yao’s house. At the same time, Yuyan actually exchanged the soul with Zhu Yao. In the end, Xiao Yi and Yuyan went to the modern world, and Zhu Yao stayed in the game world with Yuyan’s body.

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