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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 16 Recap

Xiao Yi was very angry when he learned that Yuyan was taking everyone to Wangjiazhen to participate in the Songkran Festival. Tian Tian couldn’t contact Zhu Yao, so she could only use the spare key to enter Zhu Yao’s house. When Tiantian cleaned Zhu Yao’s room, she found that Zhu Yao participated in the Songkran Festival on her computer. She was shocked and understood that Zhu Yao had entered the game. Zhu Yao had a good time with Yuyan, and the two simply hugged each other.

Yuyan even talked to Zhu Yao, making her stay where she couldn’t find herself. Yuyan chatted with Zhu Yao, and Zhu Yao even talked to Yuyan about her dream wedding. Yuyan was surprised to have a wedding hot pot.

Yuyan takes Zhu Yao to dinner, and Yuyan asks Xiao Er to open a room for herself and prepare hot water showers. After Zhu Yao heard this, she was so embarrassed that she thought Yuyan was going to take a mandarin duck bath with herself, and she was very shy. Upon seeing this, Yuyan quickly explained that she was afraid that Zhu Yao would get cold, and didn’t want to wash with her, which made Zhu Yao embarrassed.

Jiu Xiao finally stunned the guards in the jail, trying to save the red silk. However, the red silk insisted on going back to find Zhu Yao for revenge. Jiu Xiao felt that Zhu Yao was not a bad person. She persuaded Red Silk to give up revenge and not to harass the Qiu Sect’s fellows, but Red Silk could not listen.

Yuyan took Zhu Yao to the lantern festival, and the two had a great time. Zhu Yao liked Yuyan more and more. She felt that she could no longer distinguish between games and reality. Zhu Yao took Yuyan to shop and eat marshmallows. She felt that although there were only a few streets in the game, she was willing to stay with Yuyan forever.

Zhu Yao didn’t know what would happen to her when she was leaving. Yuyan faintly felt that Zhu Yao was not from this world, so although Zhu Yao was by his side, he was still worried that Zhu Yao would leave him. Therefore, although Yuyan and Zhu Yao are very happy when they are together, both of them understand that this kind of happiness cannot last long.

Wangjiazhen lit up brilliant fireworks, the atmosphere was very good, Yuyan even kissed Zhu Yao. In order to make Zhu Yao happy, Yuyan bought a lantern. While Zhu Yao was playing with the lantern, the subordinates in the red silk ambush attacked Zhu Yao and issued crossbow arrows to make Zhu Yao disappear. Zhu Yao entered the dreamland again. She saw the scene after she disappeared. Yuyan asked to kill Zhu Yao’s subordinate, but the other party died before she spoke. Zhu Yao watched the red silk arrogantly for his own death. Tiantian uses the mouse in modern times to help Zhu Yao return to the game.

When Yuyan returned to the Qiugu Sect, he was shocked to find that Qiu Gu Sect was bleeding and wounded everywhere. Jiu Xiao rushed to the Qiugu faction. She told Yuyan that she couldn’t bear to secretly let go of the red silk. The two hurried to find the red silk, but they were a step late. The red silk killed Zhu Yao because of her inability to do things, and was killed by the world spirit. When Yuyan arrived, she had only one last breath. The red silk apologized to Yuyan, and then died peacefully lying in Yuyan’s arms. Yuyan looked at the dead red silk and remembered the scene where the two were practicing. He still has feelings for the red silk, although it is not love.

Yuyan was sad because of the death of the red silk, but accidentally ran into the organ and entered a mysterious cave. Yuyan was shocked when he saw the cave. He felt that he didn’t know many things. Zhu Yao went back to find Yuyan, and she casually said about the death of the red silk, which aroused Yuyan’s suspicion. Yuyan felt that Zhu Yao had concealed a lot of things from herself, and Zhu Yao had a big quarrel with her when she knew about the death of Red Silk although she was not there. Zhu Yao returned to her residence and found that Zi Yao had grown into a teenage girl, which made her feel that the game world is really amazing.

Xiao Yi was busy pursuing Zhu Yao’s affairs all day, which made the world spirit very dissatisfied. The world spirit warned Xiao Yi not to forget his own affairs and collect things for himself, otherwise Xiao Yi knew what Xiao Yi could do for the things he wanted. Xiao Yi worried that Jie Ling would start Zhu Yao, he asked Zhu Yao to bring Zhu Yao to him, but he couldn’t hurt Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao is sad about Yuyan’s misunderstanding of herself. She makes people believe in Yuyan that she will be waiting for Yuyan in Houshan. Ah Xun and Wang Xuzhi are very affectionate. When they see Yuyan frowning about Zhu Yao, they are very puzzled. Yuyan thought twice and went to see Zhu Yao, but after waiting for a long time, Zhu Yao fell asleep tired. Upon seeing this, Yuyan hugged Zhu Yao in her arms and asked her to explain to herself when Zhu Yao woke up.

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