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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 15 Recap

Zaoge and others kept working overtime to fix the bugs in Shenwu Fengyun, but there was a problem again in the game, but the setting was fixed, but the bug alarm did not respond. Zhu Yao took Zi Yao to the street to play and bought a lot of things with her. The two had a great time playing. Zhu Yao held Zi Yao in her arms and asked her to look back to see if anyone was following her. Ziyao saw the two brothers taught by Tiance, and she quickly told Zhu Yao about the incident. Zhu Yao caught the two brothers and learned that they were sent by Yuyan to protect him. Zhu Yao felt warm.

Yuyan asked everyone to draw lots to take care of Zi Yao. Everyone got a day and a half. Only Zhu Yao got half an hour and had to take care of Zi Yao under the supervision of a third person. Zhu Yao felt that Yuyan was aiming at herself and left on the spot in anger. Yuyan showed his lot to everyone, and it said that he would take care of Zi Yao for three and a half days. Everyone felt that Yuyan wanted to take care of Zi Yao, and they were very dissatisfied. While Zhu Yao was walking, he encountered a sneak attack by someone dressed up by Tiance Education. Fortunately, Xiao Yi rescued Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao felt that Xiao Yi deliberately arranged for Tiance to teach people to act as a hero to save the United States. After Xiao Yi heard this, he said that he did not bother to do such a thing, and what Zhu Yao saw was not necessarily the truth. Xiao Yi asked Zhu Yao to admire the moon and recalled to her the first two acquaintances. Zhu Yao was moved after hearing this and promised to admire the moon with Xiao Yi.

When Yuyan took Zi Yao to play, Zi Yao threw a ball and knocked down the people who followed them. Yuyan was very suspicious when she saw the other party wearing Tiance’s clothes, and at the same time, Zi Yao frankly admitted that the person she was following was two sisters. Yuyan noticed that the smell of the other party’s body was the same as that of the clothes in the red silk residence, and suspected that the person who followed them was related to the red silk. Yuyan sneaked into the red silk alchemy room to check, and found that Mr. Li was locked in the alchemy furnace by the red silk.

Master Li told Yuyan that only when the sun and the moon turn, the red silk will add new medicine to the pill furnace, and then the pill furnace may be opened. Zhu Yao suspected that red silk made people pretend to be a teacher of Tiance. She said this in public, but Yuyan pretended not to believe in Zhu Yao and successfully gained the trust of red silk.

Xiao Yi stole into the Qiugu Sect in the middle of the night, trying to enjoy the moon with Zhu Yao, but happened to see Yuyan, and the two of them had a disagreement and started fighting again. Zhu Yao rushed to stop the two of them from doing anything. At the same time, he realized that Yuyan was eating the jealousy between himself and Xiao Yi, and was very happy. The red silk seized Ziyao secretly, and wanted to take out Ziyao’s Lei Linggen to help him practice Yuan Yuan Dafa and get rid of the control of the world spirit. Zhu Yao arrived in time, knocked away the red silk and rescued Zi Yao, but the red silk had already taken away Zi Yao’s Lei Linggen. Yuyan knew that the big event was not good, so he ran to the pill furnace and forcibly helped Master Li leave the pill furnace.

Red silk fought Zhu Yao, and Yuyan arrived in time to rescue Zhu Yao. Yuyan publicly said that the red silk did bad things, but the red silk did not repent and claimed that all of this was done for the sake of Yuyan. Red Silk said that he wanted to use Yuan Yuan Dafa to get rid of the control of the realm spirit, and also killed Master Li in public, who proved himself.

Ah Xun hugged Master Li in sadness, and the blood in his mouth fell out. Ah Xun’s tears dripped on the blood diamond, causing the blood diamond to shine, and at the same time the blood diamond entered Ah Xun’s body. The red silk ran away in a hurry, and Jie Ling was very dissatisfied with the red silk’s inability to do things. He took action to abolish the red silk’s martial arts and sent the red silk to the prison.

Ah Xun was very sad because of Master Li’s death. She sat outside and recalled the scene where Master Li taught herself. Wang Xuzhi knew that Ah Xun was sad, and bit the rose to make Ah Xun happy. Wang Xuzhi told Ah Xun that he had never seen his mother, and they both felt sorry for each other and comforted each other. Jiu Xiao was worried about something wrong with the red silk, so he looked around for the red silk. After the red silk problem was resolved, everyone thought it was all right, so they happily participated in the Songkran Festival in Wangjia Town and had a great time.

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