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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 8 Recap

Li Zhicheng listened to Lin Qian’s persuasion and asked his sister to have a meal together to ease the tension between the brothers and sisters. During the dinner, Li Zhicheng advised his younger sister to stay away from Chen Zheng in the tone of lesson. The younger sister rebelliously refused to obey the persuasion, and left angrily.

Ning Weikai asked Lin Qian to eat together, and the two were talking and laughing. Li Zhicheng came uninvited suddenly, his face was not very good-looking. Li Zhicheng domineeringly announced that Lin Qian belonged to him during this period, and hoped that Ning Weikai would stay away from her. Ning Weikai retorted that the meal hasn’t been finished yet, does it mean that Aida employees don’t have time to rest. Li Zhicheng raised his wrist and looked at his watch, and pointed out unceremoniously that it was Lin Qian’s working time. Ning Weikai was speechless, and the two faced each other, their eyes clashing. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but pulled Lin Qian up and left, leaving Ning Weikai with an unhappy expression.

Lin Qian walked out of the restaurant and blamed Li Zhicheng for being too domineering. Li Zhicheng sternly said that all her time during the contract period was bought out by herself. Lin Qian complained that she was a designer and produced drafts in the evening, and during the day was a break time, and the contract she had signed was not a bargaining agreement. Li Zhicheng, who knew he was wrong, was silent.

Lin Qian returned to the office and found that Gu Yanzhi had equipped herself with a massage chair, claiming that it was employee welfare. When Lin Qian was studying the method of using the massage chair, Li Zhicheng came to help, but unexpectedly touched the switch of the massage chair to bring the two people into close contact, and the atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous. And this scene happened to be seen by Chen Yayi who was passing through the office. She asked about the relationship between the two with gossip and asked whether Lin Qian had a little heart for Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian jokingly said that she did not advocate office romance.

After the sample passed the water pressure test, Lin Qian happily ran to tell Li Zhicheng. Li Zhicheng sternly said that the experiment should not only be done in the laboratory. In order to test the samples, Li Zhicheng ran in the rain wearing a raincoat. Unexpectedly, he met Lin Qian who was also here to test the raincoat. So he immediately persuaded Lin Qian to go back and lay flat on his own. Let the rain water in the rain.

Lin Qian went to work the next day, only to realize that Li Zhicheng hadn’t gone to work today, so he was a little worried. Lin Qian ran to Yudi to find Li Zhicheng, and Li Zhicheng sat up, with a solemn expression, telling her that all her limbs and joints had leaked after the test. It seemed that the test was still effective. After Li Zhicheng told Lin Qian about the flood and disaster relief with his comrades, he said emotionally that he designed rescue suits to protect those who took their lives to protect others. Lin Qian nodded his head, deeply agreeing.

Lin Qian worked overtime in the office to design samples, trying to solve the problem of water seepage in the original samples. At this time, Chen Yayi next to her was busy shopping online. Lin Qian glanced at her and found that the clothes she bought online were three-dimensional stitched, so she had the idea to think that the glue can also be made into three-dimensional stitching, so as to avoid water leakage. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but smile.

Li Zhicheng came to the office to visit Lin Qian who was working overtime, and the two had a hot pot in the office. Lin Qian curiously asked Li Zhicheng why he recruited herself into Aida. Li Zhicheng rejected her guesses one by one, and said frankly that Lin Qian was recruiting because she felt that she was like a 95-type automatic rifle, reliable and trustworthy. The two started talking, and Lin Qian drank a few glasses of wine by the way. Lin Qian accidentally scalded her hand, she went to the bathroom and rushed indiscriminately. Li Zhicheng took her hand and rushed for five minutes to avoid blistering. Li Zhicheng’s thoughtful behavior made Lin Qian very useful, and she felt warm in her heart.

Li Zhicheng helped Lin Qian, who was drunk and drunk, back home. Li Zhicheng turned on the light and was surprised to find that the house was in a mess, as if it had been ransacked. Alerted, he realized that something was wrong and immediately turned off the light. The drug dealer who was hiding in the house searching for the USB flash drive in the dark was preparing to come up for a sneak attack. Li Zhicheng took the lead and knocked them to the ground one by one. The leader of the drug dealer went out in person, but still lost to Li Zhicheng, so he had to leave angrily.

In a daze, Lin Qian looked at Li Zhicheng who was fighting, and suddenly felt that Li Zhicheng in front of him resembled the special soldier who had saved his life at the Yunnan border. When the police heard the news and rushed to make a transcript, Lin Qian discovered that Li Zhicheng had been injured in order to save himself. Lin Qian hesitated again and again, tentatively asking whether Li Zhicheng had rescued herself at the Yunnan border. Li Zhicheng nodded lightly. In fact, he had recognized Lin Qian long ago, but after unloading the paint, Lin Qian didn’t recognize him, which surprised him. Li Zhicheng found that the security of the community where Lin Qian lived was in vain. For her safety, he asked her to live in the house next to him.

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