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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 7 Recap

Li Zhicheng asked Fujino to eat authentic Japanese cuisine, and the two mentioned raw materials from Japanese cuisine. Fujino pointedly said that the taste will be different if the raw materials are different. Li Zhicheng took his words and said frankly that he also wanted to produce top products, and hoped that Fujino would help. Fujino readily agreed, saying that the two wanted to go together. At this time, Chen Zheng called Fujino to express Si Meiqi’s intention to cooperate with him, and Fujino told him that he was discussing cooperation with Ada. Li Zhicheng offered Fujino 8 million, Chen Zheng immediately quoted 9 million, Li Zhicheng immediately raised the price again, Chen Zheng pressed harder, and finally Chen Zheng raised the offer to 15 million. Li Zhicheng only retreated when he learned of the difficulties.

On the other side, Lin Qian was talking with Varna in the hotel, and they were pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually alumni, and the two had a very happy conversation. During this period Varna got up and went to the bathroom. Lin Qian immediately contacted Li Zhicheng to tell him that he was doing very well and that the company could prepare the contract. Li Zhicheng was very pleased. Unexpectedly, Varna regretfully told Lin Qian after he came out of the bathroom that he had changed his mind because someone had just quoted him a high price that he could not refuse. Lin Qian was dumbfounded.

Lin Qian reported to Li Zhicheng guiltily that she didn’t know who had quoted Varna twice the price. Li Zhicheng said with blazing eyes that the competitor was Ning Weikai of New Baorui. Lin Qian was taken aback, and Li Zhicheng comforted Lin Qian not to worry, and let him take care of the fabric.

When he went to work the next day, Ning Weikai immediately asked the secretary to draw up a contract. The secretary questioned that the price negotiated with Varna was twice the market price. Ning Weikai interrupted the secretary and asked him to follow the instructions. At this time, under Grace’s instruction, a beautiful girl deliberately approached Zhu Hanchong. She came to the bar where Zhu Hanchong was consuming, pretending to inadvertently mention that Ning Weikai signed a contract at double the market price, because she wanted to eat a high price. The rebate is actually a deliberate attempt to provoke the relationship between Ning Weikai and Zhu’s father and son. Zhu Hanchong on the side didn’t know what his plan was. He was already extremely jealous of Ning Weikai, and he suddenly became angry.

On this day, Ning Weikai was losing his temper in the office, criticizing the style of clothing designed by the designer. Unexpectedly, the Zhu family and his son broke into the office at this time, and Zhu Han irritably accused Ning Weikai of signing the contract at twice the price. Ning Weikai quickly defended Zhu, and the chairman instructed Ning Weikai with a reproach in his tone that he would ask himself for such a contract in the future, and if he was busy, he would ask Han Chong for instructions. Ning Weikai touched a nail, and the boss was upset, but he had to act accordingly.

Lin Qian took Li Zhicheng to see Wagner who was working out. Varner saw their intentions and regretted that he had planned to sign a contract with Xin Baorui. With a deep smile, Li Zhicheng told Varna that there was a little problem with Xin Baorui. Believing in doubt, Varna immediately called Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai evaded on the phone and said that the other side was working on the contract. Varna suddenly felt suspicious. He was a little worried that the company had already shipped the goods, which would cause huge losses to the company at that time. Li Zhicheng smiled appropriately and told Varna that he was here to stop the loss.

At the invitation of Grace, Li Zhicheng accepted an exclusive interview with the h Group. During the interview, Li Zhicheng talked freely. Grace persuaded Li Zhicheng to be more natural, so as to promote Aida. At this time, Chen Zheng saw that Wenda couldn’t get the fabric dealer, so he decided to play a beautiful male game. He thought he was very attractive and called Lin Qian to have dinner. After meeting Chen Zheng opened the door to win Lin Qian, and contemptuously said that Li Zhicheng is a layman in costume design. Lin Qian responded tit-for-tat to him. Although Li Zhicheng is a layman, he supports originality and immediately left.

Lin Qian went to Ai Di Company to talk to Mr. Huang about the caulking of the emergency suit, but Mr. Huang didn’t see Lin Qian at all. Lin Qian went back to report to Li Zhicheng disappointedly. She mentioned that Huang, who loves the emperor, is always a veteran. Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian and Chen Yayi to the Ai Di Company. Chen Yayi deliberately struck up a conversation with the front desk to divert the attention of the front desk, and Li Zhicheng went directly to the head office of Huang. President Huang finally negotiated cooperation with Li Zhicheng and sent him away. Lin Qian admired Li Zhicheng in all five ways. Li Zhicheng explained that he was also a soldier, and Mr. Huang and himself missed the time in the barracks and talked naturally.

Lin Qian found something wrong with the USB flash drive when he was using it in the office, and thought that his USB flash drive was broken. She didn’t realize that when she evacuated the drug lord den at the Yunnan border, she hurriedly took the wrong USB flash drive. At the same time, the boss of the Yunnan border drug cartel received the news that the location information came from the USB flash drive. The drug dealer leader looked at the locked address with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

When Lin Qian was at work, she found her colleagues panting and panting. It turned out that in order to train employees, Li Zhicheng conducted devilish running training on employees. Lin Qian refused to exercise on the grounds of flat feet, but was trained by Li Zhicheng alone. Lin Qian was unable to refute Li Zhicheng’s domineering demands, and had to accept the devil’s training.

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