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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Qian worked overtime late at night, racking his brains to reduce costs and improve performance. Li Zhicheng learned that Lin Qian would work overtime and stay up late to catch up on design works. He hoped that Lin Qian would get rid of this bad habit and specially ordered takeaways for Lin Qian. Instructed Lin Qian to finish the meal without compromise.

The next day, Lin Qian excitedly told Li Zhicheng that she thought of using fabrics of different prices according to the focus of the use of emergency suits, which could save a lot of money. Li Zhicheng interrupted her and said that it must be because of the splicing of fabrics that the waterproof performance has decreased. Lin Qian sighed in her heart, Li Zhicheng didn’t know everything about clothing. Lin Qian also said that he thought of a Belgian fabric with excellent waterproof performance. Li Zhicheng immediately said Turks’s name, and Lin Qian was even more dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Li Zhicheng to know so much. Li Zhicheng ordered Lin Qian to go home to rest immediately and accompany him to a reception in the evening.

Li Zhicheng learned from Grace that something happened suddenly when Li Zhiqian was talking about the Youa project, while Xinbao Rui reached a cooperation with Youa at this time. With this project, New Baorui has become an industry giant in Linhai City. Li Zhicheng intuitively judged that Li Zhiqian’s death was related to Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng, but he did not find direct evidence to prove it. Grace said frankly what role the two played in Li Zhiqian’s death, and she still needs to continue to test it.

At the cocktail party that night, Grace was chatting and laughing with the Japanese fabric dealer Fujino. Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng came over one after another, and Chen Zheng asked Grace to introduce him face to face. He said that he wanted to cooperate with Fujino. Grace refused Chen Zheng without showing a trace. She said that some friends had already said hello and wanted to cooperate with Fujino. Soon after, Li Zhicheng brought Lin Qian to the reception. Grace introduced Fujino to Li Zhicheng in a high-profile manner, and Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng couldn’t help being jealous not far away. Chen Zheng expressed that he wanted to cooperate with Fujino, and Ning Weikai expressed dissatisfaction that he was also actively striving for this project, and no one should compete with himself.

Lin Qian found Varna at the reception, and Li Zhicheng gave her the task to approach Varna quietly and talk to him. And Li Zhicheng asked Grace to introduce Fujino to herself deliberately to hide. Lin Qian expressed Aida’s intention to cooperate with Varna. Varna thought that if he wanted to enter the Chinese market, Aida was not a suitable company. He was very clear about the current situation of Aida. Lin Qian politely said goodbye to Varna, and agreed to talk in detail the next day.

When Ning Weikai saw Lin Qian, he smiled and asked why Lin Qian was here alone. Lin Qian was a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, but Li Zhicheng came over in time to resolve Lin Qian’s embarrassment. He said that he wanted to talk to Ning Weikai alone. Li Zhicheng stared sharply at Ning Weikai, and Ning Weikai asked him if he was hostile to him, and directly pointed out that Li Zhicheng’s purpose as the president of Aida was to use Aida to start anew. Li Zhicheng sneered and said that his hatred for Ning Weikai began when he turned his back on Li Zhiqian.

When Li Zhicheng returned to the reception hall, he saw Li Jinyuan talking with Chen Zheng in a corner. Li Zhicheng walked over and looked at Chen Zheng coldly. Chen Zheng politely stretched out his hand to shake hands with Li Zhicheng. Li Zhicheng’s face was cold and did not reach out. Chen Zheng was very embarrassed. Li Zhicheng pulled Li Jinyuan aside and reminded Li Jinyuan not to interact with Chen Zheng. Li Jinyuan rebelliously said that he didn’t want him to care about it. When Li Jinyuan walked out of the reception hall, Chen Zheng invited her to get in the car. Li Jinyuan didn’t hesitate to get in Chen Zheng’s car and drove away.

After the reception was over, Lin Qian followed Li Zhicheng, but Li Zhicheng let her go home. Lin Qian realized that Li Zhicheng was very concerned, so he stepped up on her high heels without worry. Li Zhicheng saw that she had worn out her feet and sat with her on the roadside. On the bench. Lin Qian talked to Li Zhicheng about her brother, and Li Zhicheng expressed his understanding of her brother’s approach. At this time, the driver drove the car over, and Li Zhicheng picked up Lin Qian and stuffed her into the car.

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