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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 5 Recap

Li Zhicheng took the initiative to come to Lin Qian’s studio and told her that Aida had a job vacancy and needed him to design special work clothes for rescue and disaster relief. He planned to hire Lin Qian as the chief designer of this project. Bai Qian was a little moved, but seeing Li Zhicheng’s constant urging, she felt unhappy and blamed him for being too domineering the president. Li Zhicheng said sternly that he gave Lin Qian a chance and hoped that Lin Qian would give Aida a chance.

Lin Qian was considering it, and suddenly received a call from Ning Weikai. It turned out that Ning Weikai heard that an alumni of his company came to apply for the job today, but was rejected by the personnel supervisor. Ning Weikai curiously found Lin Qian’s application materials, and saw the picture album Lin Qian left when applying for the job. He felt that she was a rare talent, so he called excitedly. Ning Weikai asked Lin Qian to eat together at night, and at the same time he solemnly apologized for the impoliteness of the supervisor when Lin Qianbai applied for the job. Lin Qian happily agreed to meet with Ning Weikai. Lin Qian hung up the phone and told Li Zhicheng that he would consider his invitation carefully.

That night, Lin Qian came to the hotel as scheduled. Lin Qian and Ning Weikai met and talked about studying abroad, and they had a very happy conversation. Ning Weikai once again invited Lin Qian to join his company’s design team. Lin Qian said with some embarrassment that Li Zhicheng from Aida had also come to him today. Ning Weikai put forward the hope that Lin Qian would join Xinbao Rui. Lin Qian embarrassed that Aida’s Li Zhicheng had come to him and invited him to join Aida. Ning Weikai persuaded Lin Qian that Wenda was like a big ship about to sink, and that if he went to Aida now, he would bury his talent too much. Lin Qian nodded solemnly after hesitating for a moment and agreed to join New Baorui.

Gu Yanzhi is responsible for recruiting designers for Aida, but he is not satisfied with all the interviewees. Li Zhicheng interrupted the interview and said that he had decided to hire Lin Qian. Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi to talk to Lin. Unexpectedly, after Gu Yanzhi went to Lin Qian’s residence, he learned that Lin Qian had promised to go to New Baorui Company and was now on the way to sign a contract with New Baorui. Gu Yanzhi immediately informed Li Zhicheng of this matter.

Without a word, Li Zhicheng rode a motorcycle to chase Lin Qian. At this time Lin Qian was stuck on the road, and Gu Yanzhi learned of Lin Qian’s bus route and the license plate number of the taxi through Chen Yayi, and Gu Yanzhi immediately told Li Zhicheng again. Soon Li Zhicheng caught up with the taxi. He called Lin Qian down from the taxi and said that he would take her on a motorcycle to sign the contract. Lin Qian looked incredible.

After Li Zhicheng sent Lin Qian to the underground garage of the Xin Baorui office building, he insisted on sending Lin Qian to the Xin Baorui Company on the 19th floor. Lin Qian said directly that he would not change his mind, but Li Zhicheng forcibly squeezed into the elevator and went upstairs with Lin Qian. Li Zhicheng told Lin Qian that although Ning Weikai is the CEO of New Baorui, it is the Zhu Group who actually controls New Baorui. They face complex power struggles every day. Li Zhicheng also listed the shortcomings of Lin Qian joining New Baorui, but Lin Qian still didn’t want to change his original intention.

At this time in Xin Baorui’s office, Zhu Zong and Zhu’s prince Zhu Han broke out in a fierce dispute around Lin Qian, Ning Weikai admired Lin Qian very much. Zhu Hanchong retorted that Lin Qian was the one who was brushed off by him because he had no work experience. Ning Weikai was speechless, and Mr. Zhu immediately decided that Lin Qian’s matter was shelved and the company re-recruited.

In the elevator, Li Zhicheng continued to persuade Lin Qian, and even came up with the recruitment contract he had prepared. Under Li Zhicheng’s persuasion, Lin Qian was finally moved by Li Zhicheng’s sincerity, and finally agreed to Li Zhicheng to sign the contract on the condition that he was allowed to bring his assistant Chen Yayi. Li Zhicheng forced Lin Qian to put his fingerprints on the contract. Li Zhicheng finally put away the contract and left contentedly.

Lin Qian struggled with how to explain to Ning Weikai, but Ning Weikai struggled with how to tell her that New Baorui was no longer hired. Ning Weikai and Lin Qian met in a coffee shop. The two had their own concerns. Lin Qian wanted to say but told Ning Weikai that he had signed with Aida. Ning Weikai breathed a sigh of relief, but on the surface he pretended to be sorry.

The next day, Lin Qian and Chen Yayi went to Aida to report together. After Lin Qian reported to Li Zhicheng, he showed Li Zhicheng the work clothes plan he had made overnight. Li Zhicheng was satisfied with the style of work clothes, but he rejected Lin Qian’s cost design.

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