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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 4 Recap

Li Zhicheng had just burned that batch of children’s clothing, and the old fox Mr. Xue hurried over. With a serious expression on his face, Li Zhicheng announced that someone must be responsible for this defective product incident, so he planned to remove the four supervisors. Mr. Xue tried his best to excuse the four supervisors, but seeing that Li Zhicheng was fighting for reasons, he had no choice but to back down.

Chen Zheng called Ning Weikai. He didn’t expect Li Zhicheng to break the game. At the same time, he reminded Ning Weikai to beware of Grace. This woman is unfathomable and she seems to know everything. In the studio, Lin Qian hesitated again and again, and finally told her brother that she decided to stay in China for development. My brother had to leave with regret. Early the next morning, Lin Qian suddenly announced that she planned to go out to find a job. Xiaoya reminded him that her ideal is to be a top designer. Lin Qian Zhenzheng said that she didn’t want to rely too much on her brother, and what she needed now was the opportunity to experience.

When Li Zhicheng returned to Li’s house, he asked the stroked father face to face whether he had doubted the cause of his brother’s death, because in his own memory, his brother did not drink alcohol. His father told him that he would drink even when Li Zhiqian was under a lot of pressure. Li Zhicheng immediately retorted because his brother was preparing to sign a big order that day, and the war between his brother and his father never ended. My elder brother has always advocated corporate transformation, but my father strongly opposed it, and the contradiction between father and son intensified. But seeing his father with crooked mouth and slanted eyes, Li Zhicheng couldn’t bear to irritate him anymore, so he helped him cover him with a blanket and calmed down his tone and said that he would find out the cause of his brother’s death.

Lin Qian applied to Si Meiqi and was appreciated by the director of Si Meiqi, and informed her that she would be able to come to work immediately. But Lin Qian walked out of Si Meiqi and called Xiaoya, resolutely saying that he planned to reject the opportunity to work at Si Meiqi because the products here were plagiarism and lacked personality. After that, Lin Qian went to Xin Baorui to apply, but the director of Xin Baorui saw that Lin Qian’s resume was blank, and he unceremoniously rejected her. Lin Qian touched a nail and had to leave angrily.

Grace was entangled by a suitor in the parking lot after get off work. Ning Weikai arrived in time and staged a show of heroes saving the United States. Ning Weikai leaned down intimately and sprayed Grace for Grace. Grace was uncomfortable and separated the two of them. Next to Ning Weikai, he asked about h fashion magazine’s plan to interview a fashion upstart. Grace told him with regret that the magazine had made an appointment with Li Zhicheng, and a trace of disappointment flashed across Ning Weikai’s face.

Li Zhicheng cleaned up Wenda’s internal affairs, relieved Gu Yanzhi from his position as deputy general manager, and sent him to manage Wenda’s Aida. Gu Yanzhi hoped to be explained by Li Zhicheng, and Li Zhicheng didn’t take it seriously. He smiled and threw a pile of materials directly at Gu Yan. Li Zhicheng was stunned when he saw it.

Ning Weikai took the initiative to send Grace home, and Grace unceremoniously asked why Ning Weikai left Wenda and started anew. Ning Weikai said frankly that it was Li Zhiqian’s intention to let himself go. He saw that Wenda was already rotten inside. Then Grace aggressively asked why Ning Weikai wanted to unite with Chen Zheng to deal with Wenda. Ning Weikai smiled gently, and said bluntly that when Li Zhicheng returned to Linhai City, he knew that he was his destined enemy, so he did everything possible to attack Wenda.

Wenda Group is preparing to run for the new president, and Li Zhongming also came to the election scene. Li’s father has high hopes for Li Zhicheng. Unexpectedly, Li Zhicheng announced publicly that he would not participate in the election of Wenda Group’s president, but was planning to manage Aida Company instead. One stone caused a thousand waves of waves, and the people on the board of directors suddenly looked at each other. Li Zhicheng’s decision caught Li’s father by surprise, and the rift between father and son suddenly deepened.

Li Zhicheng took Gu Yanzhi to the Aida company. Li Zhicheng was full of ambition and quickly held a high-level meeting of Aida company. Aida Group is preparing to win a big order, and some executives objected, believing that there is no such design talent in the company. Li Zhicheng tried his best to reject all opinions and decided to recruit design talents from today. Even Gu Yanzhi didn’t understand Li Zhicheng’s decision, and Li Zhicheng told him with all his heart that the purpose of coming to Aida was to revitalize Wenda, thus pushing Wenda this big ship to turn around. As for Gu Yanzhi’s concern about the choice of designer, Li Zhicheng smiled slightly and said that he already had a suitable candidate in his heart.

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