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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 25 Recap

In the designer competition, it was Lin Qian’s turn to elaborate on the design concept. She put down her mobile phone and ran out of breath to present her cheongsam jumpsuit design. As soon as Li Zhicheng arrived in the underground parking lot, he heard a strange man calling his name not far away. Li Zhicheng looked over in astonishment and saw the man holding his mobile phone with a video playing on the phone. At a glance, Li Zhicheng recognized the hornet and the monkey with his tied hands hanging in the video. Li Zhicheng’s face darkened. Li Zhicheng got into the opponent’s car according to his words, and was blindfolded by the opponent with a black cloth as soon as he got into the car.

After the first round of selection, the team of Ning Weikai and Gao Lang won the first place, and the team of Lin Qian and Jin Yuan ranked last. Lin Qian brought Chen Yayi to the underground parking lot, and was surprised to find that Li Zhicheng’s car was parked there. The door was not closed and the mobile phone was not carried, but Li Zhicheng himself was not seen. Lin Qian had an ominous premonition in her heart. Chen Yayi rushed to the surveillance room to check the surveillance, but the staff told her that it happened to be a blind spot for surveillance. Chen Yayi found nothing, and hurried back to the design room. Gu Yanzhi told her with a calm face that he had just received the news that the Hornet and Grizzly had disappeared collectively. He realized that something big had happened, and speculated that it must be the drug lords.

Gu Yanzhi repeatedly urged Chen Yayi to hide Lin Qian so as not to affect her performance in the game. Gu Yanzhi ran to comfort Lin Qian, but Lin Qian felt uneasy. At this time the competition continued, and Chen Zheng, as a judge, announced that the topic of the second round of the competition was masks. Lin Qian didn’t even have the mind to design, she was restless and restless.

Jin Yuan accidentally followed the staff into Haoran’s design room, but was surprised to find that a gunman in the room was busy designing clothes and Haoran leisurely drinking. Jin Yuan angrily accused them of cheating, Haoran pushed Jin Yuan out of the room aggressively, and the host director Wang hurried over, but he tried his best to protect Haoran’s side, and Jin Yuan left angrily. Looking at Jin Yuan’s back, Haoran hurriedly asked what to do now, Dao Wang sneered and said that he must preemptively.

Ning Weikai was in the gym when she happened to ran into Grace. Grace was faltering due to excessive exercise and low blood sugar. Ning Weikai hurriedly reached out and hugged her. Ning Weikai brought Grace to the restaurant. Grace claimed that there were many people in the program group. She didn’t want others to misunderstand the relationship with Ning Weikai, so she wanted to sit separately. Ning Weikai thoughtfully ordered breakfast for her, and Grace didn’t want to appreciate it anymore, so she had to smile wryly.

Jin Yuan felt anxious when her brother Li Zhicheng disappeared for a day and night. Gu Yanzhi specially brought her favorite snacks. He encouraged Jin Yuan and Lin Qian to keep in good shape and they must not collapse. Jin Yuan said angrily that the designer competitions were full of shady, and Gu Yanzhi sighed helplessly, comforting her that this is the case in many competitions. The top priority is to be yourself.

Jin Yuan appeared on stage wearing a costume designed by Lin Qian, and her ingenious costume won applause from the audience. Next, it was Lin Qian’s turn to elaborate on his design philosophy, and the judges were preparing to score. Haoran appeared on the big screen, criticizing Lin Qian for plagiarizing other people’s creative superiors, and took out a manuscript atlas. He stated with certainty that Jin Yuan broke into his design room and made a big fuss. lost. The audience was in a daze. Director Wang stood up and announced that Lin Qian was suspected of plagiarism and should be disqualified from the competition. Grace struggled with reason and hoped to find out the truth as soon as possible, which was approved by most of the audience. Lin Qian immediately refuted Haoran’s design philosophy and explained the source of inspiration for his design philosophy. Ning Weikai also proved it from the side in due course. Haoran was speechless.

At this time, Jin Yuan rushed onto the stage and reported Haoran cheating in public. She criticized Director Wang of the program group for deliberately covering up. Grace hoped that Director Wang would show the video to the public, and Director Wang immediately cut off the live communication. Grace got up angrily and threatened that if Director Wang could not stand up and give herself a clear statement, she would take Group H to withdraw from the game. On-site communication was quickly restored, Grace announced the list of finalists for the competition, Ning Weikai’s design won the first place, and Lin Qian’s design ranked second. However, what they didn’t know was that Wang Daozheng and Haoran scrambled into a ball at this time, and Haoran berated Wang Daozheng for ruining his game.

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