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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 24 Recap

Gao Lang meets Ning Weikai secretly, Gao Lang hopes that Ning Weikai will now return to New Baorui. Ning Weikai looked solemn and said that now Li Zhicheng has Lin Qian beside him, and there is also a powerful foreign aid Grace. The three teamed up and had to face it.

H Fashion Group is preparing to hold a designer competition. Grace invited Chen Zheng to be the judge of this show. Chen Zheng is suspicious, because he always thinks that Aida and Si Meiqi are rivals. Grace said frankly that if Chen Zheng can participate in this program, he can reshape his image and at the same time promote Simeqi. Grace’s words finally touched Chen Zheng, and he readily agreed to participate in the show.

Grace returned to the company office, and her assistant handed out a list of new contestants. Seeing that it was Ning Weikai who participated in the competition, Grace was shocked. After seeing Ning Weikai’s design, Grace decided to make an exception to apply to the group and submit Ning Weikai’s list. At this time, Ning Weikai hopes to bring Gao Lang to the competition. Gao Lang is worried that becoming a model will drag Ning Weikai’s back legs. Ning Weikai comforted him and said that he would help him make a facelift.

Chen Zheng called Chen Yayi and claimed to pay back the money. He took Chen Yayi to listen to music and experience the audio equipment in the luxury car. While Yayi was listening to music, Chen Zheng wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of it. Unexpectedly, when Yayi noticed, Yayi smiled and broke the embarrassment.

Lin Qian was preparing for the outfit in the design room. Li Zhicheng came to tell Lin Qian apologetically that he could not accompany her to participate in the designer competition with Aida for the time being. Lin Qian lightly kissed Li Zhicheng on the cheek. understand.

The designer contest was held as scheduled. Ning Weikai brought Gao Lang to the competition, but no one cared about it. Ning Weikai met Grace head-on, and Grace curiously asked why Ning Weikai wanted to participate in the competition. Ning Weikai said frankly and confidently that he was also a designer and he would win everything with his true strength. Lin Qian also welcomed a surprise, and Jin Yuan agreed to be her model.

The designer contest site was very popular. The host announced that each designer would complete the design independently, and the designer’s and model’s mobile phones were confiscated. Any violation of the rules will result in disqualification from the competition. The host introduced the judges one by one, and Grace also announced in public that the theme of the first round of the competition was: me.

The contestants were all busy with their respective designs. Ning Weikai asked Gao Lang to change his shirt and found that Gao Lang was covered with scars. Only after this question did he know that Gao Lang had mixed up in the street. Ning Weikai bluntly said that it is not good that he is from the same background as Gao Lang. He encouraged Gao Lang to really win not because of his background, but because of his vigorous pursuit.

Gu Yanzhi went to the Liangpin store to buy a lot of snacks to please Jin Yuan. Unexpectedly, Jin Yuan claimed that she wanted to take a beauty sleep, and directly blocked Gu Yanzhi from the door. Gu Yanzhi touched the nail and was about to leave, but turned around and met Chen Zheng was stealing his own snacks. Chen Zheng simply invited Gu Yanzhi to drink together. Chen Zheng saw the snacks Gu Yanzhi bought for Jin Yuan and asked why he didn’t confess to Jin Yuan. Gu Yan’s face was ill-tempered, but Chen Zheng still didn’t care. He taught him the experience of picking up girls. He summed up the experience as “bidong” and “strong kiss.”

Gu Yanzhi listened to Chen Zheng’s golden words and summoned the courage to find Jin Yuan to prepare a confession. Jin Yuan was eager to participate in the competition and would not give him a chance at all. Gu Yanzhi saw an employee walking towards him and was worried about bumping into Jin Yuan. He stretched out his arm and hugged Jin Yuan, took advantage of the opportunity to confess Jin Yuan, and then prepared to kiss Jin Yuan’s beautiful lips. The two looked at each other, Jin Yuan was stunned, and gently pushed his face aside, and left in a panic.

In the contestant display session, Gao Lang wore clothes designed by Ning Weikai on stage and presented his past in public, which won applause from the audience. Chen Yayi received a video call from Li Zhicheng, and she ran to quietly signaled Lin Qian to call Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian rushed outside to answer Li Zhicheng’s call, and Li Zhicheng told her that he was rushing to the scene to watch her match in person. A happy smile bloomed on Lin Qian’s face.

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