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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 22 Recap

It was pouring rain in Linhai City, and Chen Zheng sat in the returning car, smugly calling his father to report that they won the bet this time, and then he listened to the music comfortably. In Aida, Lin Qian saw Li Zhicheng in a daze alone. Li Zhicheng smiled bitterly that he once bet with Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai that if the 520 competition failed, he would withdraw from Aida, so he was considering who could replace him in charge of Aida in the future. He admitted that he had always suspected that the death of his elder brother had an unclear relationship with Ning Weikai, and Lin Qian was surprised and sad when he heard this.

The 520 shopping festival is officially over. Although Y Fanxi’s sales volume is not as high as that of Xinbao Rui and Simeqi, it far exceeds the pre-sale value. At this time, Ning Weikai suddenly received a call from Gao Lang, anxiously saying that something went wrong in their warehouse. Ning Weikai hurried over and learned that the warehouse was flooded in the rainy season. Gao Lang was organizing his employees to rescue the goods with all their strength. Now one-fifth of the goods were damaged. At this rate of development, the promised delivery time cannot be fulfilled at all.

Ning Weikai was very anxious, but couldn’t get in touch with Chen Zheng. The owner of the warehouse was crying and brought out the agreement with Aida and showed it to Ning Weikai, claiming that the Hornet was looking for the warehouse they rented before, but then Chen Zheng rented the warehouse again at a high price. Ning Weikai exclaimed Li Zhicheng’s plan, but it was too late.

Chen Zheng was severely taught by Father Chen in the middle of the night. Only then did he realize that the warehouse was flooded and that he and Ning Weikai were both miserable by Aida. Chen’s father criticized Chen Zheng for making Simengqi lose money again and again, and announced that from tomorrow on, Chen Zheng was at home to reflect on it and that the company Chen Zheng would no longer be concerned.

Ning Weikai and Li Zhicheng confronted each other, accusing Li Zhicheng of being a hypocrite, and regretted not taking Lin Qian back from Aida. He reprimanded Li Zhicheng for using the warehouse as a bait for causing New Borui’s heavy losses. Li Zhicheng was puzzled, and solemnly stated that New Borui’s warehouse was not his own hands and feet.

In the 520 sales battle, Xin Baorui failed to get the first place in the industry. Ning Weikai fulfilled his promise and prepared to leave Xin Baorui. Zhu Han triumphantly watched Ning Weikai leave the company. After Ning Weikai walked out of the company, he threw the belongings in the new Baorui company into the trash can. Zhu Hanjing chased up and persuaded Ning Weikai to stay, saying that she could go to her father to intercede. Ning Weikai rejected her kindness and turned to leave. Zhu Hanjing took the initiative to embrace Ning Weikai and made no secret of her love for Ning Weikai.

Zhu Hanjing ran back sadly and asked why Zhu’s father allowed her younger brother to drive Ning Weikai away. I wish Dong knew that Zhu Hanjing liked Ning Weikai. He laughed and talked about letting Ning Weikai leave as a way of slowing down. When Zhu Han couldn’t help himself, he would call Ning Weikai back again because he planned to hand over the new Baorui to Zhu Hanjing.

Li Zhicheng returned to Aida and asked if Hornet designed the warehouse on purpose. Hornet admitted that he did this deliberately, in order to confuse Chen Zheng and cheat them for more money. Unexpectedly, the warehouse would leak. Li Zhicheng claimed to punish Hornet because as a soldier, he would be punished for performing tasks without authorization.

Aida held a celebration party for the 520 Shopping Festival. Gu Yanzhi informed everyone that Vipshop sent a good news and Y Fan Xi became the most popular fashion brand on their platform. And Y Fanxi’s final sales won the first place in Linhai City’s clothing industry. The employees applauded with tears and congratulated Aida for gaining both fame and fortune. Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian’s hand and suddenly announced his relationship with Lin Qian to everyone. Everyone was taken aback, and then they shouted and applauded together. Li Zhicheng took advantage of the heat and announced that the next focus of Aida’s work is to open ten Y Fan Xi’s physical stores in Linhai and surrounding cities.

Gu Yanzhi took Li Jinyuan to play golf, and he taught her hand in hand. It happened that Chen Zheng passed by and ran over to sarcastically whether Gu Yanzhi Aida was planning to open a golf training class. Li Jinyuan asked Chen Zheng to stay away from them, but Chen Zheng offered to bet to get the venue. The loser had to not only give up the venue but also drink the water in the lake. Li Jinyuan was not afraid and accepted the challenge. The result of the game was that Li Jinyuan lost to Chen Zheng. Chen Zheng aggressively ordered a bottle of lake water for Li Jinyuan to drink on the spot, otherwise he would climb into the car from here. Li Jinyuan raised the bottle angrily and was about to drink water. Gu Yanzhi suddenly grabbed it and finished it for Li Jinyuan.

Zhu Hanjing met with Ning Weikai and hoped that he would return to Xin Baorui in a few days, because her father asked him to reflect on the surface, but actually wanted to give Ning Weikai a long vacation. Ning Weikai smiled bitterly, he declined Zhu Hanjing and frankly said that the president of New Baorui himself was not suitable. Ning Weikai’s eyes flickered. Before he left New Baorui, he left Gao Lang in New Baorui as a dark game. He told Gao Lang that his task had not yet been completed.

Gu Yanzhi was sent to the hospital because of a stomach trouble. Li Jinyuan said angrily that Chen Zheng would never be spared. Sure enough, Li Jinyuan went to the bar to compete and drink with Chen Zheng in the evening, but after some competition, she lost to him again. Gu Yanzhi pulled out the needle directly after receiving the call, and hurried to take care of Jin Yuan, resisting the abdominal pain. When Gu Yanzhi rushed to the bar, he saw Li Jinyuan and Chen Zheng both drunk in the bar.

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