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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 21 Recap

The 520 sales battle was about to start, and the three companies, Aida, Xinbao Rui, and Simeqi, all went all out. At this time, Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng got together to fight for a drink, and Chen Zheng really understood why the fierce battle was imminent, and Ning Weikai still had a leisurely drink. With a smile on his face, Ning Weikai invited him to sit down and have a drink. Chen Zheng irritably said that now Y Fan Xi’s sales volume has surpassed Simeiqi and Xin Baorui, so Ning Weikai hastened to think of a solution. Ning Weikai called Gao Lang to the front and whispered to him that he could start to act. Gao Lang took the order and left. Ning Weikai shook the glass and triumphantly said that Ada’s death knell was about to ring.

The monkeys came to tell Li Zhicheng that the backstage was hacked, and they needed internal employees to enter the system. Aida just recruited a group of new employees. Li Zhicheng decisively ordered that all Grizzlies employees be included in the scope of monitoring. Also set up a firewall.

Li Zhicheng came to the design room and saw that the employees were busy, while Lin Qian hid here to listen to songs. It turned out that she had no confidence in the fashion brand she designed. At the same time, Aida’s sales soared. They heard the bell outside, and Aida’s turnover had exceeded 100,000. Li Zhicheng took Bai Qian’s hand and came to the meeting room together. Seeing everyone cheering, Gu Yanzhi confidently said that Aida is now gaining momentum.

But soon after, Gu Yanzhi’s smile froze on his face, because he was surprised to find that he had only set ten first prizes, but now he has already exceeded ten. At this time, the monkey ran to report that because the backstage of the system was hacked, if the system could not be shut down in time, it would appear, two thousand first prizes, and Gu Yanzhi frowned upon hearing this.

On the other side, Chen Zheng, triumphantly, estimated that Li Zhicheng had already become a mess of porridge at this time. Ning Weikai’s face was serious, thinking that the result would not be known until the last moment. Chen Zheng was worried that there would be problems on the hacker’s side. Ning Weikai confidently said that even if the hacker is caught, he has already explained what he should and shouldn’t say. What should really worry about now is Li Zhicheng, he is now riding a tiger.

In order to avoid losses, Gu Yanzhi strongly recommends to immediately close the page and stop selling, otherwise the loss will be too great. Li Zhicheng immediately rejected his suggestion. Now the lottery has just begun, and the situation has just opened up. Stopping now will affect the momentum. Li Zhicheng decided to take a risk. The Grizzlies ran to report to Li Zhicheng and found that Xiao Gao was the hacker, but he let him slip away for a while. He asked Li Zhicheng for instructions on what to do, and Li Zhicheng immediately ordered him to call the police directly.

At this time, Ma Feng and the others called to report that the bonus amount has now reached 15 million. Li Zhicheng resolutely said that the page cannot be stopped, and Gu Yanzhi ran up anxiously, urging Li Zhicheng to reconsider and immediately stop the loss. Li Zhicheng’s eyes were shining and said that it was about Aida’s credibility. As long as customers continue to buy, Aida will make a steady profit. Gu Yanzhi complained loudly and complained of Li Zhicheng’s willful mischief. Soon good news came from the monkeys, the system finally stopped, and the bonus stopped at 17 million. Only then did Gu Yanzhi breathe a sigh of relief, turning from worry to joy.

Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi received a call from Grace in the office. Grace asked about the reason. Li Zhicheng truthfully said that the system was hacked and the bonus amount reached nearly 20 million. Grace questioned that the 20 million yuan was a big mess, but Li Zhicheng did not hesitate to say that he valued the credibility of Aida more than the 20 million red envelopes. Even if he quit the Linhai clothing industry, he still had to let him Aida is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so the only option now is to fight back. Grace decided to assist from the side and immediately promoted Ada.

Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai learned that Li Zhicheng not only will not stop the lottery, but will also give out red envelopes. Chen Zheng felt incredible about Li Zhicheng’s decision. Ning Weikai pointedly pointed out that Li Zhicheng was ready to break the boat and fight Simeiki Xinbao Rui. Seeing that Aida had the upper hand, Ning Weikai decided to cut prices to seize market share. Chen Zheng strongly opposed it. He turned around to leave, Ning Weikai reminded him from behind what would happen to Ancada’s order without the support of Xin Baorui. Chen Zheng was extremely angry, but he still swallowed his anger, he finally had no choice but to compromise and cut the price with reluctance.

Employees at Aida are celebrating the sales breakthrough of 100 million yuan. An executive reported to Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi in a panic that Xinbao Rui and Simeiqi announced a 20% price reduction. Gu Yanzhi worries that customers who have just purchased Aida goods will choose to return the goods in large areas. Li Zhicheng sighed helplessly. He was able to kill one thousand enemies and hurt himself eight hundred. It seemed that Ning Weikai was really blushing this time.

Li Zhicheng received the news that Xiao Gao has been arrested, and the current situation is mixed. The sales of New Baorui and Simeqi have surpassed Aida, but Aida’s sales have exceeded 100 million. He came upstairs to visit Lin Qian. Lin Qian was just about to go out because he had a cold after working overtime. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but hugged Lin Qian and hugged her back to the house. Li Zhicheng blurted out in a hurry that he cared about her because he liked her, and Lin Qian’s face blushed. Lin Qian knowingly asked Li Zhicheng to say it again.

Li Zhicheng suddenly stood up and said to Lin Qian loudly that he liked her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. Lin Qian shyly agreed. Lin Qian chatted with his brother Lin Mochen on WeChat. Lin Qian told his brother that he had agreed to be Li Zhicheng’s girlfriend. Lin Mochen had a prejudice against Li Zhicheng, thinking that Li Zhicheng’s city mansion was too deep and not suitable for Lin Qian, so he strongly opposed it. Lin Qian coquettishly said that she had made a decision.

When working in the morning the next morning, Lin Qian specially brought breakfast to Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian smiled and said that if there were any difficulties, two people could carry it together. With a warm heart, Li Zhicheng approached Lin Qian for a sweet drink of orange juice. Then Gu Yanzhi came to the office to report to Li Zhicheng that Xiao Gao had been detained by the Public Security Bureau. He confessed that he had profited 3 million from it, but insisted that he did it alone, and he refused to tell who was behind him.

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