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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 20 Recap

Ada executives held a meeting. Gu Yanzhi reported that Simeiqi and Xinbaorui are now joining forces. Grace also suggested that Aida conduct online and offline sales at the same time. Gu Yanzhi doubted that the store decoration was too time-consuming. Li Zhicheng considered it for a moment. Find some physical second-hand stores that meet the requirements throughout the city. At that time, Fan Xi sold online and offline at the same time, and quickly assigned the task.

Lin Qian was depressed in the office. When she went to the factory to inspect the samples, she was not very satisfied. Although these samples had been approved by Tang, she was worried because the logo of Y Fan Xi was different from Fan Xi. Chen Yayi feels that removing the tag and redoing it takes time and effort, but Lin Qian believes that it is related to the purity of the brand’s pedigree. Chen Yayi went to the factory according to Lin Qian’s instructions and asked everyone to work overtime to change the logo again. Lin Qian would apply to Li Zhicheng for bonuses after the shopping festival.

Lin Qian was busy with work, and Li Zhicheng suddenly proposed to take Lin Qian out for a walk. When she arrived, she found out that Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian to check the newly rented store. After a round of inspections, she put forward some decoration suggestions, focusing on highlighting Y Fan. Greek brand logo. Li Zhicheng smiled with satisfaction. At this time, the takeaway was delivered, and Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian had a meal together.

While eating, Lin Qian asked curiously whether Li Zhicheng had drunk too much. Li Zhicheng said sadly that the two were drunk when his eldest brother sent him to the army last time. He knew that his brother wanted to create a brand. If he didn’t serve as a soldier at the time, but came back to accompany him to start a business, the outcome might be different. Lin Qianyu earnestly encouraged him that everyone has his own destiny, and don’t put too much pressure on himself. Only then did Li Zhicheng let out a smile.

Lin Qian was busy designing in the office. Chen Yayi suddenly came over to ask them about their progress mysteriously, and then kept urging Lin Qian to take the initiative to take Li Zhicheng. He speculated that Li Zhicheng must have never been in a relationship. At this time, Li Zhicheng hesitated and called Lin Qian to the office. He suddenly came up with the employment contract, and Lin Qian was shocked. After Lin Qian was disappointed to sign the contract, Li Zhicheng smiled again and took out a new long-term contract and handed it to her. Lin Qian realized that she had been tricked, so she was angry and said not to sign. Unexpectedly, Li Zhicheng hugged Lin Qian into the office, and said sincerely that he and Aida both need her. Lin Qian lowered her head shyly. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but took Lin Qian into his arms.

Gu Yanzhi went to discuss cooperation matters with Vipshop. I did not expect to meet Ning Weikai there. Ning Weikai just heard that Vipshop was going to strongly recommend y Fan Xi, and couldn’t help but smile, and went up to mock Aida’s online and offline sales. , Just started to compete with the new Baorui on the same stage. Gu Yanzhi said neither arrogantly nor arrogantly that the market is so big, so he should play together.

Ning Weikai took out the contract signed with Simeqi at the shareholders’ meeting. He explained that the reason why he did not notify the board of directors in advance was because of the tight time. Zhu Hanchong, as always, raised the bar. He reminded Ning Weikai not to forget that the strength of New Baorui is the physical store. Ning Weikai said that what they wanted to win this time was a dumping war. As long as there is an advantage in price, they can beat Aida. Zhu Hanchong asked Ning Weikai if they lose, will they liquidate their positions, but Ning Weikai thinks that if they win, they will let Aida liquidate their positions, which is fatal to Aida.

The 520 shopping festival is approaching, and the three companies of Simeqi, Xinbao Rui and Aida are all actively preparing for the battle. Gu Yanzhi was worried that the attack between Xin Baorui and Si Meiqi would be detrimental to Y Fan Xi, and Li Zhicheng said that this was a battle of positions and they had to find a way to win. Lin Qian put forward her opinion. She thinks that Aida’s focus is Y Fan Xi, so as long as they do a good job of propaganda. Grace agrees with Lin Qian’s statement that they must do both online and offline publicity at the same time, and they still have a chance of winning.

Chen Zheng grabbed Aida’s warehouse at double the price. He proudly told Ning Weikai that he had rented all of Li Zhicheng’s warehouses. Ning Weikai reminded him not to forget that Aida was backed by Wenda’s large warehouse. . Chen Zheng immediately changed his expression, he was a hundred secrets. At this time, Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng received an invitation letter from Aida at the same time, and Li Zhicheng invited them to participate in the opening ceremony of Y Fan Xi’s physical store. Chen Zheng was a little unhappy. Ning Weikai reminded him that Li Zhicheng was preparing to declare war on them in front of the public. If he did not go, he would completely lose.

Lin Qian thought that Li Zhicheng had to work all night, so he bought chicken soup for Li Zhicheng as a supper. Li Zhicheng suggested that Aida would organize a lottery during the 520 promotion period. Lin Qian stayed up late to catch the PR with Li Zhicheng. Li Zhicheng cared about Lin Qian’s body. He asked Lin Qian to rest in the room for a quarter of an hour. When the time came, he would call her. Lin Qian declined Li Zhicheng’s kindness. Seeing Li Zhicheng asleep in the office, Lin Qian thoughtfully put on his clothes, but unexpectedly slipped and fell into Li Zhicheng’s arms.

In order to welcome the opening ceremony of Y Fanxi, a brand of Aida, Li Zhicheng practiced his speech to the mirror in the store. He declared that he would stand out in the 520 sales and defeat the competition. Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng came to the store to congratulate the opening of the store. Ning Weikai even bet with Li Zhicheng that if anyone loses in the 520 sales battle, they will voluntarily withdraw from the Linhai clothing market.

That night, Lin Qian was working overtime and received a birthday greeting call from his brother. Chen Yayi deliberately looked for reasons and tried every possible means to want Lin Qian to send herself downstairs. Lin Qian was a little baffled, but still went downstairs with her. When he stepped downstairs, Lin Qian was surprised to find that the downstairs was actually covered with birthday candles and put on a loving shape. It turned out that all of this was carefully arranged by Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian’s eyes filled with excitement. Li Zhicheng walked over and softly instructed Lin Qian to make a wish. In the splendid fireworks outside the window, Li Zhicheng gave Lin Qian a pin ring. Afterwards, the two embraced each other in a sweet hug, hard to separate.

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