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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 19 Recap

In Xinbao Rui, Ms. Zhu speculated that Ning Weikai was hacked by rival Ada. Ning Weikai, however, based on his understanding of Li Zhicheng, concluded that this matter did not seem to be Li Zhicheng’s behavior. At this moment, Zhu Han clashed in and sneered at Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai simply came to the company restaurant. In front of all the employees who are dining, he hopes that all employees can work together and strengthen their conviction. His impassioned speech won unanimous applause.

Gao Lang came to the president’s office to report to Ning Weikai. After investigation, it was discovered that the reporter Cai who deliberately hacked himself and Zhu Hanchong had been very close recently. Ning Weikai’s eyes were gloomy. This incident should be because Zhu Hanchong couldn’t get used to the upsurge in the limelight, and deliberately put eye drops on himself. Gao Lang asked how to fight back, Ning Weikai pondered for a long time before saying that he would wait until after dealing with Ada. Ning Weikai thought that he had accused Lin Qian for no reason, and felt guilty, so he sent Lin Qian a text message of apology. Lin Qian was very happy.

Knowing that Tang was about to take a flight to Linhai City, Ning Weikai took the lead and sent Gao Lang to the airport to intercept. Don didn’t see Grace who had made an appointment, and was a little bit suspicious, so he took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Grace. Gao Lang had already expected these to install a jammer in his bag, and Tang’s cell phone had no signal, so he had to give up.

Gao Lang directly received Xin Baorui from the hall, and Ning Weikai came out to receive him personally. He took the hall to visit the designer team of Xinbao Rui confidently, but was surprised to find that there was no one in the office. At this time, Grace walked towards him, and the designers of New Borui were actually following them one by one. It turned out that Grace had dug the corner of Xin Bao Rui just now, and had already recruited these new designers. Ning Weikai didn’t expect Grace to draw her salary from the bottom, and couldn’t help being anxious and angry.

Tang, who had been standing aside, realized it, and said disgustedly that they were all silly jokes, and after speaking, he looked unhappy and planned to leave. Grace hurriedly chased it out, explaining that although the situation was complicated, Aida was very sincere. Tang directly said with anger that although he didn’t understand what Grace and Ning Weikai were doing, they didn’t want to cooperate anymore. Grace patiently persuaded Tang to go to Aida since Linhai came, but Tang politely and politely refused.

Gu Yanzhi hurriedly took the video call to show Lin Qian, and Grace told them that Ning Weikai was obstructing it and received Tang Xian Xing Bao Rui. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help frowning. If he couldn’t fix the hall this time, the rest of the matter would be completely messed up. Lin Qian thought for a moment, then suddenly said that he would give him ten minutes, that he wanted to see him.

When Li Zhicheng received the news, Tang Zheng drove towards the airport expressway. Li Zhicheng drove the motorcycle with Lin Qian and swiftly chased him. At the same time, he ordered the monkey and grizzly bear to intercept the hall’s vehicles halfway to buy time. Seeing that the vehicle was stopped, Tang took out the phone and prepared to call the police with an unhappy expression. Li Zhicheng decisively snatched his phone, saying that he had borrowed ten minutes from him. Lin Qian handed over his design drawing to Tang, and Tang really had a hint of interest after reading the design drawing. Lin Qian struck the iron while it was hot and showed Tang the sample clothes he designed. Tang’s tone eased and asked Lin Qian to help him decide the hotel.

Tang quickly got together with Li Zhicheng and the others, and he directly appointed Lin Qian the design rights of the brand. Lin Qian thought for a moment, blurted out and decided to call this brand Y Fan Xi, which means young Fan Xi. Tang immediately sternly said that shoddy is absolutely not allowed. Grace immediately pledged her promise.

Grace was drinking with a foreign friend, Ning Weikai came and blamed her for poaching the entire design team of New Baorui. Not to be outdone, Grace reprimanded Ning Weikai for being inconsistent. Grace ironed that she at least couldn’t play emotional cards. Ning Weikai was irritated. He told Grace that Li Zhiqian was dead, and that it was useless for Grace to do more. Grace expressed that she did not regret it, and hoped that Ning Weikai would not play emotional cards with herself because she felt sick. Ning Weikai rushed to kiss Grace, and was slapped heavily by her.

In Anda’s office, Gu Yanzhi’s gossip asked how far Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian had developed. Seeing Li Zhicheng staring at him, Gu Yanzhi reminded Dao Lin Qian that his contract was about to expire. Li Zhicheng needs to act. At this time, when Xin Baorui was on the board of directors, Ning Weikai reviewed for not being able to negotiate cooperation with Fan Xi. Although Mr. Zhu regretted not being able to cooperate with Fan Xi, he also said that this did not affect the overall performance of New Baorui and encouraged Ning Weikai to devote his energy to the next 520 shopping festival. Zhu Hanchong was dissatisfied with his father’s deliberate favoritism and attacked him on the spot. Mr. Zhu immediately scolded him. Ning Weikai saw that it was difficult to deal with it, so he simply issued a military order in public. This time the sales of 520, if New Baorui was not the number one in Linhai City, he would take the blame and resign.

Ning Weikai asked Chen Zheng to go for a massage together. He asked Chen Zheng what he thought of the establishment of a new brand of Aida, which will be officially sold in 520. Chen Zheng said neither softly nor hardly that doing business should be elegant. Ning Weikai suggested that the resources of the two sides should be replaced, hoping that the two sides will join forces to fight 520 together. Chen Zheng confidently rejected the other party’s suggestion, believing that Simeiqi alone would be able to complete the Ancada project. Ning Weikai didn’t say any more, just smiled.

Chen Zheng got the news, and half of the Ancada goods were lost on the way. The news was like a bolt from the blue, making him furious. Chen’s father worriedly told Chen Zheng that Anka Da’s liquidated damages must be at least 100 million yuan and that the factory must step up production. However, the foundries near Linhai City are all fighting against 520, and the Chen family and his sons are unable to do anything for a while. Chen Zheng had an idea, and suddenly thought of Ning Weikai. Unexpectedly, Ning Weikai came here uninvited at this time. It turned out that he had come to give charcoal in the snow, and offered to let Simeqi use the production line of New Baorui. The Chen family was surprised and delighted.

However, Ning Weikai also expressed the hope that the resources of both parties would be exchanged. Simici could use the production line of New Baorui, and in exchange, New Baorui would use Simei’s online sales channel. After Ning Weikai left, Chen Zheng lamented Ning Weikai’s enthusiasm, but Chen’s father, who was an old man, felt that there was something strange about this matter, which was too coincidental. Ning Weikai had just approached Chen Zheng to discuss cooperation, and Ancada’s goods had an accident. Chen Zheng just remembered now, he was so angry that he started to report, threatening to go to Ning Weikai to settle accounts. Father Chen calmly stopped him.

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