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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 18 Recap

Depressed Ning Weikai ran to the bar alone to drink, and when he was drunk, he called Lin Qian. Lin Qian rushed over, trying to snatch the bottle in his hand. Ning Weikai broke down and sat on the ground crying bitterly. It turned out that it was not at all that he took the initiative to leave Wenda, but Li Zhongming drove him away, so how could he kill Li Zhiqian.

Lin Qian took Ning Weikai to the beach to give a hair dryer. When he woke up, he apologized for his gaffe. He explained that Li Zhiqian acquiesced in leaving Wenda to go to Xinbao Rui. They used to be good friends. After hearing this, Lin Qian wondered why Ning Weikai had to oppose Wen Da again. Ning Weikai laughed at himself, saying that it was because he wanted to compete with Li Zhiqian, so he would repeatedly grab Wenda’s order. Lin Qian understood Ning Weikai’s inner struggle and discomfort, and she promised not to disclose these things. Lin Qian accidentally found a monkey sitting in the car in the distance. She knew that the monkey was ordered to protect herself.

Wearing sunglasses and a hat, Gu Yanzhi sneaked into the beauty salon. He looked around as if looking for something. Li Jinyuan went downstairs and ran into Chen Zheng head-on, and Chen Zheng ridiculed her and asked her why there was no flower protector today. Li Jinyuan asked sarcastically why he didn’t have the blessing of beautiful women. The two quarreled for several rounds, and Chen Zheng suddenly lowered his attitude and said that he would stop quarreling. He hoped that Li Jinyuan would be his female companion today. Li Jinyuan glanced at him with disdain and turned to leave.

The closing ceremony of the goddess on the cloud began, and Gu Yanzhi dressed as a reporter and mixed in the crowd. When Cheng Feng was toasting with Grace, he unexpectedly saw Cheng Meizi appear on the stage, and he was stunned. Cheng Meizi also saw Cheng Feng, but she bit the bullet and continued to compete. Cheng Feng was about to leave on the spot angrily. Grace hurriedly pulled Cheng Feng, and she begged him to give Cheng Meizi a chance. Seeing the dazzling daughter on the stage, Cheng Feng finally stood up and applauded her. This made Cheng Meizi very excited. She cried in his ear and said thank you father.

At the banquet, Chen Zheng was playing with the beauties. Li Jinyuan suddenly walked over. It turned out that she had learned from Gu Yanzhi that the oolong proposed in the bar last time was specially made by Chen Zheng. In order to tease Chen Zheng, Li Jinyuan expressed the hope to reconcile with Chen Zheng. In order to show his sincerity, she specifically offered to compete with him on the ice bucket. Chen Zheng poured the ice bucket over his head without hesitation, but Jin Yuan took the opportunity to slip away. Realizing that Chen Zheng was very hot after being tricked, Gu Yanzhi stood up and warned him to stay away from Li Jinyuan, because she was a woman he liked.

Jin Yuan was very worried when she received a call from the babysitter at home, and hurried back with Gu Yanzhi. Li Jinyuan blames the nanny for failing to take care of her father and loses her temper, but Li Zhongming tells her to go out. Gu Yanzhi went to comfort Li Jinyuan. He thought that what Li Zhongming needed was Li Zhicheng’s care. Li Jinyuan sent a message to Li Zhicheng and begged him to come back and see his father. Li Zhicheng hurried back. Li Zhicheng went home to visit his father. The father and son sat down and had a long conversation.

Li Zhongming still complained that Li Zhiqian shouldn’t think about creating a separate brand. The facts proved that Li Zhiqian was wrong because he failed. Li Zhongming blamed Li Zhiqian for being too aggressive. Li Zhicheng excitedly argued that Wenda’s vital departments are controlled by some old people, and Wenda has no future for development. Now that he continues his elder brother’s thinking, he also wants to create a new brand. Li Zhongming did not approve of Li Zhicheng’s ideas, and the father and son quarreled and broke up. At this time, Grace called to ask Li Zhicheng about the recruitment of designers. Li Zhicheng told her that Linhai’s excellent designers had been recruited by Xin Baorui. Grace was shocked, and she asked Li Zhicheng to take the matter to herself.

Ning Weikai was interviewed by reporters at Xinbao Rui Company. After the reporter asked some questions, he changed the subject and suddenly asked Wenda’s top design team that he had taken away. He has been fighting with Wenda over the years. For Li Zhiqian He is indirectly responsible for his death. Ning Weikai saw the buzzing comments from the office staff and angrily accused the reporter of being responsible for his words.

Ning Weikai thought these things were leaked out by Lin Qian, and went to Aida to question Lin Qian. Lin Qian was confused, and the two broke up unhappy. Lin Qian rushed to find Li Zhicheng and asked whether Ning Weikai’s matter is now in the media, whether it was the information Li Zhicheng had disclosed to the media. Lin Qian was dissatisfied with Li Zhicheng’s use of himself to fight against commercial enemies. Li Zhicheng took the shot and said that he would not use his comrades-in-arms and the people he trusted the most. He suspected that there was something wrong with this matter, and he would investigate it clearly.

Ning Weikai’s interview video went viral on the Internet, and Ning Weikai’s image plummeted. Zhu Hanchong proudly mocked on the board of directors that Ning Weikai was not qualified for the post of president. At this time, Ning Weikai walked into the conference room, and he introduced to everyone that Fan Xi’s Founder Hall would come to Linhai to find a partner.

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