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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 17 Recap

Grace was trying her best to convince Tang, Ning Weikai hurried over and deliberately talked about what happened last night. Tang really misunderstood the relationship between the two and looked at the two with ambiguous eyes. Grace simply stopped defending, she re-directed the topic to negotiation. Grace had no choice but to go back and invite Tang to interview Ada. Tang said embarrassingly that he had promised Ning Weikai to go to Xinbao Rui first. Grace had an idea and suggested that since he has gone to Linhai, why not take a look at Aida by the way. Tang reluctantly agreed, but at the same time, he suggested that no matter which one you go to first, as long as there is a little dissatisfaction, you will immediately go home.

Grace then called Li Zhicheng to inform Li Zhicheng that he had already met Tang, but he was not very confident in Aida, and hoped that Li Zhicheng could re-organize a team of designers. He would visit Linhai City in ten days.

In the office, Chen Yayi held a large bouquet of bright roses, claiming that Li Zhicheng had let him buy it for him, and joking about the sweet scene of the two holding hands. Chen Yayi urged Lin Qian to give him a gift since the other party had already expressed his opinion. Lin Qian hesitated and said that the two were just comrades-in-arms with a common goal, but even she herself found it difficult to justify this.

Miss Zhu went to the airport to greet Ning Weikai, and when she saw Ning Weikai limping, she distressed him to go to the hospital for treatment. Ning Weikai was anxiously preparing to hold a job fair, and Tang was going to inspect Linhai City. They must walk in front of Aida. Gu Yanzhi hurriedly walked into the president’s office and reported to Li Zhicheng that New Baorui was the first to hold a job fair, and many new designers signed up one after another. Li Zhicheng frowned. He didn’t expect Ning Weikai to take the shot so quickly. He decided to immediately start recruiting designers to show Tang the strength of Aida.

Chen Yayi walked into the office holding a bunch of flowers and gave it to Li Zhicheng, and said that it was from Lin Qian. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help thinking of Lin Qian’s gentle smile. At this time, Lin Qian went to the hospital to visit Ning Weikai. The two parties exchanged a few words, and Ning Weikai went straight ahead and suggested that New Baorui was recruiting new people and hoped that Lin Qian would join. Lin Qian politely declined, claiming that Aida and New Baorui are now in opposition, and that she has decided to renew the contract with Aida. Ning Weikai was disappointed, but still forced a smile, saying that he respected his decision.

Lin Qian just walked out of the ward, unexpectedly Li Zhicheng would come to greet him. Lin Qian also noticed that Li Zhicheng special monkeys were nearby to protect him, and he reserved his thanks to Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian thanked Li Zhicheng for sending the flowers. Li Zhicheng was taken aback, and asked if it wasn’t Lin Qian who sent his own flowers. Lin Qian suddenly realized that these were all tricks played by Chen Yayi, the purpose of which was to match the two. Lin Qian returned to Aida and blamed Chen Yayi for her own proposition. The two friends frolicked in the office. Suddenly, they received a call from Li Zhicheng, telling Lin Qian to go to the office.

Li Zhicheng immediately discussed with Lin Qian, Tang has always wanted to find a Chinese design team to work with to build a co-brand, and has been fighting for this opportunity. Lin Qian has seen Fan Xi’s design style, and worried that following this strong and independent brand cooperation, it will easily become their accessory. Li Zhicheng reluctantly said that Aida now needs to open up the market and also need their brand operation model. He asked Lin Qian to take the design team to connect with Tang.

Gu Yanzhi asked Jin Yuan to eat at a very romantic restaurant. Gu Yanzhi specially ordered Jin Yuan’s favorite lamb chops, but Chen Zheng took the first place with the last lamb chops. Chen Zheng sat down beside him, ridiculing Li Zhicheng for losing the Ancada project, and then deliberately urged Jin Yuan not to participate in the selection of the goddess on the cloud. Jin Yuan was not afraid, and responded on the spot to participate in the selection, and Chen Zheng left triumphantly. Gu Yanzhi drove Jin Yuan home. He persuaded Jin Yuan that there is no need to take part in the selection of the goddess on the cloud. Jin Yuan lost her temper. Gu Yanzhi bitterly persuaded her to do this on her own in order to prevent her from getting close to Chen Zheng, who was so happy with Hunting. Also to protect her. Jin Yuan couldn’t listen, and got out of the car angrily.

Lin Qian felt complicated and called his elder brother Lin Mochen and told him that Aida was going to cooperate with Fan Xi. When her brother heard the gloom in her tone, Lin Qian bluntly said that she would prefer to be an independent brand, and she asked what she would do if she changed to her brother. Lin Mochen bluntly said that he would consider maximizing the company’s interests, and persuaded Lin Qian to return to the United States altogether. Lin Qian hung up the phone in a hurry.

Lin Qian told Chen Yayi that Aida was going to cooperate with Fan Xi, and Chen Yayi questioned that the styles of Aida and Fan Xi are completely different. However, Lin Qian decided to overcome all difficulties, and in any case he could not live up to Li Zhicheng’s trust. After careful consideration, Lin Qian went to the president’s office to tell Li Zhicheng that she had decided to cooperate with Fan Xi, which was also a challenge for herself. Li Zhicheng also assured that this is only a transitional period, and that independent brands will be developed in the future, even if the planning period is 30 years. Lin Qian questioned if two people would be old in 30 years. Li Zhicheng chuckled. It was the happiest thing to live together with her.

Cheng Meizi called and told Chen Zheng that she was going to the United States. This was his father’s decision. Chen Zheng was shocked. He promised Cheng Meizi on the phone that as long as she promised that she would be the goddess of the cloud. At this time Cheng Meizi was packing her luggage, and Cheng Feng looked at her with an unhappy expression and comforted her that it was good for her to send her to the United States. After Cheng Feng left, Cheng Meizi plucked up the courage to tear up the plane ticket.

Li Zhicheng braved the rain to pay homage to his brother Li Zhiqian, and Ning Weikai also brought wine to worship his friend. Li Zhicheng reprimanded his brother for his death due to drinking, but Ning Weikai used the wine to insult him. Even Li Zhicheng beat Ning Weikai and forced Ning Weikai to admit that he had betrayed his brother Li Zhiqian.

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