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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 16 Recap

Li Zhicheng held down a drug dealer to make Lin Qian run quickly, and the drug lord leader rushed up fiercely and directly stabbed Lin Qian with a knife. At the critical moment, Li Zhicheng grasped the knife. After the two struggled, the drug lord leader knew he was invincible and fled. ,

Li Zhicheng had seen Ning Weikai’s injuries and promptly called the police to take Ning Weikai to the hospital. At the same time, the police rushed to the Aida company, and after investigation, they found that the U disk that the drug lords tried hard to find contained the list of drug cartels. Lin Qian remembered that he had taken the wrong USB flash drive when he was in distress at the Yunnan border. He saw Li Zhicheng injured his arm and hurriedly took him to the hospital for bandaging. She happened to see Ning Weikai in a wheelchair in the hospital, and she was very sad. When Li Zhicheng and Ning Weikai met, Lin Qian was caught in a dilemma, so he dragged Li Zhicheng away in a daze.

Chen Zheng and Cheng Meizi were in the bar together. Gu Yanzhi and Jin Yuan happened to be in the bar. Jin Yuan couldn’t help but walk over to ridicule Chen Zheng. Cheng Meizi offered to go home, and Chen Zheng offered to send her off. Jin Yuan ridiculed him irritably for his insanity. Chen Zheng was very annoyed. Before leaving, he deliberately pranked and bought the bar instrumentalist to let him advertise that Gu Yanzhi was about to propose to Jin Yuan. Seeing the people around him booing, Gu Yanzhi simply knelt down. He did the fake show and asked Jin Yuan to marry him sincerely and enthusiastically. With embarrassment on her face, Jin Yuan was at a loss, and finally turned and left. Gu Yanzhi hurriedly chased him out, and Jin Yuan blamed Gu Yanzhi for talking nonsense after drinking. Gu Yanyi looked at Jin Yuan affectionately, and sincerely said that what he said was true. Jin Yuan quickly avoided his fiery eyes.

Li Zhicheng sent Lin Qian back to the room. He stood by the wall with a guilty expression on his face, and then walked gently to Lin Qian’s room. Unexpectedly, he fell asleep. When Lin Qian went out, she was surprised to find that Li Zhicheng actually fell asleep in front of the door. She smiled softly and persuaded Li Zhicheng to go back to the house to sleep. After that, Lin Qian sat alone at the desk, recalling the scene where Li Zhicheng had given his life to save him several times, and his heart was soft.

When Chen Yayi heard the news, she rushed to the office, and saw that Lin Qian was unscathed, which made her breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, she persuaded Lin Qian to be too protracted to do things, and Li Zhicheng rescued her several times regardless of her own body. She should go to negotiate a contract immediately. Lin Qian was in a complicated mood and said that she needed to think about it.

Gu Yanzhi came to the president’s office to report to Li Zhicheng that now the major banks have rejected Aida’s loan application, and they can only pin all their hopes on Grace. At this time, Grace learned that Fan Xi’s hall was going to participate in a forum, and flew over by plane for the first time. She asked her assistant for the room number of Tang, but it was Ning Weikai who opened the room. It turned out that Ning Weikai specially found a homestay for Tang. Seeing Ning Weikai a step ahead of herself, Grace was secretly annoyed. In order to find the other party’s residence, Grace simply followed Ning Weikai all the way, only to find that he was playing tricks.

Grace followed Ning Weikai to the cafe. Ning Weikai ordered coffee for Grace. Grace laughed at him for not competing fairly with herself in business. Ning Weikai changed his words and claimed to meet with Grace in the meeting hall tomorrow, but the condition was to ask Grace to accompany him for the whole night, and Grace was so angry that Grace yelled at him as a hooligan.

Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng sat together and had a long conversation. Li Zhicheng reflected on his own style of conduct, which was entirely in the army. Lin Qian went into the review immediately and didn’t think about him from Li Zhicheng’s perspective. Li Zhicheng heartily told him that Aida decided to make a brand, and hoped that Lin Qian would become a designer. Lin Qian was pleasantly surprised when he heard this, and the two immediately fisted and swore.

Ning Weikai and Grace drank together that night, and Grace was drunk. Seeing Grace completely unconscious, Ning Weikai had to help her into her room. Ning Weikai saw Grace’s flaming red lips and couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss. Unexpectedly, Grace suddenly whispered the name of apology, and Ning Weikai had to leave sadly.

Grace received a call from her assistant early in the morning, and she realized that she was actually sleeping in Ning Weikai’s room, and her face was suddenly embarrassed. When she saw that the clothes were in good condition, she was relieved. Seeing that Ning Weikai was still asleep, she quickly slipped away. Grace came to the tea house and saw Tang. Unexpectedly, Tang had no interest in the cooperation between Fan Xi and Aida, and she was full of disdain for Aida in her words.

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