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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 15 Recap

President Wu refused Aida’s request to enter the Danzi Building, and Grace had to go back with Li Zhicheng in defeat. On the way back, Grace accidentally saw the light box advertisement on the side of the road and suddenly had an inspiration. Aida’s popularity was not enough, and she needed to find a way to increase her popularity. She acted vigorously and immediately arranged for her staff to check the phone numbers of famous American brand master Fan Xi.

In Aida Group, Lin Qian gave a practical demonstration to the company’s employees. She asked Xiaoya and other employees to wear flight attendant costumes to simulate the service of flight attendants on the spot, which opened the eyes of Gu Yanzhi in the audience. At this time Li Zhicheng was drinking coffee with Grace in the cafe. Li Zhicheng smiled and said that when Mr. Wu heard that he wanted to cooperate with Fan Xi, he immediately agreed to rent a shop for himself. He thanked Grace.

After thanking Li Zhicheng and hurriedly bid farewell to Grace, he said that Lin Qian would show her Ancada project design at the company today. Grace was surprised to learn that Li Zhicheng hadn’t told Lin Qian that Aida was about to withdraw from the Ancada project bidding. Li Zhicheng said indifferently that she wanted her to do something she liked. Grace teased him not to turn the surprise into a fright, and Li Zhicheng laughed. When Li Zhicheng returned to the company, Gu Yanzhi was asking the executives to show their hands to vote whether they agreed with Lin Qian’s design, and the executives hesitated. At this time, Li Zhicheng suddenly said that Lin Qian’s design was very good, and the design proposal was passed. Lin Qian was surprised and happy.

Mr. Wu took the initiative to ask Grace to drink coffee. He apologized and said that Danzi’s shop could not be rented to Aida, because the company’s Mr. Zheng had already rented the shop to Xinbao Rui. Grace was anxious and angry but helpless. At this time, in Ning Weikai’s car, he thanked Mr. Zhu for renting it to Mr. Zheng. Mr. Zhu said indifferently that only because he had helped Mr. Zheng in the past, he would use his relationship to help him.

That night Li Zhicheng was drinking boring wine on the rooftop alone, and Lin Qian asked him with concern. Li Zhicheng said in frustration that Dan Zi hadn’t talked about it, which made him feel very frustrated. Lin Qian encouraged him to have confidence and perseverance. On the next day, Cheng Feng visited Xin Baorui Company, but unexpectedly found that Zhu Hanchong had taken various promotional covers to please Cheng Meizi in the company. He was very angry. Mr. Zhu reprimanded Zhu Hanchong for being smart. Mr. Cheng was stodgy and didn’t want himself. His daughter showed up outside, but Zhu Hanchong made a big fuss about his daughter, which would only irritate Cheng Feng.

At this time, Ning Weikai persuaded Zhu Zongxin Baorui to take control of the garment processing enterprises, and they could go all out to deal with the upcoming 520 Sales Festival. Zhu Zong’s brows stretched. Ning Weikai was secretly happy that he had given Ancada’s letter of consent as a gift to Chen Zheng to show his favor. Chen Zheng is a treasure.

Early in the morning, Li Zhicheng hovered at the door of Lin Qianfang, hesitating to knock on the door. Unexpectedly, when Lin Qian was out, Li Zhicheng had to pretend that Lin Qian happened to be out. Li Zhicheng saw Lin Qian put on a beautiful dress, ready to meet Cheng Feng. Li Zhicheng hesitated again and again, and finally told Lin Qian Aida to withdraw from the bidding for the Ankara project. His reason is that the project is too big and the difficulty factor is too high for Aida. Lin Qian asked Li Zhicheng sadly, why she kept not telling herself the truth, she angrily said that the Ancada project was her hard work, and Li Zhicheng looked self-blame and guilty.

Chen Zheng came to Simeiki and solemnly announced to the employees that they had won the Ankara project, and the employees cheered. At the same time, the heartbroken Lin Qian decided to leave Aida. She went to the office to pack her personal belongings. Colleagues kept them, but Lin Qian decided to leave, and finally insisted on leaving. Several security guards had no choice but to let them go.

Lin Qian resolutely left Aida with the glove box, and happened to meet Ning Weikai who was driving on the way. Ning Weikai understood what was going on at a glance and offered to drive her away. Ning Weikai took Lin Qian to the restaurant for dinner. Seeing her unhappy, Lin Qian admitted that he had put a lot of effort into the Ancada project, but Li Zhicheng told him that the project would no longer bid. Ning Weikai worked hard to persuade her that business competition is different from clothing design, and more of a conflict of interest. Lin Qian felt a little relieved by his words.

Ning Weikai took Lin Qian to the underground parking lot. Suddenly a few menacing people surrounded him. Ning Weikai desperately stopped the opponent and let Lin Qian get away. Lin Qian saw that there was a fire extinguisher next to him, so raising the fire extinguisher was a mess. Unexpectedly, the drug lord leader arrived and directly knocked out Ning Weikai, and then forced Lin Qian into the car.

In the car, the drug lord leader asked Lin Qian about the USB flash drive, but Lin Qian was at a loss. The cruel drug lord leader directly inserted the knife into Ning Weikai’s thigh, Ning Weikai screamed, and Lin Qian recalled all of it in a panic. At this moment, Lin Qian received a call from Li Zhicheng, but was directly hung up by the drug lord leader. Li Zhicheng keenly noticed that something was wrong, and rushed over immediately.

Lin Qian took the drug dealers to Aida’s office and used a knife holder around Ning Weikai’s neck to force Lin Qian to find the USB flash drive. The drug lord leader noticed that Lin Qian was deliberately procrastinating, and when he found out that he had been fooled, he was immediately furious and turned into anger. The drug dealers were preparing to attack Lin Qian and Ning Weikai, and Li Zhicheng arrived in time and threw the drug dealers to the ground one by one.

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