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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 14 Recap

Gu Yanzhi discussed the brand creation with Li Zhicheng in his office. He said that the most famous ones are Linhai Building and Danzi Building, but Linhai Building is a bit old, so if they open a brand store, they should open it in Danzi Building. Gu Yanzhi was talking but found that Li Zhicheng was absent-minded. Li Zhicheng told him that Grace was going to quit, but Gu Yanzhi was not surprised. Li Zhicheng said that he would never let Grace divest.

Chen Zheng’s father angrily took a character interview magazine to find Chen Zheng, and slammed the magazine in front of Chen Zheng. Chen Zheng was shocked to discover that Cheng Meizi turned out to be Cheng Feng’s daughter, and was immediately dumbfounded. Father Chen angrily accused Chen Zheng of messing things up. When Zhu Hanchong got the news, he specially appointed Cheng Meizi to meet. Zhu Hanchong tried his best to flatter Cheng Meizi, and then invited him to be the image spokesperson for his company. Cheng Meizi was surprised and delighted.

Gu Yanzhi reported to Li Zhicheng that the person in charge of Linhai Building asked to see the chief designer of Aida. Li Zhicheng did not object, he let Gu Yanzhi lead Lin Qian over. The person in charge of Linhai Building pointed out that they needed women’s fashion, and asked Lin Qian to briefly describe the design experience, and Gu Yanzhi showed Lin Qian’s usual creative atlas to the client. The client praised Lin Qian for recording his design inspiration, but at the same time he wanted to cater to the public. One of the current shortcuts is to copy the big-name design. Lin Qian argued that he is a designer, not a copyist, and should maintain the original intention of designing the product. Linhai Building was very unhappy and was unwilling to sign a cooperation with Aida.

Li Zhicheng drove to Danzi Building to find Mr. Wu. Because there was no appointment, he had to return, and Li Zhicheng noticed a car behind him tracking him far away. Relying on the keen intuition of the special forces, he realized that the opponent had absolutely no good intentions. The stalker was Gao Lang, and he was ordered to follow Li Zhicheng.

Li Zhicheng simply used the plan and drove Gao Lang to a remote factory area. Li Zhicheng got out of the car and intercepted the other party. The two sides started a fierce fight with you and me. In the fight, Gao Lang dislocated his wrist. Knowing that he was invincible, he had to run away. Li Zhicheng asked his subordinates to help find the other party’s license plate, and at the same time discovered the tracking device that the other party had secretly installed in his car.

Chen Zheng asked Cheng Meizi to eat barbecue. He was very courteous. Cheng Meizi mentioned the contradiction between himself and his father. Chen Zheng expressed sympathy with false affection. Chen Zheng said that the first time she met, she made her angry, and if she wanted to continue to make her angry, she would definitely help her do it. Cheng Meizi was a little moved. At the same time, Lin Qian specially hired flight attendants to do research in order to design flight attendant costumes, which surprised the flight attendants at how carefully Lin Qian designed the costumes.

In Simeiki, Chen Zheng had seen the designer’s plans and rejected them one by one. Chen Zheng looked calmly and said nothing. Chen Zheng then found his father and assured him that Simeiki lost the impression points and would work hard to get it back from the design. Father Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Under Gu Yanzhi’s suggestion, Li Zhicheng took Gu Yanzhi to find Grace. He embarrassedly told Grace that if the contract could not be completed within one month, Aida was about to face high compensation and he was unwilling to implicate H Group. Grace graciously said that the story had been completely turned over, and at the same time apologized for her previous attitude. Grace told him heartily that he knew that Aida wanted to be an independent brand, but it needed the right time and place. Li Zhicheng simply opened up and hoped that Grace would join. Grace smiled bitterly not because she was unwilling to help, but because she didn’t want Li Zhicheng to repeat her brother’s mistakes.

In the Aida design office, Lin Qian again used the USB flash drive brought back from Yunnan, and the location information was transmitted again and received by the drug lords. Xiaoya kindly reminded Li Zhicheng to have frequent contacts with Grace recently, and Lin Qian said that it is normal for them to eat together and that they are understandable when they talk about business. Yayi felt that it was abnormal for the two to eat frequently, and couldn’t help worrying about the relationship between Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng.

Lin Qian stood on tiptoe to reach the coffee bean box in the closet, but almost fell. Li Zhicheng just arrived and took Lin Qian into his arms, letting the coffee beans pour down. Lin Qian, who was hiding in Li Zhicheng’s arms, stared blankly. When she reacted, she felt embarrassed and hurriedly broke free from Li Zhicheng’s embrace.

In the golf course, the Chen family and Chen Zheng played together. Chen’s father tried his best to please Cheng Feng. Chen Zheng really couldn’t understand his father’s flattery, which made him feel very embarrassed and angry. Seeing that Cheng Feng was in a good mood, Chen’s father took the opportunity to order Chen Zheng to apologize to Cheng Feng, and Cheng Feng generously expressed that he would not care. When Father Chen wanted to mention Ancada’s order, Cheng Feng turned around and left without giving him any face. Chen Zheng questioned his father’s inferiority, and Chen’s father told him earnestly that he should pay attention to immediate interests in business.

Grace came to Danzi Mansion and was about to find Mr. Wu, but returned in disappointment. When she went out, she happened to meet Ning Weikai and his party who also came to Danzi. Ning Weikai sneered and asked Grace if she was also here for Danzi’s sake, and he advised Grace not to waste her efforts. Grace didn’t bother to leave in a hurry.

On the return trip, Grace found that Wu was always a member of the Tibetan Antelope Protection Association. Recently, she was going to attend an awards party, and she and Li Zhicheng attended the awards party together. Then they talked to Mr. Dan Zi Wu about renting a shop. Mr. Wu said embarrassingly that they have high requirements for brand entry, and Aida does not meet the standards.

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