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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Qian ended the call with his elder brother Lin Mochen, and Li Zhicheng invited Lin Qian to eat together. At this time, Lin Qian took out and gave the last bowl of noodles to Li Zhicheng. Li Zhicheng asked the two of them to eat the noodles with rock-paper-scissors-paper-paper-scissors. They were very happy.

Gu Yanzhi reported to Li Zhicheng with Ankada’s agreement letter and found that Ankada’s conditions were very demanding, and it was too difficult to complete 40,000 uniforms within a month. Li Zhicheng proposed to find some processing plants to help with processing, Gu Yanzhi wryly laughed that many processing plants have been signed by Ning Weikai in advance. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help frowning.

Ning Weikai asked Chen Zheng to meet and talk. He saw that Chen Zheng was still hostile to him, and he smiled and persuaded him that they were allies and their common enemy was Ada. Chen Zheng dismissed Ada. Ning Weikai told him about Grace’s investment in Aida, and Chen Zheng looked unbelievable. Ning Weikai then suspected that Grace’s help with Li Zhicheng might be because of Li Zhiqian’s relationship.

In the office, Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi to create a new brand after careful consideration. Gu Yanzhi felt that the hasty creation of a new brand was unrealistic. Li Zhicheng calmly announced that Aida would withdraw from Ancada’s bidding, but only the two of them knew about this, and no one else would say anything, including Lin Qian. Gu Yan’s face was shocked.

Ning Weikai accepted the H Group magazine shooting, and Grace directed the shooting from the side. At the end of the shooting, Ning Weikai invited her to take a photo with her, and Grace politely declined. Ning Weikai explained to Grace that the destruction of Ada’s samples was done by his own subordinates, and had no direct relationship with him. Although Grace apologized, she still didn’t want to take Lining Weikai. Grace warned Ning Weikai not to get too close to herself, or she would hurt Ning Weikai all over her body.

As soon as Lin Qian and Chen Yayi walked into the office early in the morning, they saw Li Zhicheng’s five security guards suddenly saluting Lin Qian. They were ordered by Li Zhicheng to learn fashion design from Lin Qian. However, their indiscretion made Lin Qian a lot of trouble, making her dumbfounded.

Chen Zheng accompanied the secretary to the shopping mall, because the idea of ​​the goddess on the cloud was the inspiration of the secretary. Chen Zheng decided to buy a female bag to reward the secretary, but the female bag was just bought by Li Jinyuan. Chen Zheng made a transfer request to Li Jinyuan, and he threatened that any money would be fine. Gu Yanzhi, who was shopping with Li Jinyuan, took the opportunity to ask Chen Zheng for a transfer fee of 300,000 yuan, and Chen Zheng, who was good-looking, paid 300,000 yuan. After Li Jinyuan found out that the car key was in her new bag, she had to contact Chen Zheng, but Chen Zheng asked Li Jinyuan to go to Simeiki to get it.

Cheng Meizi came to participate in the beauty pageant of Smecki, but Chen Zheng evaluated that she was dressed like a female hippie during the competition, and she deliberately took a mirror to take a picture of her, which made Ms. Cheng extremely embarrassed. Jin Yuan really couldn’t see Chen Zheng off the court, and went on the court angrily to accuse Chen Zheng, criticizing Chen Zheng for not knowing aesthetics and knowing nothing about fashion. Instead, Chen Zheng asked his subordinates to post the scene just now on the Internet. Chen Zheng wanted to use this scene just now to make a good hype.

Grace and Li Zhicheng ate together. Grace said worriedly that Ning Weikai had signed many small factories and that Aida was in a dire situation. At this time, Li Zhicheng said that his real purpose was to use Ancada to create his own brand. With a shocked expression on her face, Grace asked Li Zhicheng why she was hiding from herself, because she and everyone in the group were just a cover for him. Grace got up angrily and walked outside, saying that she would reconsider working with Ada. Gao Lang, who heard the quarrel between Grace and Li Zhicheng not far away, showed a smug smile on his face.

Not long after she got home, Cheng Meizi received a friend’s WeChat. The friend asked her to watch an online video immediately saying that Cheng Meizi was on fire. Cheng Meizi hurried online, and she saw the video of herself participating in the audition of the goddess on the cloud. Cheng Feng also saw this video and was furious. Cheng Feng scolded Cheng Meizi shouldn’t participate in the beauty pageant, and was humiliated. Cheng Meizi argued that her dream was to be a model. Cheng Feng arrogantly opposed.

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