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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 12 Recap

Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi to meet. Gu Yanzhi finally said what he had left behind for a long time. Although he was the vice president of Aida, Li Zhicheng had the final say on everything, and he never discussed it with him. Li Zhicheng sincerely asked Gu Yanzhi to stay, because he needed Gu Yanzhi’s help. Gu Yanzhi is the only person he trusts. The reason why he never discussed it was because of the habits of his soldiers, and he hoped that Gu Yanzhi would understand. After Li Zhicheng saved his stay, Gu Yanzhi finally agreed to stay in Aida.

Zhu Han rushed into the president’s office and asked why Ning Weikai did not discuss an expense with himself. Ning Weikai proudly said that he is the president appointed by the board of directors, and his expenses are not controlled by Zhu Hanchong. Zhu Hanchong again told about the failure of the Mingsheng project. Ning Weikai sneered at each other angrily. They would not fail if it hadn’t been for Zhu Hanchong to drive Lin Qian away. Zhu Hanchong was speechless and left the office angrily.

Xin Baorui convened a board of directors, and Mr. Zhu publicly announced the appointment of Zhu Hanchong as the executive director of Xin Baorui. Zhu Han was proud of his face. He once again questioned Ning Weikai about the Mingsheng project. Ning Weikai angrily proposed to resign if the board of directors thinks he is not qualified for the post of president. The directors looked at each other, and Mr. Zhu angrily scolded Zhu Han for being impolite. Ning Weikai stated that he would definitely win the Ancada project.

Mr. Cheng’s daughter, Cheng Meizi, had a disagreement with Cheng Feng because of her professional studies. Grace just brought her assistant to Cheng Feng to discuss an interview, and Grace suggested that she wanted to conduct an interview on the subject of Cheng Feng’s family. Cheng Feng hesitated again and again, and finally was persuaded by Grace to accept an interview with the TV station. In the interview, he said that he would actively seek the bidding opportunities for flight attendant garments from the head office. He hoped that these garments could be made in China.

Li Zhicheng was sitting in front of the TV and saw the interview, his eyes flickering. Gu Yanzhi next to him saw his intentions and tried to persuade Aida to have just eaten the order from Mingsheng Group, but he hadn’t digested it. Li Zhicheng coveted the Ankada project again, a little eager to get it done. Li Zhicheng pondered for a while and asked Gu Yanzhi if it would be beneficial for someone to invest in Aida. One of Gu Yan was stunned.

Li Zhicheng visited Grace at H Fashion Group, and he straightforwardly proposed that H Fashion Group can invest in Aida. Grace was a little surprised. She smiled bitterly and told Li Zhicheng that the reason why she helped him before was entirely because of his brother’s face. Seeing Li Zhicheng’s unwillingness to give up, Grace blurted out that Aida’s output value was too low, and H Fashion Group would not be interested in Aida. Li Zhicheng said emotionally that Aida is, after all, a common cause for him and his brother Li Zhiqian. Grace considered Li Zhicheng’s words repeatedly, and finally agreed to the cooperation between H Group and Aida.

Ning Weikai analyzed to Zhu Hanjing that Anka Da Ming is bidding for the entire Linhai City, but in fact only three companies, Xinbaorui, Simeiqi, and Aida, have the strength to bid. When Zhu Hanjing saw Ning Weikai’s breasts, she asked him if he had a countermeasure. Ning Weikai pointedly pointed out that Simeiqi didn’t care, and that it was Aida Company that was really threatening.

Cheng Feng took Cheng Mei to participate in an interview with Grace. Grace quietly asked him whether the relationship with his daughter eased, and took the opportunity to praise Ada, and hoped that Cheng Feng would give Ada a chance. Cheng Feng euphemistically stated that he would inspect Aida’s situation on the spot. Soon Grace accompanied Cheng Feng to visit Aida, and Li Zhicheng received her warmly. Grace quietly tells Cheng Feng that she has invested in Aida. Seeing Grace’s face, Cheng Feng showed Ankada’s letter of intent to Li Zhicheng, and he asked Li Zhicheng to study the bidding requirements of the Ankada project.

Li Zhicheng accompanied Cheng Feng to visit the design room, and Lin Qian was studying the style and fabric of flight attendant uniforms. Cheng Feng asked Lin Qian about his thoughts on the design of flight attendant uniforms. Lin Qian boldly said that her current Ankada uniforms are a bit luxurious and high-profile, and her design direction is to go from complexity to simplicity. Cheng Feng was very interested in Lin Qian’s idea and encouraged her to work hard. At the same time, he gave Lin Qian a high-five to encourage him. Lin Qian was very happy.

On a whim, Chen Zheng decided to hold a beauty pageant called the Goddess of Clouds to cater to Ancada. When Chen Zheng was busy with the beauty pageant, he received a call from Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai urged Chen Zheng to unanimously confront Aida. In the late night video of Lin Qian and his brother Lin Mochen, Lin Mochen blames Lin Qian for working overtime. He has read Wenda’s finances and feels that Wenda is already at the end of the battle. Even if he wins Mingsheng’s project, it is difficult to bring Wenda back to life. Lin Qian argued that Aida was not just winning a project. Aida is now contacting Ankada Airlines, and both herself and Li Zhicheng are confident to win the project. Lin Qian happened to be heard by Li Zhicheng when he was complimenting Li Zhicheng.

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