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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 11 Recap

In the office, Chen Yayi excitedly told Lin Qian that she was on the news. Yayi cheered, Lin Qian reminded that the bidding result has not yet come out, and Chen Yayi thinks this is unfounded worry. As the two of them were talking in full swing, Li Zhicheng suddenly walked over, and Lin Qian immediately left in a shameless manner. Back in the office, she recalled the scene of the two kissing each other alone, with a hint of sweetness on her face. Chen Yayi, who was next to him, keenly caught Li Zhicheng’s look at Lin Qian’s eyes has changed just now, and wentssiping about the relationship between the two, Lin Qian hurriedly defended.

Gu Yanzhi walked into the president’s office and smiled and told Li Zhicheng that they had successfully won the order from Mingsheng Group. At the same time, he reminded Li Zhicheng that he was able to win the Mingsheng Group’s project this time, and Lin Qian took the lead. At the beginning, he and Lin Qian signed a project contract. Li Zhicheng was silent for a moment, confidently saying that he would keep her.

Li Zhicheng came to the office to look for Lin Qian, and asked her straightforwardly why she kept hiding from herself recently. Lin Qian explained that because of the recent development of the project, he was in a good mood so he got up early. Li Zhicheng deliberately seduced Lin Qian with the new-generation fashion salon of H Group. Lin Qian was really fooled and was particularly excited when he heard the invitation.

Lin Qian was designing clothes in the office, and suddenly received an invitation call from Ning Weikai. She thought that Li Zhicheng had speculated that the mastermind behind the destruction of Aida was probably Ning Weikai, so she planned to dismiss it, but she couldn’t stand Ning Weikai’s repeated invitations. Still go to the appointment. After Ning Weikai and Lin Qian met, Ning Weikai saw that Lin Qian was unhappy. Lin Qian hesitated for a moment, and directly asked if Ning Weikai was behind the destruction of the sample clothes. The clever tongue Ning Weikai immediately defended, and the innocent Lin Qian chose to believe Ning Weikai. Then Ning Weikai smiled and said that Lin Qian’s project contract was over, and he hoped that Lin Qian would consider coming to New Baorui. Lin Qian smiled and said that it is not yet certain.

Li Zhicheng went to attend a fashion salon and happened to meet Ning Weikai at the elevator entrance. Li Zhicheng unceremoniously accused Ning Weikai of sending someone to sneak into the Aida design studio. Ning Weikai retorted that Li Zhicheng had no evidence and was framed out of thin air. At this time, Chen Zheng came over and wanted to help. Li Zhicheng patted Chen Zheng on the shoulder, persuading him to stay away from Xin Baorui, and then left after speaking. After Li Zhicheng left, Chen Zheng complained that Ning Weikai knew that Li Zhicheng had set a trap last time, but made Si Meiqi jump into the fire pit. Ning Weikai reminded him nonchalantly that now their common enemy is Ada, so they must be in the same hatred.

In the fashion salon, Lin Qian was preparing clothes, and Chen Zheng suddenly walked over. Yin and Yang said strangely that he would not let Ada show the limelight everywhere. If Aida goes bankrupt, Si Meiqi will consider accepting Lin Qian, and Lin Qian refuses the other party softly or hard. In the fashion salon, Grace specially introduced a heavyweight guest Mr. Cheng to Li Zhicheng, and quietly pulled Li Zhicheng aside, specifically instructing him that the Ancada flight attendant group needs a batch of flight attendant clothing orders. This is a big order. I hope Aida will seize the opportunity.

At the fashion salon, Mr. Cheng took the stage to speak. He suddenly announced that the company headquarters was ready to order a batch of flight attendant clothing orders, hoping that major clothing companies would bid actively. As soon as this statement came out, there was a commotion in the audience. Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng both had their eyes bright, and they were in a certain posture.

The fashion salon officially began. Models were dressed in designer clothes and walked onto the stage splendidly, followed by the voting session. In the interval between voting, Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai both got close and tried desperately to get close.

The result of the voting was soon released. The clothing designed by Lin Qian and the clothing designed by designer Si Meiqicheng stood out, and then the two works were auctioned on-site. The clothes designed by Si Meiqi were photographed at a high price of 400,000 yuan, and Lin Qian’s clothes were actually photographed at an unprecedented high price of 600,000 yuan. Lin Qian was pleasantly surprised.

The host brought Mr. Cheng to the backstage. Mr. Cheng mentioned that Li Zhicheng of Aida Group was very interested in Ancada’s project. Lin Qian smiled and hoped that the two parties could cooperate. Mr. Cheng bluntly said that he was not optimistic about Lin Qian’s design, and pointed out the shortcomings of Lin Qian’s design. Lin Qian did not humble and discussed with him.

After the fashion salon, Chen Zheng pulled Ning Weikai and he hoped that the two sides could cooperate this time and grab the order from Aida. Ning Weikai told Chen Zheng in a disdainful tone that Aida had just taken the project of Mingsheng Group and had no spare capacity to compete, and this bidding was a piece of cake for New Baorui. As for Si Meiqi, she doesn’t deserve to talk about cooperation with herself. His words made Chen Zheng extremely angry.

Lin Qian won the new-generation salon laurel and Li Zhicheng praised her performance, but Lin Qian still cared about Mr. Cheng’s saying that she was not the designer they wanted. Li Zhicheng comforted her that the Mingsheng project has made Lin Qian recognized by the industry, and he plans to sign a long-term contract with Lin Qian. At the same time, Li Zhicheng encouraged her to break through and strive to win the Ancada bid.

When Chen Zheng returned home, he confidently told his father that Si Meiqi was determined to win the Ancada project. Mr. Chen advised him to learn more from his competitors, and praised Li Zhicheng for having a pattern in person. This made Chen Zheng very upset. In Aida, Li Zhicheng discovered that Gu Yanzhi had been out of the company recently. He suddenly received an order from Wenda’s head office regarding Gu Yanzhi. He was surprised and decided to have a good talk with Gu Yanzhi.

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