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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 14 Recap

Xiao Yi gave Zhu Yao the antidote for the poison in the head wife. Although Zhu Yao thanked him, he still missed the words of the jade, which disappointed Xiao Yi. It turned out that when Xiao Yi entered the alchemy room, he had already stolen all the poison prescriptions for the red silk. The Qiu Gu faction ordered Zhu Yao to be wanted, which disappointed Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao secretly gave the antidote to the lady in charge, but Yuyan happened to come in, but she could only hide in the closet. After the head wife woke up, she asked Yuyan about Zhu Yao, but Yuyan said that the Qiugu faction never had Zhu Yao anymore, which made Zhu Yao in the cabinet very sad.

Ah Xun and the others returned to the Qiugu Sect, but Red Silk ordered them not to enter and leave at will, which made Ah Xun suspect that Red Silk had a ghost in his heart. Zhu Yao was disheartened because Yuyan didn’t believe in her own affairs. Xiao Yi gave Zhu Yao a coat of heart, but Zhu Yao didn’t appreciate it at all. All she thought was Yuyan. Xiao Yi was possessed by the world spirit, he severely punished the red silk, warned her not to stare at Xiaoqing Xiaoai, and quickly helped him find the soul.

Red silk deliberately let people inform the world, let the heroes of the world participate in his succession ceremony. Zhu Yao was angry but wanted to destroy, but was stopped by Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi knew that Zhu Yao was weak and couldn’t move the position of Red Silk, and persuaded Zhu Yao not to make trouble. This allowed Red Silk to succeed as the head. Zhu Yao once again administered the antidote to the lady in charge, but was discovered by Yuyan. Axun and Wang Xuzhi believe that Zhu Yao is a person, but Yuyan feels that Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi colluded to kill the head, so they set a barrier to prevent Zhu Yao from touching the head wife.

Zhu Yao didn’t hesitate to deplete her own energy to break the barrier, leaving Yuyan speechless. Zhu Yao once again fed the lady in charge to take the antidote, but everyone found that her condition had not improved, but her breath had become cold. Suddenly, the celestial phenomenon changed, and the lady in charge gave birth to her daughter Zi Yao with all her strength. She entrusted Zi Yao to Zhu Yao’s care, and then died peacefully. The death of the lady in charge made everyone very sad. Zhu Yao remembered the scene where he had designed the game with the leader Zao Ge.

At that time, he arranged for the lady in charge to have children and wanted to develop parent-child games, but Zao Ge did not agree. Zhu Yao realized that Ziyao’s appearance was a game bug, and worried that the leader would obliterate Ziyao’s existence after discovery, and decided to speed up the search for the original bug in the game.

Zi Yao was a game bug and shouldn’t exist, so she grew from a baby to a few years old overnight. Zhu Yao takes Ziyao to play, and at the same time is worried, wants to keep Ziyao, to avoid the existence of Ziyao when Zaoge and others are investigating bugs. Although Yuyan’s suspicion of Zhu Yao has alleviated, she still has a bad attitude towards Zhu Yao. Jiu Xiao gave Zhu Yao the rejuvenating medicine, which made Zhu Yao very happy. Yuyan was suspicious of the red silk, and he asked the red silk to speak and tentatively. The red silk showed humility and politeness, and he also expressed that he wanted to recruit disciples widely to make Qiu Gu sentimental.

Yuyan found Tiancejiao’s clothing in the red silk residence, which made him more suspicious of the red silk and began to guess whether he had wronged Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao took Zi Yao to play, Hong Si was very angry when she saw it, and deliberately looked for Zhu Yao’s fault. Seeing that the red silk was rude to Zhu Yao, Zi Yao pushed the red silk to protect Zhu Yao.

Red Silk did not expect that Zi Yao would dare to push herself, and arrogantly expressed that he wanted to inform the world, saying that it was Zhu Yao’s wife who gave birth to the monster. Yuyan arrived in time. Although he knew that the red silk was wrong, he punished Zhu Yao to dispel the red silk. Zhu Yao was locked in the house and Zi Yao was taken away. Yuyan reassures Zhu Yao that he will find out the truth when there is no one.

Zhu Yao was very happy to see Yuyan willing to believe in herself. However, Yuyan was still angry with Zi Yao, feeling that Zhu Yao chose Xiao Yi between herself and Xiao Yi, so he was jealous, making Zhu Yao puzzled. Zi Yao was brought to the care of Ah Xun and the others by Yuyan, but Zi Yao made a lot of noise and insisted that Zhu Yao stay with him, making Ah Xun and the others a headache. Hongsi kept in touch with the elders of various sects to discuss the crusade against Tiance.

Yuyan talked to Red Silk, during which Red Silk had a sudden headache. After Yuyan left, the red silk suddenly went mad and killed the maid. Hong Si woke up and found that she was murdering again. She was very scared in her heart. She blamed Zhu Yao for what happened. Jiu Xiao rushed to the red silk residence, and when he knew what had happened, he quickly comforted the red silk.

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